anzac biscuits just cooked lined up

Project 52 2023 week 28

We’re on the countdown to the end of the school year, and I’ve still not booked anywhere to go on holiday. I must get organised and spend some time doing that. Here’s our week 28 of the year for Project 52.

Sunday was a bit of a lie in for N and myself after a late return from Wimbledon the day before. I was certainly exhausted all day, with aching legs. N had a friendly football match, trying out the new team and for the coach to work out positions. The opponents were always going to be way out of their class, so hopefully they weren’t too demoralised and realised that from our side at least, it was a friendly for a purpose rather than an expectation of winning. It didn’t leave much time for relaxing in the afternoon as projects needed to be finished, and we’d had to go to town to get some card backing for it. 

On Monday it was back to work and school. It was year 6 transition day and N is pleased one of his old school friends who previously left, will be joining them on the bus to go to school in September. Tennis was cancelled 

Tuesday not a lot happened other than work and school. We spent a bit of time watching the sheep in the field with the cows, to keep it away from the 6 lambs in the paddock. It was getting bullied by one of the cows who didn’t take to it, and it spent a lot of time trying to ‘speak’ to the lambs it could see.

On Wednesday I made some Anzac biscuits before work as I really fancied some. Turns out N really likes them so I can’t see them lasting long. Loads of my car warning lights came on. One of them seems to come on at this time every year, a couple of months before its service. But now another 4 as well. Sigh.

Thursday felt like a really long day. The earliest I could book in my car is next Frdaiy for diagnostics, then repair if needed the week after. Thankfully no long drives needed before then, although we’re due to meet up with my best friend next Sunday, so fingers crossed it’s a minor issue which can get sorted immediately as where I’m taking it won’t have courtesy cars.

On Friday it was a busy work day, although nice and short as usual on Fridays. I tried a new pasta concoction rather than our usual bacon, pepper and tomato or macaroni cheese. It went down well with N. The weather was awful, so no tennis.

Saturday was more like April with wind and showers. There was no market due to the winds. We decided to go to the cinema to see the new Mission Impossible film. I’m not sure N was that excited by it – he gets bored about 1.5 hours in – but I thought it was good. I do enjoy going to the cinema, although it’s a shame the prices have gone up now the old Odeon has gone.

anzac biscuits just cooked lined up

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  1. I fancy seeing the new Mission Impossible film, but we’ve still to see Oppenheimer and Barbie. The Anza biscuits look lovely, I found some GF ones in Australia, they are delicious

  2. Hope there is nothing major wrong with the car! Always worrying when the lights go on.

    Oh those biscuits look good. Am tempted to go make some now!

  3. I hope the last week of school goes well. It sounds like N is happy that he will have some of his old friends for year 6 on the bus.
    Oh no! I hope the car problems don’t turn out to be anything troublesome.
    Those biscuits look so good. x

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