Cornbury Music Festival with Dorset Cereals – day festival tips

Cornbury music festival day tips - Bubbablue and me

The last (and only) time I went to a music festival was 3 years ago at Cornbury.  This year, we were invited by Dorset Cereals back to Cornbury Music Festival for the last hurrah. Yes, unfortunately, the Cornbury Festival has played its final songs, and we’ll be sad to see it go.  Dorset Cereals were providing their breakfast takeover in the campsite over the weekend, so we headed along to meet them and enjoy the festival. Day trippers only Living… Continue Reading “Cornbury Music Festival with Dorset Cereals – day festival tips”

It’s too damn hot – day out at Feast Waddesdon Manor

Feast at Waddesdon Manor - Bubbablue and me

I really don’t deal with heat well.  It’s obviously a family thing because our mum hated the hot weather (despite or maybe because of living in various hot countries as a child) and my brother despite tanning really easily, isn’t a fan either.  It just makes me want to sit in a cold room somewhere and not do anything.  But for the second year, Waddesdon Manor’s Feast has fallen on a super hot weekend.  When I buy tickets in advance… Continue Reading “It’s too damn hot – day out at Feast Waddesdon Manor”

Family fun with Geronimo Festival – giveaway

Justin Fletcher at Geronimo festival

Last year we experienced the family fun that was Geronimo Festival.  It was a beautiful day, and spending it at a children’s festival was perfect for N and my godson.  They had a ball and it was great to see them enjoying everything.   This year Geronimo is being held at Arley Hall in Cheshire on 27-29th May.  It’s a great opportunity to get outside with the children over the bank holiday weekend. The entertainment is all targeted at children. So… Continue Reading “Family fun with Geronimo Festival – giveaway”

CBeebies fun at Geronimo Festival Tatton

Geronimo festival screen - Bubbablue and me

Phew, it’s taken a while to get round to writing up our Geronimo Festival experience. I’d spotted the festival last year but couldn’t make it – but this year arranged to go and visit my best friend in Manchester, and then take her boy and N to Geronimo. I was horrified at the cost of tickets (£20 each, with the annoying £1.50+ per ticket Ticketmaster booking costs on top!), but decided it was worth it for a full day of… Continue Reading “CBeebies fun at Geronimo Festival Tatton”

Feasting on Feast at Waddesdon Manor

Feast at Waddesdon Manor

I feel like I’ve not been to a National Trust property for ages despite having just renewed my membership. This time I wanted to go to the Feast weekend at Waddesdon Manor. I’d prebooked tickets – you had to pay extra even as a member, but luckily it was only cheap because N refused to go with me. He wanted to stay on the farm with his dad, even though I’d been at Blogtacular on the Saturday, so wouldn’t really see… Continue Reading “Feasting on Feast at Waddesdon Manor”

My Sunday Photo – Swashbuckle at Geronimo

Geronimo festival 2016 stage Swashbuckle - My Sunday photo

I struggled to find a photo for this week’s My Sunday Photo because there were so many I could choose.  But in the end I went for one from our trip to the Geronimo Festival and a view from where we were sitting on the hill to watch Swashbuckle, and various other shows. I still need to write up our day – that’s one bonus of paying to go and not being an ambassador.  There’s no pressure to write anything… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – Swashbuckle at Geronimo”

Festival and garden fun with a Loubilou Toby Wagon giveaway

I’ve been to a couple of festivals (mostly as a day visitor), and have always been in awe of anyone with a wagon to pull around their gear, tent, food, child and more.  Ok, at first I was a bit blase because pulling a lump like N around a festival site would be quite a good workout, but the more I’ve seen them, the more I’ve thought they were a great idea. As for the children themselves, I’m sure any… Continue Reading “Festival and garden fun with a Loubilou Toby Wagon giveaway”

Summer village fests – BodFest 2013

Bodfest street view

I love the way all our local villages round us have started doing a village fest rather than fetes.  There’s been BloxFest for a few years which is massive in terms of attendance and the bands playing, while the others are just getting started and on a smaller scale (plus in generally smaller villages). Today’s was BodFest, in Bodicote.  A friend lives there, so thought we’d pop down to see them and check the event out.  Compared with the other… Continue Reading “Summer village fests – BodFest 2013”