Preschooler Friendships ‘They’re not my friend’

| Observations

toddler friends

N’s generally a really friendly child, or he is once he’s got used to people.  I think it’s helped that he’s been around lots of people since really young.  As a baby we spent a lot of time out and about with NCT friends and at baby groups.  Then from around a year old he […] Read more…

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Inspiring children via sporting events – Commonwealth Games 2014

| Activities & education, Be healthy, Swimming

inspiring children with sports swimming

While I no longer play sports anymore (aside from doing a bit of swimming), I do love to watch the big sporting events on tv.  Even sports I don’t follow or wouldn’t usually be interested in (judo, for example), I will happily watch and am doing during the Glasgow Commonwealth Games this year.  The OH […] Read more…

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We finally break out the paddling pool

| Activities & education, On the farm, Photography

splashing in paddling pool

Last year poor N just had a water table and a paddling pool, which was a cheapo circular one that was mainly used as a ball pit.  With our outdoor water tap being in the lodger’s side of the garden, filling a paddling pool via the kitchen sink and watering cans takes forever. But at […] Read more…


Tips on having a successful car boot sale – as a buyer

| Days out, Hints & Tips, Thrifty ideas

successful car boot sal0e tips

If you’re planning on selling at a car boot sale and want some tips, then do go and check out part 1 post  - tips for sellers.  I rambled for a bit, so now it’s time for some tips for buyers. 1. Get there early.  Dealers are there for when sellers arrive, and if you want […] Read more…


Mix and match t shirts with Toogiez

| Children's style, Reviews, Toys & Gadgets

toogiez sheldon duck

As you probably know, we do like our t shirts, and N’s also partial to his favourite toys, which he does frequently take to nursery.  They do quite often get left there – whether in his drawer or temporarily lost because he can’t remember where he left them.  But the new product Toogiez being launched, […] Read more…


Trendy Thursday – moving on up in t shirts

| Children's style, Link ups/Blog hops

chilling new top Trendy Thursday

I’m astounded today for Trendy Thursday.  As always I’ve been stocking up in sales and buying the next size up in readiness for next year. Although N has been growing heightwise recently, he’s still (according to standard sizes) an age 3-4 in clothes, or a 4.  So I’ve been buying age 4-5 or 5-6 depending […] Read more…


Making the most of an annual pass at Compton Verney

| Days out, Link ups/Blog hops

stained glass compton verney chapel

Last weekend we were at a bit of a loose end which is always good when you’ve got a full day free that’s full of sunshine.  Seeing a friend on Facebook was also looking for something to do, we decided to join up and head to Compton Verney for another visit. After only 2 visits, […] Read more…


How to have a successful car boot sale as a seller

| Days out, Hints & Tips, Thrifty ideas

successful car boot sal0e tips

I mentioned the other week that my brother and I had done a car boot sale.  Neither of us had done one for a while, although I do occasionally drop in for a bit of a nosy round in case I spot books or games for N.  But we needed to start clearing out our […] Read more…


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