Month of firsts 10 – June 2015: cycling, driving and new teacher

driving cars on the farm

June was a funny month of firsts. Nothing that was obvious, but some really random firsts for N. July will definitely be a big month as it’s when he’ll be going for visits to the school he starts in September. In June, N Met his new teacher Oddly, the school rang me to ask if the reception teacher could do a home visit, because they didn’t have us down as using the nursery. Bizarre, given that N goes to both… Continue Reading “Month of firsts 10 – June 2015: cycling, driving and new teacher”

Riding high with My Little Pony Put Your Hoof Down – dvd giveaway

My Little Pony Put Your Hoof Down dvd

Recently we’ve sold our mum’s house, and have been enjoying reminiscing about all the old toys from the 80s that we found in the roof.  There’s nothing like retro toys to give you a warm fuzzy feeling, and make you think of those carefree childhood days. One of the boxes had my old My Little Ponies in.  I used to love playing with these in the grooming parlour I had (no idea where that went to though).  My friend and… Continue Reading “Riding high with My Little Pony Put Your Hoof Down – dvd giveaway”

Walking cool and comfy with Bridgedale socks

wearing bridgedale socks

Socks. They seem to take up a lot of our conversations in our house (sounds exciting doesn’t it?!). I think most families have issues – well, at least the person who does the washing does. Single socks galore, although I do solve that with the OH’s by him only having black sports socks style – all from the same shop. Apart from the single sock problems, we also have welly and boot problems with socks. The OH wears wellies or… Continue Reading “Walking cool and comfy with Bridgedale socks”

Living Arrows 2015 week 26 – little frog

Little frog blanket

N does flit between one item to the next, but this frog blanket is one of his favourites for snuggling up, moving from room to room, and now taking in to nursery. I’m not sure it was really needed given the warm weather recently, but each to their own. I picked him up and he insisted on wearing it on the way home. Accessorised by tea crumbs! He never seems to wipe his face after eating now. Messy thing

The jigsaw puzzle bug – Gibsons Buckingham Palace puzzle

Gibsons Buckingham Palace jigsaw puzzle

I think I’ve got into the jigsaw puzzle bug again. I used to do them a lot but then found I didn’t have time or space. But now I’m back into them, and just tend to do a small bit each evening while I’m waiting for N to come back from the farm for his bath. This time I’ve been attempting a new Gibsons puzzle, Buckingham Palace which was launched around the time of Princess Charlotte’s birth, and the Queen’s… Continue Reading “The jigsaw puzzle bug – Gibsons Buckingham Palace puzzle”

Summer parties – mixing with older children

Swishing through the grass

N’s always been used to being around lots of people of all ages.  Mostly those older than him, although obviously he’s used to being in nursery with youngers children, and I do have a couple of friends with babies. But mostly it’s his older cousins and various people turning up at the farm, whether it’s for shoot season, general farm business or friends and family.  He’s pretty comfortable with them all once he ‘s got over his initial shyness and… Continue Reading “Summer parties – mixing with older children”

Project 365 2015 week 26

feather on grass

This week’s Project 365 is half way. Whoop. My photo a day is going quite well, aided by nice weather, lots of getting outside after work and nursery, and pretty flowers (not in my garden, but in the in-laws). Sunday was chance to spend some time in the garden. N had asked a few weeks ago when would the apples be growing. Then I looked up and saw they’re all coming on quite well. There’s been some gorgeous sunsets this… Continue Reading “Project 365 2015 week 26″

Getting ready for Wimbledon with Oreo tennis balls

Ready for Wimbledon tournament - Tennis ball Oreos Bubbablueandme

You know when you have what seems like a brilliant idea for ages, really want to try it out, buy all the stuff, set it up, get cooking or making….and then it’s a failure? It’s not often I come up with crafty or foodie ideas, so when I do I get quite excited. I’d decided I wanted to adapt my Halloween Pumpkin Oreos and turn them into tennis balls in preparation for Wimbledon and I decided that this weekend was… Continue Reading “Getting ready for Wimbledon with Oreo tennis balls”

Fairy trails and barefoot walk at Trentham Gardens

mediterranean style garden at Trentham

Wow, it seems like ages since we went to Trentham Gardens but other posts have just got in the way. Trentham Estate, near Stoke on Trent is a great middle ground for me to meet up with my best friend, so we’ve been a couple of times now. Last year we visited Monkey Forest, before a quick trip to the gardens, but this time we just headed straight for Trentham Gardens instead. I’m not one for going back to the… Continue Reading “Fairy trails and barefoot walk at Trentham Gardens”