camping activities for adults - Bubbablue and me

Camping activities for adults

Camping is a brilliant holiday for adults and children.  The children get to experience a bit of freedom, and meeting other children to play with.  The adults get a chance to (kind of) relax and take things in a more laidback way.  We always think about making sure the children have activities to do, but what about the grown-ups.  We always go camping in a big group, and while it’s great to just sit, chat and drink wine, sometimes it’s good to let out the inner child.  Here’s some camping activities for adults I’ve pulled together, from upskilling children’s games, to harking back to my girl guiding days at camp.

camping activities for adults - Bubbablue and me

Camping activities for adults

In the tent

Board games – take travel versions of favourites with you, or draw games like battleships instead, Pictionary (make your own version)

Card games – easy games good for groups include Newmarket, Go fish and Cheat

Lego challenges – you might wonder why on earth you’d ever take little pieces of Lego camping (easy to get lost), but just take an ice cream tub of it and make up games with it.

Share out a number of pieces between players, write down different objects on paper,  each pick one to build within a set time limit. And everyone else has to guess what it is.
All try and build the same item within a time limit and the winner is the one judged the best.

Crafts – if you’re more of a crafty sort, take some crochet or knitting with you

Other games – Never have I, Truth or Dare, Who/What am I, Balderdash (each state 3 facts about yourself and the others have to guess the lie), Charades

Name that song – 1 person chooses a song, and hums a bit of it at a time, while the others have to guess.

Musical bingo – make bingo cards and set up a music track playlist before you leave. Then hand out cards, play the music and everyone marks off when their tracks are played. Winner completes their card.

Outdoor activities

Ready steady cook competition – have a couple of stoves going or a bbq, provide set ingredients and 2 teams can concoct the evening meal

Frisbee, badminton, volleyball or swingball (watch out that swingball is well weighted down)

Wink murder – have lots of ripped up pieces of paper, one with a X on it. Everyone takes a piece of paper, the one with the X is the murderer. They then have to wink at people surreptitiously, those people ‘die’ until someone guesses who the murderer is before they’re dead.

Scavenger hunt around and outside the campsite – do it with clues, or get everyone to take photos of items on a list

Wide games – if the campsite is large and near an estate or fields you can use, why not try a wide game and explore the local area. There’s numerous ideas for wide games online.

All of these activities can of course be done with children or as a family, some need more players than others. Maybe you could encourage other campers to join in too.

When you’re camping, what kind of activities and games do you play?


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