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Project 52 2022 week 24

Well, the better weather has finally arrived with a bit of a heatwave towards the end of the week. It’s been a busy week with a lot going on but it’s nice to be busy and getting out and about.

Here’s our Project 52 week 24.

Sunday was a spontaneous trip out. A lazy morning, with a last minute decision to see Top Gun Maverick at the new cinema in town in the afternoon. The cinema is really nice, so we’ll be back more frequently, although taking our own drinks and snacks as theirs were extortionate. It was the first non-kids film that N’s seen, and we both really enjoyed it.

On Monday it was back to work and school. For me it was final plans for a day out the next day. N had his first cycling proficiency lesson. Left turns – tick. He loved it, even though they’re having a daily written test for homework too.

Tuesday I was in Birmingham for a work team event. It brought back a lot of memories. My first ever event at this job, and the first blogging event I went to, Blog Camp. It was a very early start, a first train journey post pandemic, and I popped in for someone’s leaving drinks after.

On Wednesday it felt like a really rushed day. Lots going on at work, and then afterwards it was so busy. N had a very early tea as he’d swapped his tennis to an earlier session. He had his private tennis lesson while I picked up my brother after he’d dropped his car off to the garage his second car is going to for service. Then he had football training afterwards. Another parent dropped him home afterwards because I had my rusty rackets session after his football. It all worked like clockwork, and despite the hot weather, I had a great time at Rusty Rackets. Volleying session which is pretty much my favourite thing to do (not much running needed!), and even my groundstrokes have improved after just one week.

Thursday we didn’t do much other than work and school. N had after school football club and for the first time it seemed like they’ve done proper skills training. 

On Friday, it was break the rules day at school. N went in non uniform day, had squash in his water bottle, and changed his name for the day. He had his cycling proficiency (or whatever it’s now called) test, so he’s now passed level 2 cyclability. I told him he could cycle home from school on his own given the OH had made a comment asking if he was cycling back with his friend. The OH still doesn’t think he should be cycling, but he’s keen to and they have to do it at some point. I felt for him on his return though, as it was such a hot day to cycle hom in with a big rucksack on.

N also had his group tennis session. I didn’t watch much of it because I was chatting away to other parents. It was a boil

Saturday was a very early start. I had to drop my brother off so he could pick up his serviced car.Then it was off to N’s first football tournament, held annually at their club. Their team had to split into two because there’s too many of them for 1 six-a-side team. The weather was much cooler, but it also got wetter through the day. There were only 5 teams in their age group so they had to play each other. N’s team beat their usual teammates, and won 2 other matches, and lost 1.  The other club team were so close to going through to make it an all club final.

N only got onto the pitch for a short stint when another child needed time out after being stamped on, but he got a reasonable amount of play through the tournament in the other matches. The final was goalless after yet another lot of ‘dirty’ play by their opponents. So it went to penalties. Our goalie saved 2, 1 went wide, and N’s team scored 4 of theirs to win. Whoop. What a first tournament. 

In the evening we went for a drink and pizza at a new local pop up outdoor bar. The weather was terrible – rainy and cold – but the bar’s lovely and the pizza delicious. It was nice to be out with people from the village. We don’t usually do that. The OH turned up with us, had a drink, ordered his pizza, and then left to eat his at home in the warmth. Hopefully we’ll have some more sunny evenings to go and enjoy the bar over the summer.

the studio outdoor space
Team away day location.

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  1. Sounds like you had a nice time at the cinema – drinks and snack prices are extortionate though aren’t they? Glad you’re enjoying the Rusty Rackets sessions. Well done to N on passing his cycling proficiency test and cycling home on his own. The football tournament sounds like it was fun – well done to N’s team on winning. #project365

  2. It sounds a busy week. not sure I fancy seeing the new Top Gun, wasn’t a fan of the first one and the cost of the cinema and food there is so expensive

    1. Only cost£15 for the 2 of us, compared with usually a tenner each for blockbusters at our tiny Odeon. But yes the food is disgusting prices. £5.50 for popcorn, £3.70 for a drink. We just took our own water and ate before. A bit of a shame as you can get hot food, but I refuse to pay those prices.

  3. We went to the cinema yesterday and spent more on drinks than we did for the tickets. lol I really fancy seeing Top Gun, everyone says it’s fantastic.
    It sounds like you have had a busy week but a good one. I love the sound of the break the rules day at school. What fun.
    That bar looks fantastic. Such a shame about the weather though. x

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