Going back in time at Avoncroft Museum

Avoncroft Museum windmill

I spotted Avoncroft Museum featuring on a couple of other blogs, and immediately thought how much I’d like to visit.  I hated history at school, but seeing it in real life really makes history more interesting (and easier to take it in).  We were offered the chance to visit and couldn’t wait to check it out. I have to admit, I’d not really twigged exactly what the museum is.  It’s a collection of historical buildings (and telephone boxes), but I’d not… Continue Reading “Going back in time at Avoncroft Museum”

Month of firsts 12

fastening zips

August’s month of firsts is going to be a short one.  We had lots of fun at weekends and the week off we had before the school term started, but in terms of milestones and achievements it’s been more of the same. N’s final year before school has been pretty momentous in terms of milestone achievements – learning to ride a bike being the biggest.  There’s still the writing his name to be managed…he gets half way through it, then… Continue Reading “Month of firsts 12”

Easy thrown together trifle

easy thrown together trifles - Bubbablueandme

I love trifle. I can’t say it’s my favourite dessert (too many are my favourites), but it’s right up there with them.  But we only ever seem to eat it on special occasions. But recently we had some on the turn strawberries and raspberries to use up and I fancied some custard for pudding, so I decided to make individual trifles. Luckily I had the ingredients I needed in the larder and fridge, so it didn’t take long.  I call… Continue Reading “Easy thrown together trifle”

Living Arrows 2015 week 35 – laughing

laughing boy

This week’s living arrows photo doesn’t show N in his best light, but I love it. We were just mucking around in the kitchen, and he was pulling faces, and laughing at me.  He didn’t want his photo taken, but then was quite happily being silly.  I snapped a few in quick succession, several I liked…they showed the change in him from thinking seriously right through to this one of natural laughter. Typical N – full of laughter and silliness.

Entertaining kids during camping downtime

How to keep kids entertained when camping = Bubbablueandme

When we were away camping, quite a few of the mums mentioned that they loved the fact that you could do your own thing, and time seemed a lot slower on the campsite, with everything taking longer to do.  That bit annoys me a bit, because I feel like I’m wasting my time if we’ve been up since 8 and no-one else is ready to leave the campsite until 11. I like to get out and about and go and see things,… Continue Reading “Entertaining kids during camping downtime”

Project 365 2015 week 35

London Eye over St James Park

The year’s moving on frantically and we’re in week 35 of Project 365, a photo every day.  This week’s been busy, being only a part week in work thanks to holiday time. On Sunday, we went to meet up with a couple of my old school friends.  One brought along her kids and husband too, and we had a lovely walk round and explore at Butterfly World Project near St Albans.  This was one of the butterflies in the tropical… Continue Reading “Project 365 2015 week 35”

Riding vintage buses at Oxford Bus Museum

Going vintage at the Oxford bus museum - Bubbablue and me

Having lived in Oxfordshire for at least half of my life (and in Oxford itself for 3.5 years), I’m always surprised when I hear about places to visit that I’ve not come across before.  The Oxford Bus Museum was one such place. A friend mentioned she’d driven past it and then someone had mentioned they’d had a visit there so we decided to visit one Sunday. Along with N we had my friend’s nearly 2 year old little girl, so… Continue Reading “Riding vintage buses at Oxford Bus Museum”

We’re going on a bug hunt

We're going on a bug hunt with bug discover kit - Bubbablueandme

It’s not often at weekends that I get to spend any time with N because unless we’ve got something booked in to do, he’s usually wanting to go out on the farm with his dad. But the other day, I managed to persuade him to come out with me to get some school shoes, and after we got back there was time to spare before his dad would come and get him again to go out. N had got out… Continue Reading “We’re going on a bug hunt”

20 Great posts preparing you and your kids for starting school

first day at school prep - Bubbablueandme

With N starting school, it was time to start thinking about school days.  I’ve written my own tips about preparing a child for starting school, taking you from the offer letter through to just before starting.  But what have other bloggers said when sharing their thoughts and experiences. If you’ve got a child just starting school and you’re looking for tips, then hopefully you’ll find informative posts in my choices below.   How to prepare your children for starting school… Continue Reading “20 Great posts preparing you and your kids for starting school”