BML16 introduction – this is me

self portrait for BML

I can’t believe that this year’s Britmums Live – or the newly named #BML16 – will be my 4th blogging year attending.  Of course I’m assuming that I can wangle back up childcare in case the OH has a moan or doesn’t confirm what he’s doing anytime soon.  It’s the same every year so I should be there. Last year was great because I could socialise a lot more including with my Oxfordshire blogger buddies.  And for the first time… Continue Reading “BML16 introduction – this is me”

Living Arrows 2016 week 18 – playground fun

Living Arrows - running jump at a Henley playground

Over the bank holiday I decided to go to Stonor House for their tulip and spring flower festival. It ended up being a bit of a failure and a short visit, so I made a spontaneous decision that we should head over to Henley-on-Thames to make the most of the good weather and walk by the river. We came upon a lovely playground which N launched himself onto.  It was lovely to see him enjoying equipment that 6 months ago he’d… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2016 week 18 – playground fun”

School days – gymnastics and learning lines

Learning words for school days

This week’s School Days has been a little more relaxed than normal, in part due to N being more interested in the books he’s brought home.  Phew, it was getting hard work previously.  Oh, and obviously there’s a bank holiday which is always exciting for children to remember they’ve an extra day off. Gymnastics N’s school are really good at providing external coaches to come in for specialist lessons.  The coaches rotate around the classes at different points in the… Continue Reading “School days – gymnastics and learning lines”

Project 366 2016 week 17

Arthur the cat on the farm

It’s week 17 of Project 366.  The weeks seem to rush by but it feels like we should be way past week 17.  The weather’s been the big news this week.  Sorry to those who’ve had snow, we’ve just see some hail, rain, wind and a bit of sun too.  I’ve even had to return to wearing tights/socks again.  Hopefully next week will see May arrive to much brighter warmer weather. Here’s the week in photos. On Sunday N and… Continue Reading “Project 366 2016 week 17”

How to cope without broadband as a blogger

What to do when you lose broadband as a blogger - Bubbablue and me

As a blogger, one of the worst things that can happen is having no broadband.  While it can be quite relaxing without it – if it’s a planned break – when it’s unexpected, it can prove a little stressful especially if you’ve got a lot of outstanding sponsored content due to be published. Last summer I had nearly a month of no broadband for a couple of reasons. The first was going camping to a campsite where the promised broadband… Continue Reading “How to cope without broadband as a blogger”

Michelham Priory and spring flowers

A visit to Michelham priory in East Sussex and beautiful spring flowers - Bubbablue and me

Sometimes children really aren’t a pleasure to be round. Thankfully with N it’s not that frequent, but when I’ve taken him on holiday, I’d expect him to be a little more interested and fun to be around.  We had one day on our break where he moaned from start to finish – not helped by a really sore throat I think, but until he told me that and I could get some calpol we had some interesting conversations. We’d started… Continue Reading “Michelham Priory and spring flowers”

Peter Rabbit and The Great Breakout dvd giveaway

Peter Rabbit the tale of the great breakout giveaway

While N doesn’t watch Peter Rabbit as frequently as he used to, we’ve still got 3 folders of tv shows on our HD recorded which I really need to go through and get rid of the duplicates.  I can’t believe there are over 100 episodes…or maybe I can with the amount of Peter Rabbit shows we’ve watched over the past 2 or 3 years. Peter Rabbit’s one of those tv shows that you can’t dislike.  He’s cheeky and looks out… Continue Reading “Peter Rabbit and The Great Breakout dvd giveaway”

Children’s chatter – Who do you dance with?

children's chatter - dancing

Now I’m back dancing again, I’m trying to get there 2 nights a week.  That helps on the fitness side, but also gives me a bit of a social life outside of work – although I don’t see many of my old friends there there’s only so much chatting and socialising I actually do. Me dancing does seem to confuse N a little though, and it makes it hard to get the bedtime routine done on time and bedtime stories… Continue Reading “Children’s chatter – Who do you dance with?”

Get BBQ ready with 11 great chicken barbecue recipes

Jack daniel's tennessee honey barbecue glaze chicken

I’m a big chicken fan (the men of the house less so, and it has to be chicken breast), not only because it’s pretty healthy but also because it’s so versatile, and quick to cook.  It’s now approaching barbecue season and with the rumours of this summer in the UK being a hot one, it’s time to start thinking about barbecue foods and recipes. Last year I reviewed a gas barbecue – you could say it was an alternative review,… Continue Reading “Get BBQ ready with 11 great chicken barbecue recipes”