stratford paddling pool

Project 52 2018 week 29 – splash fun

This week’s been interesting and fun with everything going on in the last week of the school year, with a garden party, musical performances, transition day, and ending in an end of year party held by one of N’s friends.

Fun as we enjoyed the Big Wheel, lunch and splash fun at theΒ paddling pool at Stratford upon Avon.

Frustrating as I still don’t have my camera back. Supposedly there’s 1 of the parts they’re still waiting for, but 8 weeks without it is very strange. And I’m going to have to go on holiday without it.

Hard work as I had to get so much done before finishing work at the end of the week. We’ve got a newly promoted person coming to work with our team, so I’ve been training her, handing over pieces, and briefing other team members, and getting cover for any questions she has while I’m on leave.

This week’s Project 52, was take in the paddling pool in Stratford.

stratford paddling pool
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  1. 8 weeks for the camera repairs sounds ridiculous, and they know that.
    Our last week of school was also super busy. The water looks inviting in that paddling pool.

    1. Supposedly the parts are dye any day but theyve been saying that a while. Theyve also got my favourite expensive lens as i forgot to switch it for the rubbish one before i handed it over so hope thats still ok too.

  2. that water looks lovely and cool and inviting. 8 weeks for the camera to be repaired sounds excessive to me, have they given you a reason?

    1. Juat that theres a backlog waiting for parts and 1 of the 7 they needed for.mine was delayed coming over from Asia. Driving me nuts.

  3. Hi Emma, it sounds like the countdown to the holidays was a fun one for N. And just think soon you’ll be enjoying a holiday knowing you’ve done all you had to do in work. It’s a shame you won’t have your camera back though, I’d feel totally lost without mine… Have a great time wherever you go. #MySundayPhoto


    1. Me too. I expected it to be 2 weeks, but they ended up having a backlog and parts that haven’t arrived for all of those being fixed. Not happy because it was working although not watertight when I sent it off. Could have just taped it up and carried on using it.

  4. Love that photo. The water looks so inviting! Sorry to hear about your camera, that must be very frustrating. I’ve retired my DSLR because it wasn’t taking particularly good photos any more. I’d love to get a new one, but I’ll just be using my phone for the foreseeable future.

    1. Phones are so good nowadays. It’s when I want to play with the light, or it’s really bright that I struggle with getting what I want.

  5. Oh no! I can’t believe your camera still isn’t fixed, what a pain. I must get over to Stratford in the holidays, maybe that’s another option for our afternoon, but I guess it would be packed by the time we could get there πŸ™ #365

    1. It’s going to be hard on holiday without my camera. My point and shoot is fine but hard without a viewfinder in sun, and doesn’t have much battery length. Can’t change the batteries either, just charge the camera so will have to rely on my phone.

      1. what a pain about your camera, not sure why companies like this don’t offer replacement while yours is in their care.
        What a responsibility having to train up somebody else.

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