Having a go – children’s photography

Encouraing children's photography - Bubbablueandme

N, like so many other children goes through phases of hating having his photo taken, and then loving it and being happy to pose.  But the one type of photography he does love is selfies on the phone, because he can see himself as the photo is being taken. He has got an ELC children’s camera that I got him as a Christmas present a few years ago.  It’s ok for a fun toy, but I have no idea where… Continue Reading “Having a go – children’s photography”

Beautiful bluebell woods at Badbury Hill

Badbury Hill

This year I was determined to find some bluebell woods.  Doing a bluebell wood search online wasn’t really bringing up much near home last year.  The wood near us had nothing , although the verges nearby had loads.  They’re just not very practical for taking photos. So this year, I checked out the National Trust website, in the hope of finding guaranteed bluebells and perfect photo spots.  There were a couple nearby to choose from and after overhearing a conversation… Continue Reading “Beautiful bluebell woods at Badbury Hill”

Bringing the piano home

inside a piano - dampers and strings

A couple of weeks ago saw the arrival of my piano.  After living in this house where it was big enough to have a piano for close to 13 years, I’ve finally managed to move it from my mum’s house to ours. The reason it wasn’t moved earlier was because the OH flat out refused to have it in the house, saying it would get used as a dumping ground, clutter the place up and that he’d chop it up… Continue Reading “Bringing the piano home”

Cheat’s easy microwave cheese sauce

cheats easy microwave cheese sauce

I hate making cheese sauce.  It’s not difficult, it’s just a waiting game, and I always get bored watching and stirring it, so then it gets too thick.  I also generally only make it for lasagne topping, but all of my recipes are for about four times the volume I need.  I did once try freezing it, but it wasn’t quite the same – thanks to our permanently over freezing and frostbitten chest freezer. But this time I decided to… Continue Reading “Cheat’s easy microwave cheese sauce”

Make believe with Disney Planes Fire and Rescue Blade Hero toy

Planes 2 rescue helicopter toy review - Bubbablueandme

While N’s not fussed about cars when playing at home, and is only just getting into Disney films, he is partial to playing with aeroplanes; we were looking forward to receiving a Disney Planes Fire & Rescue Blade Hero toy to review. When N spotted the box, he was straight in there, asking his dad to get the helicopter out.  This set features Disney Pixar’s Blade Ranger helicopter, from the Disney Planes: Fire and Rescue range. Joining him in the… Continue Reading “Make believe with Disney Planes Fire and Rescue Blade Hero toy”

I’m going to Britmums Live 2015

Bubbablue and me avatar

So it’s that time of year again, and I’m getting into prep mode for Britmums Live.  I’ve finally got round to doing my ‘I’m going to’ post, so here’s me if you’re going and want to look out for me. Name  Emma Blog   Bubbablue and me Twitter ID  @etusty Height  The OH says I have duck disease, being short to the ground (cheeky given he’s only 6ft), but I’m an average 5ft 5 Hair  Mid brown, although it needs… Continue Reading “I’m going to Britmums Live 2015″

Breaking news: We’re Reading Eggs Golden Eggsplorers

reading eggs golden eggsplorer badge

We’ve worked with Reading Eggs a couple of times in the past, and I’m pleased to announce formally that we’re part of their new Golden Eggsplorers team along with 7 other bloggers. If you’ve not come across Reading Eggs and have children from the age of 3 to around 13, I’d definitely recommend checking them out.  The Reading Eggs programme includes reading and support for ages 3-7, splitting the levels into age/reading standard.  Then Reading Eggspress is for 7-12 year olds. … Continue Reading “Breaking news: We’re Reading Eggs Golden Eggsplorers”

Living Arrows 2015 week 20 – dandelions

giving dandelions - Living Arrows 20

N is loving picking flowers at the moment.  Dandelions are easy, and he picked me a bunch the other day (after buying Granny a sunflower with his own money as a thank you for his sleepover).  I put them in a vase, the only problem being he didn’t like it when they closed up in the evening. This week’s living arrows shot is him handing over the bunch he’d picked.

Introducing the Ultimate Kids Bucket and Spade List

bucket and spade list - Bubbablueandme

As regular readers will know, we love getting out and about, exploring new places, and rediscovering old favourites.  I tend to have a list on my phone of all the places I note that I want to see and take N to, but other than that we don’t have a bucket list of places or experiences. When I was growing up I did have a few dreams: ice skating in Central Park (hmm, went to New York, didn’t manage to… Continue Reading “Introducing the Ultimate Kids Bucket and Spade List”