Project 365 2015 – week 9

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catkins - signs of spring

It’s week 9 of Project 365, and the days are getting longer.  Yay.  That in itself is confusing N, so we have lots of conversations trying to explain that we can eat tea when it’s not dark!  So we’ve been getting outside a bit more, if only staying round the farm and local. Sunday, we […] Read more…


Trendy Thursday – whales and bicycle t shirts

| Style

bike t shirt from Sainsburys

I’ve been trying to look out for some more summery t shirts, and Sainsbury’s came to the rescue as usual the other week.  I’m always in there checking their boyswear out.  Add to that their regular 25% off Tu clothing, and I was pleased to spot a couple of t shirts that would be perfect […] Read more…


How to clean a smelly shower drain

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Clean a smelly shower drain au naturel Bubbablue and me

We’ve been trying to sell my mum’s house for almost a year now.  We’re gutted because we had an offer a few months after it went on sale that we turned down, when the price was way too high thanks to an incompetent estate agent deluding themselves (and obviously us) into believing that’s how high […] Read more…

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(Un) Surprising things about child development

| Milestones, Observations and chat, Parenting

(un)surprising things about child development - Bubbablue and me

With all humans being different, it’s surprising really, how much comparison there is between parents between children.  We all know of people who’d had comments made because their baby Is ‘late’ at hitting a milestone whether it’s speech, walking, weaning and more.  It’s interesting how most of the comments come about children being ‘late’ rather […] Read more…


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