Snowdrop trail walk at Evenley Wood Garden

Evenley Wood Garden snowdrop trail - Bubbablue and me

Last year we only caught a quick glimpse of snowdrops at Stowe, but this year I wanted to check out Evenley Wood Garden.  I’d never been but others have recommended it to me for snowdrop trails in particular. As it was the first weekend of opening, and the weather was miraculously due to be dry on the Sunday, I dragged N out with me to check it out. Evenley Wood Garden is near Brackley, so took us just under 30… Continue Reading “Snowdrop trail walk at Evenley Wood Garden”

Family things to do in Oxfordshire

Family days out in Oxfordshire - Bubbablue and me.

So often people don’t get out and about in their own area. Not us, and we’re gradually working our way around Oxfordshire. We’re lucky because we’re so close to many other counties within an hour’s drive.  I’m reliving my childhood visiting around the UK, near home and further away, and love sharing it with N. So if you’re looking for things to do in Oxfordshire, keep reading. This series of days out posts are based on round ups of places… Continue Reading “Family things to do in Oxfordshire”

Cradle cap in older children

cradle cap in older children - Bubbablue and me

Many people have never heard of Cradle Cap until they have a baby and their beautiful baby ends up with a scaly flaky scalp. I hadn’t even noticed N’s because it wasn’t scaly or flaky. It just looked like he had freckles over part of his head. But then a health visitor was talking to another mum at Baby Café when N was about 6 months old and I realised that his might have been cradle cap too. *Contains affiliate… Continue Reading “Cradle cap in older children”

School Days – times tables tests

reading book comic book

With only a week to go until half term, all the extra parent invite events are kicking off again. Each term the penultimate week is the church service, then the last day of term is always open morning and then target assembly where they get certificates if they’ve reached the level. It’s always a lot of parental asks to attend everything. This week I totally forgot about church until the day before which meant it was too late to work… Continue Reading “School Days – times tables tests”

Project 52 2018 week 5 – Rallye Monte Carlo Historique

rallye monte carlo historique cars in Banbury

This week I was surprised to find the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique in town for the day.  I had a wander round at lunch time. Considering I’d not seen any advertising for it before the day, and that it was a weekday and raining, it was quite busy.  I didn’t get to see the cars driving round, but it was still nice to spot different ones, including Colin McRae’s winning Subaru.

How to pack for a camping trip

how to pack for a camping trip - Bubbablue and me

One of the worst things about going on holiday is packing. For one parent, that often means packing for the rest of the family as well.  For camping, that prospect can be even more off-putting because you need to take so much equipment and food with you. (Unless you’re wild camping with just a tent, but that’s not my cup of tea).  After 3 family camping trips I’ve got our packing system working well. For camping trip, I’m assuming it’s… Continue Reading “How to pack for a camping trip”

The best type of holidays for families

Pros and cons of different types of family holidays - Bubbablue and me

We love a holiday, although ours aren’t the normal once a year big foreign holiday. Poor N hasn’t been abroad yet (excluding a trip to Jersey and he didn’t need a passport for that), and given I don’t want to take him alone on a first foreign holiday, it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon.  Instead we do several staycations a year, including our annual friends camping trip. There’s so many holiday options nowadays, it’s a case of picking the most… Continue Reading “The best type of holidays for families”

4 boys on a day out

parenting 4 boys vs 1 - Bubbablue and me

Sometimes as a parent you set up an event or party and think nothing of it. You assume it’ll be easy. And then afterwards you realise there’s a reason why you only have 1 child.  Kudos to all parents (especially single parents) with 4 kids of similar ages.  I don’t know how you do it. For N’s birthday this year he wanted to just go to the pub with all the family. Given that’s 17 people, it would probably have… Continue Reading “4 boys on a day out”

Garmin Vivofit Jr activity tracker for children

Garmin vivofit junior activity tracker

The growth of the activity tracker has been immense over the last few years, and I’ve been one of those who’s loved theirs.  I’ve had a Fitbit One, a Flex that I didn’t believe, and now I have a Fitbit Charge 2 which I love (although the strap broke so I’m frantically awaiting the replacement).  It hasn’t helped with my weight loss, but I think my steps have increased slightly on a working day, although I’m never going to reach… Continue Reading “Garmin Vivofit Jr activity tracker for children”

School days – house tokens and dance

enjoying a 100 piece tower of london jigsaw puzzle

Last week was a quiet school week.  Not a lot going on, just more of the same.  I’m not getting that many exciting conversations about school anymore. Although we still have our bedtime chat about what each of us have done that day, N’s version is a list of lesson times…register, assembly, English, break, maths, lunch, lunchbreak etc. Boring and limited detail unless he all of a sudden remembers something strange or that he believes was wrong. Here’s this week’s… Continue Reading “School days – house tokens and dance”