Project 366 2016 week 25 – outdoors

farmer boy clothes

It’s another week of Project 366, into week 25 of a photo a day for a year.  The weather’s not been great, although we have managed to get outside a bit after school and work. On Sunday, N was mucking around outside when I turned round to spot him tucking in his hoody, and using some string from the farm as a belt. On Monday, it was the start of sports week hence the scruffy casual wear. Although why I… Continue Reading “Project 366 2016 week 25 – outdoors”

Living Arrows 2016 26 – umbrella photo shoot

smiling with umbrellas

N isn’t always keen on having his photo taken but the other day he wanted to go outside after school with the tripod so he could have a photo shoot with lots of photos of the 2 of us taken with the timer. We took ages setting up the tripod, working out how far back we could stand…none of it easy with the wet soggy grass.  I’d taken out a couple of our umbrellas so we could have some fun shots… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2016 26 – umbrella photo shoot”

School Days – a rainy sports day

running race at sports day Jun 2016 - Bubbablue and me

This week was sports day. After the worry about it from last week, I needn’t have worried – the rest of the week went as smoothly too. Sports day As well as sports day, the school had Sports Week where the children could wear sportswear to school. I assume they would do extra sport, but I couldn’t see where they might have done. It was a bit traumatic (and expensive) at the start of the week, but more of that… Continue Reading “School Days – a rainy sports day”

Feasting on Feast at Waddesdon Manor

Feast at Waddesdon Manor

I feel like I’ve not been to a National Trust property for ages despite having just renewed my membership. This time I wanted to go to the Feast weekend at Waddesdon Manor. I’d prebooked tickets – you had to pay extra even as a member, but luckily it was only cheap because N refused to go with me. He wanted to stay on the farm with his dad, even though I’d been at Blogtacular on the Saturday, so wouldn’t really see… Continue Reading “Feasting on Feast at Waddesdon Manor”

Stonor Park failure and Henley-on-Thames walk

stonor park flowers and henley on thames walk - Bubbablue and me

I’m always on the look out for photo opportunities and when I spotted the Spring flowers and tulip festival at Stonor Park I thought that would be perfect to take lots of pretty flowers pictures.  So back in Spring we headed off for the trip there. On the website it mentioned that with National Trust membership you could get in 2 for the price of 1, but children don’t pay until they’re 6 so we didn’t need to pay for N… Continue Reading “Stonor Park failure and Henley-on-Thames walk”

Project 366 2016 week 24 trying

flowers and cutting the grass int he garden

Week 24 and it’s been an easier week for photos again.  Instead I’ve been cursing my laptop which is slow, freezing, full, and still not really working despite the clear out of photos and other various fixes I’ve tried. I’m thinking a new one is needed so that’s the job for this week.  It’s meant my posts this week have been a bit sporadic.  Here’s this week’s Project 366. On Sunday, N and his dad spent a long time playing with… Continue Reading “Project 366 2016 week 24 trying”

School Days – down on school sports

Practising his writing and making up words - Bubbablue and me

This week’s School Days have been up and down.  One moment there’s some great highs, the next and there’s a downer on everything that’s gone on that day.  I’m dreading teenage years if this is what is can be like at age 5. Thankfully most of the time N’s pretty stable emotionally and doesn’t whinge that frequently, so I’m hoping this is a one week blip. House teams and school sports N’s school have houses (well, they might be called… Continue Reading “School Days – down on school sports”

Igniting an interest in cycling for children

Igniting an interest in cycling for children - Bubbablue and me

I’ve written so many times about N’s love of cycling and his bike, but recently that interest in cycling was brought alive by a last minute email from our neighbour about the Women’s Tour of Britain race. I’m usually quite up on what’s going on in and around our area, and book in visits and events in the calendar well in advance.  But sporting events seem to pass me by.  Being in a lovely rural area, complete with lots of… Continue Reading “Igniting an interest in cycling for children”