A child friendly stay at Merton Hotel Jersey

child friendly break in merton hotel jersery - Bubbablue and me

Our summer trip to Jersey was a bit last minute (as so many of our holidays are), and booked on a vague recommendation.  Plus it was somewhere we could fly to without passports, so we could tick off N’s wish to go on a plane. I’d asked around before booking a hotel because I was struggling to find somewhere. Lots of hotels looked like they didn’t take children, other big brand hotels that in the UK I’d think of as… Continue Reading “A child friendly stay at Merton Hotel Jersey”

Exploring Oxford buildings at Open Doors weekend

open doors oxford - Bubbablue and me

I’ve heard about Open Doors weekend in the past, but never got round to making the most of it. But this year I remembered to look it up. Falling on the weekend when my car was in for a service, it worked out really well. I would have a morning in Oxford to play with – N decided to stay on the farm, so I didn’t have to look out the child friendly events. Open Doors is an annual event… Continue Reading “Exploring Oxford buildings at Open Doors weekend”

First flight and a trip to Jersey

first flight and a trip to Jersey - Bubbablue and me

Aside from our early summer camping in Woolacombe, I wanted to take N away for a few days at the end of the summer holidays as well. He was bursting to go on a plane for the first time, but with me not having an in-date passport and he not having one at all, I was pretty limited on where to take him. Because it was summer, I wanted to go somewhere with beaches rather than a city break somewhere… Continue Reading “First flight and a trip to Jersey”

How to simplify your toolkit for easy DIY

All parents will require a comprehensive DIY kit. When you have a child, you find yourself requiring all sorts of tool that you never thought you would need. Whether you are building a bookshelf to keep all their books in, fixing something that got broken or making general adjustments around the house; a DIY kit will enable you to do this. With the rise of the internet, it is now easier than ever to carry out work yourself thanks to… Continue Reading “How to simplify your toolkit for easy DIY”

Living Arrows 2016 week 39 – football top

living arrows - smiling portrait

This week’s Living Arrows shot was from a few I took of N at home.  I can’t remember what he was so happy about, but it’s unusual to have him smile for the camera rather than sticking out his tongue. I’d popped into Gap a couple of weeks ago when they had their offers on, and spotted the new long sleeved t-shirts.  I picked up a football logo’d one for his cousin’s birthday, but N spotted another with ‘soccer’ and football… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2016 week 39 – football top”

Project 366 2015 week 38

birthday presents

Onto week 38 of Project 366. On Sunday, I left N at home with his dad and went to a friend’s 40th party bbq. Yes, this year is the 40th, and this was 40th party number 2 of the year. This week has been week of the birthday parcels with my best friend also turning 40…except hers wasn’t as easy to get to her.  One awkward shaped resent meant Royal Mail were going to charge £9 for 1st class, so… Continue Reading “Project 366 2015 week 38”

School days – reading, writing and arithmatic

school days reading writing and arithmatic - Bubbablue and me

Last year, N was so chatty about his days at school. I’d get to hear about everything. But in Year 1, he’s a lot more forgetful…supposedly. We still chat about school after he’s had a story at bedtime, but he quite often can’t remember what they’ve done. I don’t know if this is due to him being across 2 classrooms and teachers – so he’s still in class 1 with foundation stage, but he and his fellow year 1s in… Continue Reading “School days – reading, writing and arithmatic”

Adventures with Robinson Crusoe – giveaway bundle


It’s not often we sit down and watch a film together.  But the new release Robinson Crusoe could be a good film to try because who doesn’t like the idea of having fun on exotic islands. The film is set on an island where outgoing parrot Tuesday,  lives with his quirky animal friends in paradise. However, he does’t stop dreaming about discovering the outside world and having adventures. But after a violent storm, the friends wake up to find a strange… Continue Reading “Adventures with Robinson Crusoe – giveaway bundle”

What to put in a kids craft box for different ages

making a children's craft box - Bubbablue and me

We all know that children love to paint and make a mess getting creative, and that giving children the opportunity to do so is good for them. But it’s one of those activities that always takes time to set up, put away, clean up, and the need for different bits and pieces to craft with could be never ending. But really, keeping a small box of craft supplies doesn’t take that much effort, doesn’t cost a lot, and can be… Continue Reading “What to put in a kids craft box for different ages”