A journaling journey from diary to blog

journaling journey from diary to blog - Bubbablue and me

I love blogging and so far that enjoyment hasn’t waned. After 4 years (or is it now 5, I lose count). I think the continued enjoyment is because it’s about us and a way of journaling our life as N grows up. My blog is my journal, my diary, an extension of our life and just part of every day now. Whether it will continue that way as N grows up I don’t know. I pretty much blog daily. Sometimes… Continue Reading “A journaling journey from diary to blog”

Season of mists – what makes autumn?

what makes autumn great - Bubbablue and me

Keats called it the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’. It has 2 start dates – 1st September and after the Autumn Equinox near the end of the month. Autumn is pretty spectacular and has plenty of reasons why it’s so special,  including the fact that people born in autumn tend to live longer. I love autumn and it seems that everyone else seems to as well. Ok, maybe not the rain, gloomy evenings drawing in, and having to wear… Continue Reading “Season of mists – what makes autumn?”

How to pick pumpkins and Millets Farm Centre visit

newbie-tips to pick your own pumpkin and a trip to millets farm centre bubbablue and me

While I hate saying goodbye to the lovely summer weather we had in September, I do love autumn. Not only because it’s my birthday month but also for the colour, mists, sunrise and sunsets, bonfires and more. Pumpkins were never really on my mind until a few years ago when we went pumpkin picking at Hatton Adventure World. Autumn Last year we slacked and just bought one from the supermarket. But this year we wanted to go again. Because picking… Continue Reading “How to pick pumpkins and Millets Farm Centre visit”

Howard Davis Park discovery in St Helier


Our holiday to Jersey seems like a lifetime ago now. Every so often I look at the photos and remember how good a break, and what fun we had. One of best and most simple things we did was go to the park near our hotel. Every day, in fact several times a day, because it was the nicest way to walk into town. N loves a park, and the Howard Davis Park in St Helier is a pretty good example… Continue Reading “Howard Davis Park discovery in St Helier”

Project 366 2016 week 41 – autumn

wheelbarrowing at the pumpkin patch

This week’s Project 366 is really starting to show autumn’s true arrival.  We’ve seen cooler weather…in the mornings, mist and a morning of rain. On Sunday, it was more apples for pudding. We’re making our way through all the apples on the cooking apple trees in the front garden.  They’ve been really prolific this year, so it’s hard trying to think of different desserts other than crumble. And look at my amazing peeling skills – peel all off in one… Continue Reading “Project 366 2016 week 41 – autumn”

School Days – reading levels and Red lunchtime

practising handwriting on a tissue

N is definitely on countdown to half term, despite him getting on well so far in year 1.  He never seems particularly tired apart from the odd day (usually when he’s woken up ridiculously early), and enjoys school, but the draw of being off and able to go on the farm for 3 or 4 days is too much. This week’s School Days for us was mostly about reading, with a bit f running thrown in for fun. Reading books… Continue Reading “School Days – reading levels and Red lunchtime”

My Sunday Photo – water fountain rainbows

ater fountain rainbows at blenheim palace

We went to Blenheim Palace last week for some autumn colour and open air, and discovered a water fountain around the back of the house.  The spray from the water fountain, and the sun were mixing so beautifully, we could see rainbows in the fountain. It was so pretty, and I was determined to capture it on camera. I couldn’t get it on a complete photo of the fountain, just part of it.  But I’m glad I could catch it.

Our family calendar system and plus other ideas

our family calendar system - Bubbablue and me

You’d think being a project manager in my current job would mean I have a perfect home organisation calendar system in place. Prior to having N, I only needed a paper diary and a wall calendar, and I never missed anything…birthday, anniversaries, events etc. But since having him, I find I need more than one thing to keep on top of things. Even so, I still forget birthdays. Mostly because I remember a couple of days before, mean to write… Continue Reading “Our family calendar system and plus other ideas”

Autumn art installation at Blenheim Palace

art installaton at blenheim palace - bubbablue and me

My birthday weekend was much like any other, apart from a big night out. But it was perfect weather unlike the birthdays of my childhood where it always seemed to rain, aiding my avoidance of the birthday bumps at school! So I decided that I’d make the most of our newly renewed pass and take N to Blenheim Palace. Of course, it’s not that simple getting N off the farm. His reasoning was that he spent the Saturday with me…food… Continue Reading “Autumn art installation at Blenheim Palace”