Sheep against sunset backdrop

Project 52 2021 week 11 – sunset sheep

So far so go with the second week back at school, cases in our whole area of the county are now minimal, although some surrounding areas have a few more cases. School testing hasn’t come through on the results locally yet, so we’ll see what happens over the next week or so. Hopefully cases won’t go up too much. The Astra Zeneca vaccine I had was halted use in lots of EU countries due to possible risk of blood clots. I’ve had blood clots before with no increased risk as a young person, so I know how many people get them without vaccines. A few days later that it’s been cleared again as safe, and the EU are now even further behind in their vaccination programme. Let’s hope they just get on with it now.

It’s week 2 of my diet and the first time I stepped on the scales in about 9 months. I was pleasantly surprised that I was actually 2 stone less than I had thought I’d started at. While first weeks of diets often go well, they don’t go that well over 2 weeks, so that was a nice surprise. Not as much to lose as I’d thought – although still a lot. But it’s going well so far.

Here’s our week 11 of Project 52.

Sunday was Mother’s Day. I’d bought flowers for the MIL and N made a cake, and also bought my own flowers! I did get a really lovely card from N he’d made in school. He also turned up with a nice shower gel. Of course I had to still cook all the roast and pudding myself as usual.

I got all the fixtures through for the summer tennis league matches, so got our home match time checked and booked with the club, emailed all the other team captains to check times for those matches, and sorted out our team for the first match. The children have all moved up to Green stage, so ned to learn proper tennis scoring but a fast4 version. It’s a bit complicated, and hopefully the 4 hours of matchplay team practice they’ve got booked in will cover that for them.

I also found a dance live had just started on Facebook when I went on, so had a fun 30 minutes learning a Tiktok challenge dance. Good exercise and a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to getting back to dancing once things are back open again and it’s a lot safer to mix with all those people again.

On Monday, back to school and work. I decided that this week I was going to try and up my steps. I’m so lazy on a working day, and compared to the office just don’t get up enough. And not going out for walks around town at lunch time means my steps when working from home are terrible. So I’m getting up most hours unless I’m in meetings and miss my reminder.

Tuesday I got round to filling in the census. Hopefully our lodgers remember to do their part of it too. More steps during the day. N came home happy because they’d been playing hockey again. They’ve also been doing mindfulness at school. Last time he said he was virtually asleep. This week they were told to have a minute of tantrums to get any anger or anxiety out. I wonder if the other classes could hear them and wondered what was going on.

In the evening I joined in the tennis club AGM on zoom. It was all very relaxed, and it looks like I’ll be the parent junior rep between the club, and then the parents and children. I don’t need to go to committee meetings which is good, and I already speak to the relevant club person quite a bit anyway, so it should be a nice thing to help out with.

On Wednesday I worked out why only 1 bird feeder was getting used. The other one was jammed up and the seed wasn’t moving down, so hopefully now they’ll come back to it. After work, we had some great light as the sun set, so I got out in the garden to take some photos of the sheep in the paddock. One was quite happy to pose.

Thursday was a good steps day. I’d managed to hit 8k steps which is my daily target, and all 11 hours set were active.. Couldn’t believe I managed it from not actually walking outside other than a brief walk to the bins.

It was a busy working day with lots of short meetings, and also covering for one of the resource managers while she was on leave. It’s always nice to meet more of the teams. We’re in planning mode for next financial year, getting all our project documents written and submitted for sign off. I sorted out N’s private tennis lessons so they’re all booked in again. It’s going to be a lot of tennis all of a sudden once it’s open again at the end of March.

On Friday, the OH had his covid vaccine. I wrote him directions out, and he obviously found it ok. I did worry he’d gone off without a mask, but he did have one (only the second time he’s had to wear one. Shows how infrequently he goes into a shop or similar!). I’m hoping he doesn’t get the side effects I had otherwise tomorrow could be a nightmare with him if he doesn’t feel well enough to work.

It was Red Nose Day so N went to school wearing red, and with a donation – he even matched my donation with his own money which I thought was really kind of him. N came home from school saying his tonsils hurt so I’m hoping that doesn’t turn into full blown tonsillitis. I managed to do over my target steps before 8pm, so was very pleased with myself.

