Summer clothes at Mothercare

Boys summer clothes at Mothercare - Bubbablue and me

When I shop for clothes there’s always the same shops I go to.  Mothercare is one of the shops that is still there in our town but I rarely visit now N’s that bit older.  I usually nip in on the off chance, usually to check out swim wear or basic t shirts, but rarely buy much.  So when offered some summer clothes for review I was looking forward to seeing what was available now N’s in that awkward age where… Continue Reading “Summer clothes at Mothercare”

Living Arrows 2016 week 21 – playground

smiling on the playground roundabout

We don’t get to the park much, and definitely not to different parks outside of the main 2 in town. But the other week N had been to the dentist, and we were killing time until we could go and get fish and chips before going home for tea.  So I suggested we could go to the playground nearby. Despite there being about 10 older children playing football there, N was happy enough playing there.  The roundabout was a great… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2016 week 21 – playground”

Walking on air with Wolky wedge sandals – giveaway

walking on aid with a review of Wolky Wedge sandals - Bubbablue and me

Whenever it’s time to get a new pair of shoes my heart always falls.  Ok, so you don’t put on weight on your feet so in theory shoes should always fit, but I always struggle to find a pair because a size 5 is too small and size 6s are like boats.  But when I was asked to review a pair of shoes from Wolkyshop I was looking forward to them arriving…and just praying they would fit. Wolky are a… Continue Reading “Walking on air with Wolky wedge sandals – giveaway”

School Days – open morning and shoe laces

school boy thoughts

We’re rapidly approaching another half term, and racing towards the end of N’s first school year. Eeek.  He’s definitely growing up quickly what with a first tooth falling out and finally having feet that are starting to grow…his feet are so slow to grow compared to what others seem to do – half a size has taken over a year!  I’m expecting a huge growth over the summer although I said that last year so maybe not. Here’s this week’s… Continue Reading “School Days – open morning and shoe laces”

Project 366 2016 week 20

food styling and photography session at blogcamp

This week’s Project 366 is week 20.  There’s been lots going on this week with the biggest research report I’ve managed being published, Blog Camp, school and dancing.  Lots of sleep needed this weekend.  Here’s what we got up to this week. On Sunday we mooched round the garden and I noticed that the wild chives were coming up…having spread last year.  I’d not noticed their buds before – it’s great to plants that appear year after year so I… Continue Reading “Project 366 2016 week 20”

Monkey fun at Twycross Zoo

day trip to Twycross zoo - Bubbablue and me

At the end of the Easter holidays I wanted us to go on a nice day trip to finish off the break.  N wasn’t keen to leave the farm, but I suggested a couple of options and Twycross Zoo made the grade in his eyes.  We’re lucky where we live because we’re able to get to a lot of places within an hour.  Early on a Saturday morning, we had no traffic issues round Birmingham getting to Twycross. Although it… Continue Reading “Monkey fun at Twycross Zoo”

Getting kids dressed for summer

Getting kids dressed for summer - Bubbablue and me

A glorious British summer is just around the corner (we hope). What with the prospect of some sunshine, enjoying ice creams in the park and trips out to the seaside, there also comes the stress of dressing kids for summer. Without a doubt summer is the season that requires the most outfit changes, from spilled ice lollies to ripped knees, from falling over and moans of “I’m too hot”.  Being prepared for it in advance gives mums a good head… Continue Reading “Getting kids dressed for summer”

Shoe laces – a big mistake

Learning to cope with shoe laces - Bubbablue and me

N’s feet have finally grown.  His school shoes still fit ok but he needed new trainers which are always harder to buy.  His insteps aren’t particularly high, he’s an F fitting, but velcro fastenings never seem long enough on trainers for some reason. So we headed off to Brantano to find some trainers in the hope they’d have enough choice there and which weren’t ridiculously priced given they’ll get wrecked fairly quickly.  They confirmed his feet had grown, only 1/2… Continue Reading “Shoe laces – a big mistake”

Discovering Lewes Castle and town

Discovering Lewes Castle - Bubbablue and me

I’m all for eeking out a holiday for as long as possible and on our Eastbourne trip I knew we’d need to do a lunch stop on the way home.  So I decided we’d check out Lewes Castle and get some lunch in the town. As we drove round and round trying to find somewhere to park that wouldn’t involve long steep uphill gradients for N, and that weren’t miles outside the town given we were only stopping for a… Continue Reading “Discovering Lewes Castle and town”