educational tv shows for tweens

Educational tv shows for kids (8-12 years)

Children’s tv. You either love it or hate it, whether it’s educational tv or not.

I can’t say I was a fan of pre-school tv, although thankfully N didn’t watch much of it.  I was so relieved when he moved on from CBeebies to CBBC.

Obviously he had his favourites that he liked to watch over and over again. Recording the shows so he could watch whenever he wanted. Generally he wanted to be entertained but largely preferred any show that involved children like quizzes, sports shows or reality challenges. Like Show Me What You’re Made Of where usually entitled children travelled somewhere else in the world to experience life doing work that workers over there had to endure.

Here’s some of the educational tv shows suitable for tweens that are also enjoyable for parents to watch

educational tv shows for tweens

Educational tv shows for school age kids

Horrible Histories (CBBC) – I wish this had been around when I was a child. History made fun and funny, not just the tv show, but the film and theatre shows as well. N knows so much more about history than I do, and it’s predominantly down to Horrible Histories. It’s a great way for children to absorb facts and gain an interest in different areas of history.

Operation Ouch (CBBC) – again, a great way for children to get an interest in medicine and science. It also teaches children about understanding and empathy as they see other children who struggle with chronic illnesses as well as short term issues. Plus of course all the fun experiments explaining the human body.

Show me what you’re made of (CBBC) – teens go abroad to experience what people less fortunate than themselves, taking on work and trying to prove they can work hard and learn from others.

Brainchild (Netflix) – each episode looks at a different scientific based issue or topic (e.g social media, germs etc), and encourages children to question and think about the topic.

Junior Bake Off or Masterchef Junior – inspire children to get in the kitchen

Emily’s Wonder lab (Netflix) – introducing different scientific activities to children.

Horrible Science – genuine science and gory stuff, hosted by comedian Ben Miller.

Deadly 60 (CBBC) – Steve Backshall investigates some of the deadliest animals around the world. This reminds me a bit of Top Trumps, but with animals, giving them a deadly score.

Non children’s specific shows

Inside the Factory (BBC2) – show where they go behind the scenes of different factories to show things are made. 

Back in Time series (BBC2) – this started off with a house, where a family lived and experienced one house through the years, from music, food, work, and family life. The series has been extended to cover a shop, school and others. N really enjoyed watching the school series – how the children were taught through the years, separately girls and boys, through the war years, to nearer the current era. It’s another great history education with children able to picture what it would be like 

Nature documentaries especially Spy in the Wild (BBC). The commentary makes nature documentaries a little more fun for children. And they find them interesting in how they use cameras to get up close and within the wildlife habitats.

Who do you think you are? (BBC) – teaches children about family trees and history.

What other educational tv shows do your children watch?

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  1. My pair love a nature documentary but have also been found watching touring cars and snooker. They loved Jeremy’s farm and my oldest adores bake off. There was a Netflix show they watched all about historical figures too that they enjoyed. I’m going to look up the one about Emily’s lab as that sounds right up their street too.

    1. N likes cooking shows but he’s a YouTube viewer rather than TV. The Redbull soapbox racing he loves, for fun but also working out which car is going to fail or succeed.

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