Get school shoes ready with Brantano

Get school shoes ready with Brantano - Bubbablue and me

I’m really hoping I’ve got everything ready for school now. Compared with last year when everything was new and needed buying, I’m fairly relaxed this time. I’ve got 1 new polo shirt and 1 new jumper to replace old scrappy ones from last year, and N’s got new school trousers and shorts sorted out. But for school shoes and trainers we were sent off to review Brantano. Brantano is generally somewhere I’ve gone for N’s trainers and wellies, but not… Continue Reading “Get school shoes ready with Brantano”

A London day trip featuring a City Cruises river tour

London day trip river train and tram - Bubbablue and me

I love visiting London. I’d hate to live and work there, but to visit, I’d happily go and explore every corner of the city given half the chance. I try to take N each year because it reminds me of the trips my mum used to take us on a couple of times a year. We’re only an hour away on the train – although during the week it’s a disgusting price if you want to get into town at… Continue Reading “A London day trip featuring a City Cruises river tour”

Living Arrows 2016 week 34 – climbing

Living Arrows 34 - climbing at Cotswold Wildlife park

This week’s living arrows photo was taken at Cotswold Wildlife Park.  N spent ages playing in the playground.  There’s lots of new equipment suitable for all ages, where previously it was mostly for older children.  It was great to see him enjoying clambering over everything and going down slides. I wandered round a corner to spot him reaching the top after climbing a netted obstacle. He looked like he was heading back down again, but I bet him he could go… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2016 week 34 – climbing”

My Sunday Photo – giraffe love

My Sunday Photo giraffes at Cotswold Wildlife park

We recently went to Cotswold Wildlife Park and for the first time walked up to the large animals enclosures.  The giraffes were a big draw, helped by the fact that these 2 were putting on a bit of a posing performance for the waiting public. I’ve never seen a giraffe so aware of visitors at a park, but these were doing a bit of ‘bottom leaning’, follow my leader, crossing their necks and other good poses.  This was my favourite… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – giraffe love”

Project 366 2016 week 33 – penguins to teddy bears

face off between boy and black labrador

This week I was surprised to realise that we’ve only got 2 weeks left of the holidays.  It really has whizzed by and after last week’s 1 day off and trip to London, we’ve got a week and a half of me being off work, so I’m getting planning for all those days.  Holiday here we come for a few days – and N will be going on his first flight.  That was his one request for holiday. Here’s week… Continue Reading “Project 366 2016 week 33 – penguins to teddy bears”

Canal walks and chasing the combine harvester

chasing the combine harvester

We spend a lot of time going out and about.  Well, just outside in general although I do admit that much of the time at home it’s N going out on the farm with his dad rather than me going out with him.  We do spend a bit of time in the garden too.  I also take N to lots of interesting places on day trips or longer visits. But sometimes simpler works just as well as a day out.… Continue Reading “Canal walks and chasing the combine harvester”

Get boys comfortable with dance – inspired by Motionhouse

breaking down dance barriers and inspiring boys - Bubbablue and me

I love dance. So much so that I’ve set up my dance blog to get the word going and try and encourage other people who debate about starting dance but don’t dare. My route back to dancing is a little sporadic during the summer – having a husband who works all hours 7 days a week during harvest and a 5 year old who needs babysitting, isn’t conducive to dancing twice a week. But it’s my passion and it’s great… Continue Reading “Get boys comfortable with dance – inspired by Motionhouse”

A day trip to quirky Watermouth Castle

visiting quirky watermouth castle - Bubbablueandme

While on our camping holiday we’d had several recommendations from our camping buddies to visit Watermouth Castle.  I was told it was a rather quirky and twee adventure park, great for younger primary school age children.  I’m happy with quirky, so on our final full day, a group of us with younger children headed off to Watermouth. Watermouth Castle is like a miniature theme park for kids, complete with purpose built castle, activities, rides, gnomes and historical museum pieces.  All… Continue Reading “A day trip to quirky Watermouth Castle”

Living Arrows 2016 week 33 eating out

doctoring a pizza express pasta dish

Last week I had a day off work, and N the day off holiday club.  The decision was made to have a day trip to London.  Of course there were lots of ‘I don’t want to go on a boat/don’t want to go/don’t know what I want to dos’ before and during the trip.  But the weather was beautiful and we did in fact get to do everything to plan as well as N enjoying it. But most important for… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2016 week 33 eating out”