School Days – harvest festival and VIP

conker collecting after school

After a week’s break (I didn’t have much to write last week, and it was a blogging conference weekend) we’re back for School Days. Space buggies craft The topic N’s class are doing has been around space this term.  They’ve done books, english and other subjects all aligned to this.  And this week he decided he needed to take in straws and guinness cans to make his space buggy.  I’m not sure what it’s going to end up like, but… Continue Reading “School Days – harvest festival and VIP”

Gift ideas for kids age 5 to 11 years to take to parties

Gift ideas for 5-11 year olds to take to parties - Bubbablue and me

As soon as children start school, the birthday invitations begin.  They always seem to come in clusters as well, starting at larger parties, then gradually as children move through the school, they get smaller.  It’s hard deciding what to buy your own children for birthdays or Christmas but so much harder trying to work out what your children’s friends like or might want. If I don’t know the child, then I’ll always ask N what the birthday child enjoys. Things… Continue Reading “Gift ideas for kids age 5 to 11 years to take to parties”

School swimming lessons – how to prep your children

school swimming lessons preparations - Bubbablue and me

Swimming and water safety is now part of the National Curriculum. Yes, yet another thing that schools are now responsible for which seems a little unfair. But it does mean that all kids should be able to swim by the time they leave primary school, including those whose parents don’t get them lessons outside of school, or never take them swimming.  I think the level they need to reach is quite high – in my view you don’t need to… Continue Reading “School swimming lessons – how to prep your children”

A London South Bank walk – BML17 insta-walk

London southbank insta-walk - Bubbablue and me

After 2 years of having 2 weekends of blog conferences back to back, I know it’s too hard.  In future if the timings are like that again, I’ll be making a decision for one only, and based on  BML17 this year, it won’t be that one unfortunately.  I want to focus this on one of the good things about BML this time, and that was the insta-walk – a London South Bank walk. Much as I love to wander with… Continue Reading “A London South Bank walk – BML17 insta-walk”

Living arrows 2017 week 40 – hama beads

Living Arrows 2017 weel 4-

Hama beads. The craft toy that spans ages and both boys and girls.  And a great little photo of N for this week’s living arrows. N isn’t really that keen on arts and crafts, but turn up with some new hama beads like I did last week from Blog On’s goody bag, and he’s in heaven.  This is the design he decided on – made quicker by him telling me to help him and what I needed to put where.… Continue Reading “Living arrows 2017 week 40 – hama beads”

My Sunday Photo – fairground on South Bank

My Sunday Photo - fairground carousel and lights ratating

This week’s My Sunday Photo was taken on the BML17 instawalk in London I love it on the South Bank, it’s full of creative people, tourists, and people just enjoying everything there is along the river. I’m still lazy when it comes to using my camera on manual – it’s just quicker to use auto or my phone.  But when you can use shutter priority and get fab shots likes this one of the carousel in the fairground on South… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – fairground on South Bank”

Project 365 2017 week 39 – birds at BML 17

painting of a bird

We’re onto week 39 of Project 365.  The nights are drawing in – dark by 7ish, and I’ve hardly taken any photos of N this week thanks to 2 weekends of blog conferences. On Sunday, I was at Blog On Xmas in Manchester. I went up on the Saturday afternoon for the launch party, the conference was the Sunday and back in the evening. Thankfully the 2.5 hour journey wasn’t too bad.  It made me laugh seeing my car information. … Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 39 – birds at BML 17”

Blog on Xmas at Hotel Football

blog on xmas conference - Bubbablue and me

I’ve been going to blogging conferences for a few years now (I think this is my 5th year), but this year was the first year going to Blog on Xmas in Manchester.  Blog on conferences are many bloggers’ highlights of the year so although I tend to be a bit meh about brands at events now, and often don’t get excited about the sessions, I didn’t want to miss out seeing why everyone gets so excited about Laura’s events!  FOMO… Continue Reading “Blog on Xmas at Hotel Football”

Educational fun at Portsmouth historic dockyard

portsmouth historic dockyard - Bubbablue and me

Sometimes children get something in their head and there’s no backing down.  I often think N is a bit easy going and needs to assert himself a bit more with his peers, but he doesn’t have any problems asserting himself with me.  I just didn’t expect it in the middle of our visit to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. I’d planned a nice day out there (ok, there was rain too, so it wasn’t going to be that cheery).  I’ve been several… Continue Reading “Educational fun at Portsmouth historic dockyard”