Make pretty pictures with Frame Again

frame again frame

I spotted Frame Again a while ago and thought they looked like a great way of showing off photos.  I rarely print out photos and if I do they tend to either be put in photo albums, or are used for photobooks.  But I’ve cleared out my book shelves so there is now space for some photos. I’ve recently been given the chance to review a Frame Again frame.  Of course the hardest part was deciding the photo to use.… Continue Reading “Make pretty pictures with Frame Again”

Living Arrows 2015 week 48 – pyjamas

Living Arrows cuddling under a blanket

I’ve not been taking many photos recently, so I’ve just been grabbing a couple of snaps at home.  This one must have been early morning because N’s still in his pyjamas, and snuggled downstairs.  He always leaves it til the last minute to get dressed, probably because it means I’ll help him because we need to get on with what any plans are. Like what you’ve read? Sign up to get updates by email Subscribe

School days – forest school and phonics testing

practising writing his name

It’s getting ever nearer to Christmas and it appears that N’s school Christmas performance rehearsals have started along with the usual learning and fun. I love that N keeps coming out of school and saying he had a good day.  It sounds like our neighbour’s stepson has got a place (that’s 3 over capacity in our year) due to an older child leaving).  It’ll be nice for N to hopefully make friends with another child living next door…well, half a… Continue Reading “School days – forest school and phonics testing”

Project 365 2015 week 48

sunrise over the farm

We’re now on week 48 and racing towards the finish line of Project 365 for 2015.  N’s on countdown to Christmas and his birthday, so it’s hard not to notice time racing by.  It’s been a fairly quiet week although I’m not thinking a bit more about getting organised for Christmas. On Sunday, N spent some time out metal detecting with his uncle.  He loves getting the spade out and the mini detector, but he does get a bit bored… Continue Reading “Project 365 2015 week 48”

Old skool frisbee fun with family

family frisbee fun

Last weekend was one of the coldest of the autumn so far, but that didn’t stop N wanting to get outside and play. I’d been telling him to stay off the grass because it was just too wet to be driving his gator round, but he got so excited later in the day to see his uncle turn up, that playing outdoors was too much of a lure.  So much so, that he forgot he’d wanted to go out on… Continue Reading “Old skool frisbee fun with family”

Go slightly spicy with a golden ginger macaroon recipe

golden ginger macaroon recipe - Bubbablueandme

Whenever I need to provide cakes or biscuits for work birthdays, I always make these delicious golden ginger macaroons.  At my old work there were a couple of colleagues who would always rave about them, and my boss has done the same after this birthday when I took them in.  (I thought I’d put in a bit too much ginger, but evidently not!). They’re really easy to make, with only 3 or 4 ingredients, and you can double up the… Continue Reading “Go slightly spicy with a golden ginger macaroon recipe”

A forest school debate

loving outdoor life, loving forest school

N’s been used to going to forest school at his old nursery.  They have a beautiful forest school area on site, complete with tree house classroom, small pond and play equipment.  It was a place to go and learn about safety, being free to explore and play, a shelter from the sun in summer when the nursery building got too overheated and just to enjoy being outside. At school they also have the use of a forest school facility, on… Continue Reading “A forest school debate”

Playing family games night with Megableu Games

megableu games

If you’re a fan of playing games (or who have children who are), hopefully you’ll have spotted my posts about Halloween games and other interactive games from Megableu.  If not , go and check them out now! As well as having some great fun playing the family games, I’m launching a competition for a lucky reader to win all 5 games.  Yes, that’s all 5 games.  With Christmas coming up, that means the winner could have gifts covered (we’ll make… Continue Reading “Playing family games night with Megableu Games”

More interactive fun with Megableu Games

megableu games

We enjoyed our Halloween games from Megableu games, so were anticipating similar types of games for our second games session. N was just as excited about their arrival.  They were certainly unlike any games we had as children.  Back in the day, interactive games were limited to Buckaroo, so it’s great to see games getting more adventurous than flat board games. We had 3 games to review, Alien Mission, Trickin’ Camel and Cobra Attack.    And damn, more sets of batteries… Continue Reading “More interactive fun with Megableu Games”