Starting Zumba classes to ease back into dance

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I’ve not exercised properly for a while and really need to. Before having N, and before getting married, I used to exercise lots.  I swam, went to the gym and played a lot of squash.  Then I got married, and had a long commute, so it fell by the wayside. I then started dancing again (having danced for 13 years as a child).  I went to salsa lessons for a couple of years, then took up ceroc 3 or 4… Continue Reading “Starting Zumba classes to ease back into dance”

10 ways to be a savvy student while still having fun

10 ways to be a savvy student - Bubbablue and me

I loved being a student. In fact, I just loved studying and school in general, so it didn’t occur to me not to go to uni.  I was the first in our family to go to uni to study for a degree. I think going away was certainly helped by boarding at 6th form (ok, I was weird though because I went to 6th form at the private school in the village, and was a boarder in my upper 6th). … Continue Reading “10 ways to be a savvy student while still having fun”

Mystery party invitation

mystery party invitation

I expected the party invitations to start when N started school, but it wasn’t an invite from a reception child that turned up for N. In fact, if we’d had it just appear and not be handed over in person, we’d have had no clue where it had come from. The invitation turned up via another reception child’s father who’d obviously been to the day nursery first to pick up the younger daughter.  He’d been given 2 invitations, one for… Continue Reading “Mystery party invitation”

Living Arrows 2015 week 40 – playground roar

roar - moaning boy - Living Arrows

I’ve had a few photos to choose from this week for my Living Arrows shot.  Considering I hadn’t thought I’d taken many photos this week, I’d caught quite a few lovely ones of N. This one was taken when we went out early for a scoot to the park. We always park a bit away where it’s free, then scoot in to the playground area, but this time just N took him scooter.  I then realised how small his scooter… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 40 – playground roar”

Project 365 2015 week 40

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It’s week 40 of Project 365, and there’s unusually, been a lot of crafting in the evenings. There’s also been a bit of time outside, but it’s definitely obvious that although the days are still warm, the evenings are getting a bit colder. Onto my week 40. On Sunday N wanted to stay on the farm again and go out with his dad, so I decided to get out for an early walk to nearby Wroxton Abbey. It’s now oddly,… Continue Reading “Project 365 2015 week 40”

The little dog whisperer

the little dog whisperer - Bubbablue and me

N loves dogs. In fact he loves the animals on the farm in general, wanting to help out, going to speak to the cows at the fence, looking at the piglets.  It always amuses me that if I take him to a farm park though, he won’t join in with feeding the animals at all. There’s always dogs on the farm and most are for working purposes.  My father in law has a pretty ancient black labrador who ventures out… Continue Reading “The little dog whisperer”

Month of Firsts 13 – school and sheep

sheep on the farm

The year is whizzing by, and apart from the one huge first – starting school, I think we’ve been fairly short on first achievements. For N it’s all been about starting school. In September, N has Gone straight into full time school None of this part time malarky.  Although I have to say, the children who’ve been going in part time, seem to have launched straight in to phonics, writing and the like.  So far, N’s started writing his name… Continue Reading “Month of Firsts 13 – school and sheep”

Enjoying the gardens at National Trust’s Packwood House

picture frames at Packwood House cafe

It seems like such a long time ago, nearly 4 weeks, that N started school.  I’d taken his first day off work in the hope of meeting friends who were in the same boat, to celebrate and commiserate, but it didn’t work out.  Friends were working, or had appointments booked in, or their children weren’t starting on the same day. So I decided that I would go on a National Trust visit.  Last year we really made the most of… Continue Reading “Enjoying the gardens at National Trust’s Packwood House”

Bogey Princesses

sunday photo meeting a disney princess in Asda

It seems N is now all about boys. He’s been talking recently about all girls being ‘bogey girls’ (including me, his aunt and other previously girl friends).  And over the last couple of months he’s turned anti-princess. It started when there was a Disney Princess dolls advert on tv.  N’s not usually one to watch adverts, but this one had him right up to the screen and glaring at it. ‘Mummy, it’s scary.  I don’t like those princesses.  Princesses are… Continue Reading “Bogey Princesses”