What not to expect in the morning – toddler creativity

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I can make a snowman

With young children, there’s always that panic when things go quiet.  You wonder what they’re up to, because of course it can’t be anything safe and tidy. In the mornings N rarely plays in his own room while I’m in the shower.  Sometimes he will, or plays games on my tablet, otherwise he’ll be playing […] Read more…

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The dinosaur that pooped the past – book review

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dinosaur that pooped the past

Let’s face it, toilet humour is the way to keep children interested in books.  However revolting, it seems that if a book, picture or otherwise, has something that parents might find a little gross, then it’s a hit with children. N loves any books that’s got something a bit gross in, and The Dinosaur that […] Read more…

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Firsts: a picture perfect portrait

| Activities & education, Milestones

family portrait

N’s not really one for drawing.  He’ll have a go at painting, and loves cutting with scissors (usually his drawers at nursery are full of cut up bits of paper), but he’s never really been that fussed about drawing or colouring in. While we were in Bristol he did do a bit of drawing of […] Read more…


Go fish and squeamish in the supermarket

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Bubbablue and me avatar

Oh dear. There was me thinking N’s never thought twice about eating cow, sheep or pig. Living on a livestock farm, we’ve always been very open about what food N is eating.  Exactly the same as his older cousins who we used to joke with about the piglets being called bacon and sausages.  N’s always […] Read more…


Pop Goes Your Name – children’s personalised cd

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doing the mashed potato dance

I’ve shared in the past how N is a bit of a rock child, in that he loves watching and dancing along to AC/DC.  We don’t generally listen to children’s music as I’ve not come across anything to date which doesn’t put me off listening.  Cue bad nursery rhyme mixes and the like.  So when […] Read more…

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Project 365: photo a day week 39

| Photography

riding the park motorbike

We’re now onto week 39 of Project 365, and this week’s ended well, after N started suffering a horrible cold at the start of the week.  Thankfully a day later and he was getting back on good form. I did have a panic that he’d come down with chicken pox which is going round nursery […] Read more…


Trendy Thursday (ahem) – colour brights

| Children's style

purple and blue colour blocking

I only remembered the other day, that I had a great outfit of N’s I wanted to share.  Hence why we’re a bit late joining up with Trendy Thursday. The other day we headed out to Hatton Adventure Farm.  It was a lovely warm day, and N was in serious brights.  Usually his clothes are […] Read more…


Tractors, trampolines and troughing at Hatton Adventure World Farm

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hatton country world

There’s so many good places to go near us with children, it’s hard to get round to them all.  I used to go to Hatton Country Village for the shopping and craft shows quite frequently pre-N, but haven’t managed to visit the Hatton Adventure World part which is the place to go with children.  I’ve […] Read more…


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