How clean is your house? The 4 standards of cleaning

how clean is your house - 4 standards of cleaning

Like many other people, I hate cleaning. I do a quick wipe round (wipes may not be sustainable, but they do make it easier to do a minute here and there) after cooking and in the bathroom as and when, but a regular proper clean I’ll put off until I can see things need doing. Our house isn’t really conducive to having an immaculate house.  Of course there’s N (who’s a law unto himself unless I’m up with him at… Continue Reading “How clean is your house? The 4 standards of cleaning”

How to clean a smelly shower drain

Clean a smelly shower drain au naturel Bubbablue and me

First time trying to sell a house and it wasn’t even ours.  Well, ours by default after our mum died. We tried to sell my mum’s house for a year.  We were gutted because we had an offer a few months after it went on sale that we turned down – the price was way too high thanks to an incompetent estate agent deluding themselves (and obviously us) into believing that’s how high prices were in our area.  The offer was insanely… Continue Reading “How to clean a smelly shower drain”

Cleaning up with a toddler in tow

toddler cleaning

Toddlers can be strange beings as they copy adults in order to grow and develop.  But I’m not complaining, in fact I’d like to continue to encourage N’s keenness for cleaning. You can obviously buy children’s toys which replicate real cleaning equipment, but I’ve not bothered.  I’m not sure N would want to play with the toy versions anyway as the only time he’s come across a toy vacuum cleaner at our local soft play, he’s been keen to just… Continue Reading “Cleaning up with a toddler in tow”