Saturday I was hoping to have a relaxing day. I’ve got a puzzle that’s been sitting there to finish for 2 weeks now. And I’ve got books to finish. Instead N wanted to bake a cake again, so we needed to get some ingredients, and get some burgers for tea, so we nipped to a nearby small town. Nice to shop independent at butchers, deli and grocers, plus some dairy needed from Co-op. N was given a New Holland tractor mask by a friend who works for them. It’s an adult size but adjustable elastic so he managed to make it fit and wore that, then came home and washed it for wearing next time we’re out.

He baked Granny’s chocolate Guinness cake (her old school non-metric measurements and ‘I’m not sure how long it goes in for, until it’s cooked’ directions). It made the house smell amazing for the rest of the day. We took the dog out for a walk, said hello to the bigger calves and had a nosy in at the younger ones still with their mums. Won’t be long before there’s blossom in the hedgerows and the cows are back out in the fields.

This week’s photo is a sunset sheep, posing for me.

Sheep against sunset backdrop

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  1. Well done with the dieting, that’s a really good amount to lose. I am eating chocolate Easter eggs at a crazy rate so there is no hope for me at the moment! Must try harder when the boys are back at school. That was really sweet of N to add to the donation, what a kind heart. I had the Astra Zeneca vaccine and I wasn’t concerned about clots either.

    1. I did a one day blitz eating one chocolate egg, and now back on the diet again. It’s definitely easier when they’re at work and school. Less distracting food in the house too.

  2. Sounds like you and N had a lovely week. Hope there were no side effects for your husband with his jab. The baking smells sound lovely, I rarely bake these days. Dieting is such a pain, I’ve managed to loose 2kg then stopped, so I’m planning to stay at this weight and get back into a proper eating habit, then attempt to lose another few kgs, slowly.

  3. haha the sunset sheep loos so cute ๐Ÿ˜€ How si is the diet going? I have been clean eating since an and reduced nearly 4 kgs this week am not eating so well.. hope to be on track soon …

  4. Good news about the diet! Hope your DH didn’t suffer from any side effects from vaccine.
    Glad to hear the return to school is going well. The Guinness cake sounds amazing.
    Beautiful photo of the sheep, it looks like the sheep was modelling on purpose.

  5. Let’s not talk about diets lol. Glad you are in a better place than you expected to be. It sounds like you had a really good week. Busy at work without the need to homeschool is amazing! I couldn’t believe the EU pausing the rollout again. I hope they can sort it all out soon without any battles #365

  6. Thats great news on the diet, I do need to do something especially as nothing really fits at the moment… cant live in joggers once it all starts to open up again. My husband also had that vaccine the other week. I agree I wish that Europe would just get on with it. The chocolate Guinness cake sounds amazing, thinking of doing a bit of baking here this weekend too.

  7. Aww that sheep certainly does seem to be posing! Great capture.

    Well done on the weight loss and sounds like N made you a lovely card for mothers day!

  8. Glad the weight loss is going well. I love the sound of the Guinness cake, love the smell but I donโ€™t know how people drink it by the pint ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Always nice to step on the scales and find you weigh a lot less than expected! Iโ€™ve been trying to be a bit better at getting my steps in when working from home too. Nice to be looking forward to tennis restarting again soon. The chocolate Guinness cake sounds yummy โ€“ I have to admit I have a similar approach to things in the oven! #project365

  10. chocolate Guinness cake sounds delicious. Glad to hear that N made you a card at school. I had to cook the roast on mother’s day too, I don’t mind though as we always share cooking responsibilities

  11. That’s good news that the return to school is still going well. My fella had the Astra Zeneca vaccine today. I am not worried about the blood clots. I have been reading up about it lots and it seems your more at risk of a blood clot taking the pill or flying.
    Well done with your weight loss.
    I bet you are so excited to have the fixtures for the tennis matches.
    What a fab photo and a great pose from the sheep. hehehe

    1. Exactly this with the jabs. I’ve had 2 clots. One likely to be the pill, the 2nd was a total mystery. It’s reassuring that they’ve now hit half the adult population. Just everyone else to go.

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