Living Arrows 42

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I was attempting to get N to pose for me so I could take some photos for a review post I’ve got coming up, but he just wanted to climb and walk on the wall.  Then the funny faces started! If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for […] Read more…

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Boost your child’s reading confidence – Sparkup Magical Book Reader

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sparkup magical book reader

I’ve always tried to instill a love of books in N and it seems to be working so far. He’ll choose books to look at on his own, insists on certain books at bedtime, and loves it when he finds a new book that he likes.  He’s only just started thinking about liking letters (mostly […] Read more…


Project 365: photo a day week 42

| Photography

running around the garden

I don’t think I’m the only one to have struggled this week.  The rain hasn’t been conduscive to walking at lunch times, which means less opportunity to look round and really notice things to photograph.  With evenings and mornings darker too, I really need to work on manual settings to get some decent indoor photos! […] Read more…


Preschooler preamble – holiday talk

| Days out, Milestones, Observations

broken Corfe Castle c

N is a typical 3 year old, who never stops talking.  Or singing. Or asking questions.  Just making his voice heard.  But over the last week or so we’ve had some classic conversations that I just had to share. Now we all know that people say the English language is one of the hardest because […] Read more…

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Music Exploration with children linky 7

| Activities & education, Music

musical exploration badge

It’s month 7 of my Music Exploration with children linky, so hopefully you’re getting inspired on getting your children introduced to music early on. The linky’s open from 15th (ok, so I’m a day late this month) and closes at the end of the month.  So plenty of time to link up any posts which […] Read more…


A first family holiday

| Days out, Family

Family photo on Studland beach

Fanfare….after almost 4 years, we’ve had our first family holiday. This might not sound like much, because after all lots of people don’t get to go on holiday due to money, illness, or any other reason.  But in our life it’s a really important thing. The OH used to go on holiday, under duress mostly, […] Read more…


Technical toddler swimming

| Activities & education, Swimming

swimming boy

It feels like we’re on a real roll at the moment with N’s swimming.  He’s really enjoying it, and even though there’s certain things he still moans about doing, he will eventually give them a go…if it is only the once. I can’t believe how technical the strokes are being taught, even though the children […] Read more…


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