Tortilla desserts – alternative uses for tortillas

Quick fruity tortilla desserts - Bubbablue and me

Anyone else have family who don’t get that excited about you trying different recipes?  The OH isn’t a great fan of my new recipes, but sometimes you just have to try them, and they turn out well or not.  For summer I hate being stuck in the kitchen cooking hot puddings, so we tend to have a lot of strawberries and ice cream, eton mess, quick easy fruit tarts etc.  But I had some stand and stuff tortillas and thought… Continue Reading “Tortilla desserts – alternative uses for tortillas”

Mediterranean courgettes recipe

Mediterranean courgettes - Bubbablue and me (1)

I was never a fan of courgette as a child, and even now I’m not keen if it’s overcooked.  Having it spiralised as courgette is delicious though and I’ll happily eat away on that raw with my bolognese. But my favourite way of cooking it has to be my Mediterranean courgettes bake.  Adding tomato, cheese and herbs has to be divine.  Even the OH likes it and he always moans about my cooking (it’s actually pretty good, it’s just he… Continue Reading “Mediterranean courgettes recipe”

Mexican lasagne – great for family or friends

Mexican style lasagne - Bubbabue and me

I’m a big Mexican food fan, but it’s quite hard to come by if you’re eating out.  But with a fussy OH (he’ll not eat indian, chinese, thai, risotto), I tend to stick to fajitas which he and N will eat.  Well, N eats a wrap with cheese in, chicken on the side, raw peppers and no sour cream or guacamole.  I’m hoping he’ll get more with the standard fajita programme if I keep feeding it to him enough.  But… Continue Reading “Mexican lasagne – great for family or friends”

Living Arrows 2016 week 33 eating out

doctoring a pizza express pasta dish

Last week I had a day off work, and N the day off holiday club.  The decision was made to have a day trip to London.  Of course there were lots of ‘I don’t want to go on a boat/don’t want to go/don’t know what I want to dos’ before and during the trip.  But the weather was beautiful and we did in fact get to do everything to plan as well as N enjoying it. But most important for… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2016 week 33 eating out”

The easiest (and delicious) pear and chocolate tart ever

pear almond and chocolate tart - Bubbablue and me

I love pears and chocolate together – as proven by my love of Nigella Lawson’s pear and chocolate pudding for last minute dessert needs. Now the weather’s (in theory) a bit warmer, a lighter dessert is sometimes needed. There’s always chilled pastry in the fridge for quick and easy pudding, and I decided that a pear and chocolate tart would be the way to go. I’m a big believer in store cupboard essentials, and tinned pears work perfectly fine for… Continue Reading “The easiest (and delicious) pear and chocolate tart ever”

Get BBQ ready with 11 great chicken barbecue recipes

Jack daniel's tennessee honey barbecue glaze chicken

I’m a big chicken fan (the men of the house less so, and it has to be chicken breast), not only because it’s pretty healthy but also because it’s so versatile, and quick to cook.  It’s now approaching barbecue season and with the rumours of this summer in the UK being a hot one, it’s time to start thinking about barbecue foods and recipes. Last year I reviewed a gas barbecue – you could say it was an alternative review,… Continue Reading “Get BBQ ready with 11 great chicken barbecue recipes”

3 easy delicious frozen yoghurt snacks to make with kids

easy frozen yoghurt treat recipes you can make with the kids - Bubbablue and me

I go through phases with yoghurt.  Sometimes I’ll eat them all the time and others I’ll forget I’ve got some in the fridge (never fear, N usually scavenges my remaining yoghurts up).  I do struggle to finish a large tub off and do find I waste some though. At the moment, I’m on a diet with no dairy, so the 3 remaining pots of yoghurt were coming close to their use by date.  Usually I’d leave them a couple of… Continue Reading “3 easy delicious frozen yoghurt snacks to make with kids”

How to make cheat’s easy fortune cookies

cheat's easy fortune cookies - perfect for chinese new year Bubbablue and me

As part of our Chinese New Year themed Weekend Box, we made fortune cookies.  I always thought they’d be really complicated, and had no idea how they’re made, so I was pleased to see how we could make them.  Ok, so they might not be the traditional way, but for something easy that children could make, these are worth a try. Ingredients: Flour tortillas (we used wholewheat) Olive oil Toppings (optional) – melted chocolate, sprinkles, freeze dried fruit (chopped), sesame… Continue Reading “How to make cheat’s easy fortune cookies”

Creative ‘baking’ with Cadbury Dairy Milk

Triple topped chocolate bark

I hadn’t realised when I agreed to do this Cadbury Dairy Milk sponsored post for Collective Bias®, that today was National Baking Day.  My challenge was to make something creative with Cadbury Dairy Milk, and although we didn’t officially ‘bake’, I think we can claim to have been creative with baking. When I was little, Cadbury chocolate buttons were one of the only ‘sweets’ we were allowed, so it’s the first chocolate I’d go for out of choice.  I think your… Continue Reading “Creative ‘baking’ with Cadbury Dairy Milk”