Project 365 2015 week 16

magnolia tree blossom

The lovely weather has continued into this week, and it really does make an impact on my photography.  It’s noticeable because I get lots more outdoor photos thanks to generally getting outside after work and nursery, and just pottering at home.  Even if we’re doing chores on weekends, I still seem to manage getting slightly more interesting photo possibilities for Project 365.  We’re into week 16 now, and I’m now on the look out for fabulous flowers and plants –… Continue Reading “Project 365 2015 week 16″

The gruesome rule of birth according to a 4 year old

I love having a four year old.  Three was pretty good too, but N was more of a watcher and general chatterer then.  He didn’t really question and challenge like he does now.  At nursery parents evening last night, they also mentioned how he was more interested in finding out, learning and asking questions than previously. I love that he’s now showing more interest in the world around him, and questioning.  Even if it does mean a lot of ‘why?’s.… Continue Reading “The gruesome rule of birth according to a 4 year old”

Music Exploration with children 13 – classical music

musical exploration badge

I hadn’t even twigged that last month was a year since I started our music exploration.  I’m not sure what I’d planned had quite happened, but N has certainly been exposed to different types of music. And he’s enjoying a lot more than just ACDC which is what the aim was. We’ve enjoyed rock, pop, jazz, classical, country, Disney and more.  This month has mostly been all about classical music courtesy of Classic FM’s Hall of Fame over Easter. Listening… Continue Reading “Music Exploration with children 13 – classical music”

Truly or Clearly Scrumptious fruit snacks and giveaway

Scrumptious dried fruit range

N is a snacker.  He obviously takes after me because I graze throughout the day too, something that his dad definitely doesn’t do.  But N would eat from breakfast through to tea given half the chance.  So I do like to have a selection of snacks available just in case.  When we’re out and about, I need snacks that are easy to carry, don’t need lots of little pots, but can just fit easily in whatever bag I have with… Continue Reading “Truly or Clearly Scrumptious fruit snacks and giveaway”

Fun and games at House of Marbles

Visiting House of Marbles for fun, play, games and history - Bubbablue and me

I’ve written a few Devon holiday posts, although I got a bit waylaid in writing up the rest.  But today I wanted to share one of the best days of the holiday…the last day.  When I was flicking through all the leaflets in the hotel, I’d spotted the House of Marbles.  I’d checked out where it was on the map, and decided we’d be going to visit one day.  And then realised that in Devon, although places aren’t far away,… Continue Reading “Fun and games at House of Marbles”

Living Arrows 2015 week 15

transporting the rubbish to the bins

N loves to be outside, so much so that even a boring chore like doing the bins is something he likes to help with. Our wheelie bins are at the bottom of the drive, and even though the bins are the OH’s job in the house, I’m always the one who ends up doing them.  So it’s a Sunday morning job for us to take down the bin bag and any bags of recycling and boxes.  This week took 2… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 15″

Out of our control – Primary school allocations

primary school place allocation - Bubbablue and me

With only a few days to go until parents hear about primary school places for reception class, the anticipation is building, and I’m becoming a little more anxious.  With our county, 91% of children got their 1st choice place at secondary schools, so it’ll be interesting how different it is for primary places. We should be ok.  Friends with children at the school and living in the village tell me that the level ahead of us (siblings in catchment) are looking… Continue Reading “Out of our control – Primary school allocations”

Books update for March

March books update

Ok, so I’m a bit late with my books update for March, but I’m pleased to say that I’m back reading regularly, and even (vaguely) managed to find some time alongside it for some crochet too.  I did think I’d not read much, but I finished 4 books in March so I’m still on track with my target of 52 books this year.  I’ve also been reading proper books as well as e-books.  I will reduce my paperback ‘to read’… Continue Reading “Books update for March”