Mix and match t shirts with Toogiez

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toogiez sheldon duck

As you probably know, we do like our t shirts, and N’s also partial to his favourite toys, which he does frequently take to nursery.  They do quite often get left there – whether in his drawer or temporarily lost because he can’t remember where he left them.  But the new product Toogiez being launched, […] Read more…


Trendy Thursday – moving on up in t shirts

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chilling new top Trendy Thursday

I’m astounded today for Trendy Thursday.  As always I’ve been stocking up in sales and buying the next size up in readiness for next year. Although N has been growing heightwise recently, he’s still (according to standard sizes) an age 3-4 in clothes, or a 4.  So I’ve been buying age 4-5 or 5-6 depending […] Read more…


Making the most of an annual pass at Compton Verney

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stained glass compton verney chapel

Last weekend we were at a bit of a loose end which is always good when you’ve got a full day free that’s full of sunshine.  Seeing a friend on Facebook was also looking for something to do, we decided to join up and head to Compton Verney for another visit. After only 2 visits, […] Read more…


How to have a successful car boot sale as a seller

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successful car boot sale tips

I mentioned the other week that my brother and I had done a car boot sale.  Neither of us had done one for a while, although I do occasionally drop in for a bit of a nosy round in case I spot books or games for N.  But we needed to start clearing out our […] Read more…


Feeling Simply Great – the challenge

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pomegreat simply great drinks

I’ve spoken numerous times about trying to get motivated to lose my baby weight plus some, and to be honest it’s a bit hit and miss.  It seems to go really well for a bit, then I see something nice to eat and eat it and more.  I’ve tried slim fast type of things, getting […] Read more…


Missing a child’s sports day

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playing ball

The summer holidays obviously don’t mean a lot to us yet.  They will do next year before N starts school, but until then, we’ll be carrying on pretty much as normal.   N’s nursery school has finished for the end of the school year, but those two days over the summer holidays, he’ll now be at […] Read more…


Sun, rain and outdoor fun for Point + Shoot

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bucket in paddling pool

One of the best things about beautiful weather is being able to take stunning photos.  This weekend’s definitely had some great weather, and there’s been a lot of photo opportunities amongst the weekend’s outdoor fun. For us it started after nursery on Friday when I dug out the frame paddling pool I bought in last year’s […] Read more…


Project 365 photo a day – week 29

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project 365 week 29

I struggled a few days this week with project 365.  Some days I take millions (well, maybe hundreds), of photos like yesterday when N was happily playing in the garden.  But several nights this week, N’s been out straight from nursery with his dad on the farm, meaning I’ve not been with them to take […] Read more…


The Fish with the Deep Sea Smile – book review

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I feel a bit slack with our reading now.  I’ve not read a book myself since around February, although I seem to have 3 in different places in the house that I’ve started.  And since we hit our 300 books, and the weather’s been hotter, our picture book reading has tailed off too.  Mainly because […] Read more…


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