School days – open morning, PTA events and Lego

playing Connect four

It’s back to busy busy this week again at school but we’re on the countdown to half term.  It’s gone so quickly with it being a short term.  Thanks for all the comments last week about my School Days  posts.  Don’t forget, if you’ve got a post on the school theme, then you can link up below and I’ll visit, comment and share on social media. Lego club I was astonished at the weekend when N started telling me all… Continue Reading “School days – open morning, PTA events and Lego”

My Sunday Photo – logistics

setting up a wooden train set

Only a few months ago, N was saying he wanted to sell or giveaway his wooden railway set.  Thankfully I refused saying that once the nights were dark and the weather was bad, he’d want to have it still to play with, especially if he had friends round to play. Since then he’s probably had the box out a few times a month, creating mammoth and sometimes complex railway tracks.This week’s was a little more intricate…it looked pretty, but I’m… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – logistics”

Project 366 2016 week 5

dinosaur models set up

Week 5 of Project 366 and it’s been a funny one for photos.  I’ve not been particularly inspired to take pictures, we’ve not really been out to do anything or take any, and home has consisted of a lot of tablet play by N.  I’ve scraped together the photos from this week, and hopefully with half term on the way we’ll get some more interesting events coming up! On Sunday it was N and his friend’s joint 5th birthday party.… Continue Reading “Project 366 2016 week 5”

Questions you always wanted to ask a farmer about cows

Ask a Farmer- Q&As about cows Bubbablue and me

I’d like to say that as a farmer’s wife I know lots about what goes on the farm.  I know some, but I can see N’s knowledge overtaking mine soon. When I first met the OH, and then later when we got married I used to ask all the stupid questions that had probably been going round my mind since I was a little girl.  So if you’ve got some seemingly stupid cow questions (and yes, he did make me… Continue Reading “Questions you always wanted to ask a farmer about cows”

Trusting children to make friends

friends chasing each other ata party

Some children make friends really easily, while others find it takes a bit more time.  N is definitely one of the latter group, mainly because he likes to observe and understand people before letting them in or approaching them.  Once he likes them though, he’ll chatter away like anything. I’ve mentioned before about my concern that N was only ever playing with his best friend at school.  But he is now spreading his wings a little and does mention other… Continue Reading “Trusting children to make friends”

Blog design: make your blog easy to read (helpful tools)

blog design - make your blog easy to read including helpful tools Bubbablue and me

Reading (and writing) a blog is about more than just the content.  Of course the content is important, otherwise why do we visit the blog in the first place.  However design and format plays a big part as well. Quick tips to make your blog easy to read Get the content right On the content side I am fussy about blogs I read and comment on and I’m not the only one. I find poor grammar and spelling sloppy and… Continue Reading “Blog design: make your blog easy to read (helpful tools)”

Birthday Interview with a 5 year old

The birthday interview at age 5 - Bubbablue and me

N’s now turned 5 – yes, that final week of him being 4 rushed past like anything.  So I remembered to sit down and do my birthday interview with him…now he’s a year older. We’ve been doing these since he was nearly 2 1/2 years old so I expected a lot more conversation.  But N’s obviously a child of very few words when it comes to a formal question and answer session.  That’s in total contrast to what he’s usually… Continue Reading “Birthday Interview with a 5 year old”

Micro Scooters rule – one boy and his scooter

testing out the microscooter

Scooters have always gone down well in our house.  N had a My First Scooter when he was 2, and hasn’t looked back, more frequently using my adult one if we’re out because he’d grown out of his own.  But I’ve been looking longingly at the Micro Scooters for a while now, and decided that his 5th birthday he could have one for his main present. Because we can’t walk or scoot to school, I was initially loathed to spend… Continue Reading “Micro Scooters rule – one boy and his scooter”

Living Arrows 2016 week 5 – stripes

chilling out in the Stow children' shoe shop

We’ve had a busy weekend this time – hair cut time for N, rushing off to swimming, then to buy some new school shoes.  N’s gone through the tops of his old ones, I presume because he’s been wearing them to after school club and crawling round on the floor plays, instead of changing into his trainers after school like he’s meant to.  The old ones were dual sized so should have lasted him for at least 2 terms if… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2016 week 5 – stripes”