Month of Firsts 7 – buttoning up

month of firsts badge 250

Phew, I wasn’t sure if I’d get this month’s post up on time, but result, here it is!  We’re into month 7 of month of firsts, and I was worried I’d not have any firsts to talk about.  But fear not, I have. In March, N Went to the zoo I suppose technically he has been to wildlife parks which have zoo animals, but Paignton Zoo was the first that he’s been to that names itself a zoo. He enjoyed it loads,… Continue Reading “Month of Firsts 7 – buttoning up”

A lie in solution…the sleeping bag

sleeping bag the lie in solution

I’ve always said that clock changes don’t seem to impact N and it would appear that this spring’s has gone the same way.  N went to bed the same as usual the night before, and woke up at normal (the new) time of 6.15ish. Then Sunday evening he tried to get out of going to bed.  That’s pretty normal, once he’s upstairs it’s not a problem and he’ll happily get into bed.  He didn’t seem too worried that at 7.30… Continue Reading “A lie in solution…the sleeping bag”

Making new nursery friends – partners in crime

water tubing in the nursery garden

Since January when N’s nursery school moved location it’s been a bit of a change for N.  Of course, he’s taken everything in his stride and it’s been a fairly minor change in terms of who’s been involved.  The nursery is now on its own site, and opens longer hours, so he now has tea there on a Thursday, and comes home at preschool time as usual on a Friday.  It’s a lot less stress for me, and means yippee,… Continue Reading “Making new nursery friends – partners in crime”

It’s holiday time – a day in Babbacombe, Devon

Babbacombe Devon day out

I don’t muck around on holiday.  After spending the rest of our arrival day hanging out in the hotel and finding our way around, I was on a mission to get the most out of our 5 days there.  The first day we spent in and around Paignton, on the beach (in the freezing cold and misty drizzle) and at the zoo where the weather was dry. After trawling the leaflets in the hotel, I’d spotted Babbacombe model village and… Continue Reading “It’s holiday time – a day in Babbacombe, Devon”

Living Arrows 2015 week 13

trampoline fun

Yet another weekend where N’s gone out on the farm with his dad, only to return a short time later with his youngest cousin in tow. This time there were a few arguments with N telling him that he couldn’t play with his toys, or go on the trampoline.  After a quick word from me about sharing, and being nice (it’s great to be able to give the threat of not going out on the farm again that day/weekend), they… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 13″

Learning by quiz with Brain Factor

brain factor age 4-5 fan

I’m all for getting N to do learn, although he’s not that keen on sitting down for a length of time and focused learning.  Anything that’s in bitesize fun pieces works much better, especially if they grow with him. We were asked to review Brain Factor which are like quiz books based on age.  I thought these looked brilliant because of their size and opportunity to use them anywhere. The fans are age specific, coming in 3-4, 4-5, 5-6, 6-7.… Continue Reading “Learning by quiz with Brain Factor”

Project 365 2015 week 13

Spring sunset

We’re into week 13 of Project 365, and there’s been a good few sunsets this week, a lot of biking (in the house and out), and outdoor play.  Spring’s definitely on its way. Sunday was a pretty spectacular sunset in particular. The sky just looked so stripy purple and pink. This week N’s been riding his bikes a lot and Monday that included in the house.  He’s been getting on the pedal bike more too – I think because he’s… Continue Reading “Project 365 2015 week 13″

Counting the Rollright Stones

visiting the Rollright Stones

When I was 3 and before I can even remember, I visited Stonehenge with my parents while on holiday.  I’ve never been back since then, but while at primary school I read quite a few Penelope Lively books, including Whispering Knights.  It was all a bit far-fetched to me and not really a genre I was keen on, but was based on a stone circle near us (Lively had lived in the area).  I always wanted to visit, so my mum… Continue Reading “Counting the Rollright Stones”

Two on holiday in Torquay

2 on holiday in Torquay - Bubbablueandme

It’s getting to the end of my work holiday year, so I needed to take some more holiday before I lost it.  The OH was busy on the farm, so I booked N some time off nursery and 2 days before we were due to go away I was on the internet in the middle of the night frantically trying to book somewhere to stay. I decided because it was only the 2 of us that a hotel was best.… Continue Reading “Two on holiday in Torquay”