Super speedy, super easy healthier nachos

easy and slightly healthier nachos - bubbablueandme

I love nachos and mexican food in general.  We do have fajitas quite often at home, but anything else is a treat.  Nachos wouldn’t class as a meal for the OH, so they’re something I have when out or with friends. But the other week before we went off camping I was trying to finish off bits and pieces of food in the fridge so decided to do myself some quick and easy healthier nachos for lunch. I say healthier,… Continue Reading “Super speedy, super easy healthier nachos”

Living Arrows 2015 week 31 – tractor fun

Tractor rides on the farm - Living Arrows

N does love a tractor, unsurprisingly.  Real or toy, he loves to get involved. This week’s Living Arrows photo is taken from this weekend, where he’s been cutting the grass with his scissors, and collecting up the windfall cooking apples in his trailer. Thankfully he also listened to my advice that wellies were really too warm to wear, and not suitable to wear without socks.  So the camping crocs were brought out to wear.  I’m not a fan of crocs,… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 31 – tractor fun”

Beautiful water lilies at Bennetts Water Gardens

Monet Bridge at Bennetts Water Gardens Weymouth

On our recent camping holiday to Weymouth, over the week there were around 6 lots of mums and their kids at any one time staying in our group. This meant a range of ages of children from babies up to 11 year olds, so it was always going to be a challenge getting all the children (let alone the adults) to be happy with what activities were chosen. So on several days, families split up with some doing their own… Continue Reading “Beautiful water lilies at Bennetts Water Gardens”

Learn to write with Appealing Rabbit alphabet cards

alphabet cards

I’m all for trying to get N interested in writing and learning his letters but crikey it’s a hard slog.  He loves reading books with me, and scrawling ‘shopping lists’ but actually sitting down, even when playing games it’s an effort. So I was interested to see if he’d be willing to give the Appealing Rabbit alphabet cards a go.  These cards were created for the purpose of bringing fun to children who’re learning to write letters.  The cards are… Continue Reading “Learn to write with Appealing Rabbit alphabet cards”

Project 365 2015 week 30 – camping delights

rock pooling viewer at sea life centre

We’ve just come back from a week camping holiday so this week’s Project 365 is full of camping and holiday treats. I’d been hoping for some wifi as advertised on the campsite but no-one could connect to it, so my mobile data got hit (ouch my phone bill will be expensive this time), and I’ve basically not been able to do anything I’d planned while being away. Not only that, but I’ve come back home to find that my upgraded… Continue Reading “Project 365 2015 week 30 – camping delights”

Living Arrows 2015 week 30 – messy

Pasta bolognese mouth - Living Arrows

I really struggled to pick my Living Arrows shot for this week.  Having taken around 500 photos last week across 2 cameras and my phone while on holiday camping, whittling down the ones of N that really portrayed him was hard.  But I’ve chosen one finally. N’s always been a good eater, but I have found that with age he’s got messier rather than cleaner.  When he was weaning, everyone said that baby led weaning was really messy, but I… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 30 – messy”

Frozen banana ice cream lollipops

eating banana lollies

For N’s non-birthday party i decided to do lunchboxes for the children. So quick and easy to do, and the kids only had to pick the drink flavour and the sandwich filling they wanted. The rest was set and they either ate it all or not. There was very little waste leftover so they went down well along with the veg sticks and fruit i also put out for them to add to their lunchbox if they wanted (and to… Continue Reading “Frozen banana ice cream lollipops”

We’re saying it with bears for some Jellycat love

say it with bears for some Jellycat love - Bubbabluenadme

N is quite partial to soft toys, and gradually the number of them around the house is growing.  He’s got some of my old toys (my rag doll), a tigger and winnie the pooh from his Grandma when she died, and various others that he’s had from birth or been bought as treats (The Gruffalo and Gruffalo Child for potty training). So when I was asked to review Say it with Bears, there was no way I was going to say… Continue Reading “We’re saying it with bears for some Jellycat love”

Living Arrows 2015 week 29 – thinking

thoughtful - living arrows

N had his last ‘official’ nursery school day last week, which included sports day, getting a leavers certificate and book, having a leavers party lunch and then water play in the afternoon.  Needless to say after that, and a busy week, he was a little tired. That didn’t stop him from scavenging a drink leftover from the party.  N is obsessed with any sports top bottles, I’ve no idea why.  I grabbed this photo of him looking really thoughtful after… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 29 – thinking”