The 10 positions of sleeping children

the 10 positions of sleeping children

We all know and appreciate how angelic children look when they’re asleep.  It can definitely be deceptive with even little monkeys looking like butter wouldn’t melt while they’re sleeping. It’s another story when you go up to bed and find the child has crept out of their room, and made themselves comfortable in your bed.  Or even when you wake up in the night to find them alongside you. There’s been plenty of articles which share the various sleeping positions… Continue Reading “The 10 positions of sleeping children”

Buying new wellies suitable for welly wangling

new blue wellies

Buying new wellies is always exciting for children.  But not so much for me. N tends to have 2 pairs on the go at once.  One pair left at nursery ready for forest school at any time, and another pair at home, which then get taken to the other nursery if it’s muddy or wet. Out of choice, N would wear his wellies all day every day.  Personally I can’t think of anything worse, and surely it can’t be good… Continue Reading “Buying new wellies suitable for welly wangling”

Ducks and lardy cakes in Burford

Burford sweet shop

If you’ve never been to the Cotswolds I’d definitely recommend it.  There’s so many beautiful small towns and villages, there’s always something to see.  And pretty pictures if you like chocolate box style buildings. When we went to the bluebell woods at Badbury Hill, we drove home via Burford and decided to stop there for lunch.  Whenever we drive south west, I always say that we must go back soon for a morning explore and never get round to it,… Continue Reading “Ducks and lardy cakes in Burford”

Living Arrows 2015 week 21 – bike helmet

Living Arrows - bike riding helmet

The other day N had a playdate with his best friend from nursery school.  It’s a really funny friendship because they seem to worship each other, but then nursery staff tell me they don’t really play that much together.  Odd, but great that they get on so well, because the mum’s a friend of mine too.  We met when we all first started swimming with Water Babies when the boys were 3-4 months old, so it’s great that we’re still… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 21 – bike helmet”

Fun learning with Tiggly Counts, plus giveaway

Tiggly counts units

I’m trying to get N prepared for school in September.  I don’t think he’s going to have any problems settling in on the emotional and social side.  He’ll be going to school with several children from his nursery, 2 of his cousins are at the school, and has been at nursery since he was just about one.  It’s more the focus and lack of interest in learning to read and write that I’m concerned about. While he has started to… Continue Reading “Fun learning with Tiggly Counts, plus giveaway”

Project 365 2015 week 21

3 ducks in a row - garden visitors

It’s week 21 of Project 365, and this week has probably been the hardest so far. It wasn’t helped by me being ill for 2 days, and not leaving the sofa.  That definitely posed some photography challenges. Here’s this week’s shots. Sunday was the first day I was ill. Luckily N could spend the whole day out on the farm so I got to sleep.  In the afternoon he came back in, started riding round on his Ezyroller, then started… Continue Reading “Project 365 2015 week 21″

Having a go – children’s photography

Encouraing children's photography - Bubbablueandme

N, like so many other children goes through phases of hating having his photo taken, and then loving it and being happy to pose.  But the one type of photography he does love is selfies on the phone, because he can see himself as the photo is being taken. He has got an ELC children’s camera that I got him as a Christmas present a few years ago.  It’s ok for a fun toy, but I have no idea where… Continue Reading “Having a go – children’s photography”

Beautiful bluebell woods at Badbury Hill

Badbury Hill

This year I was determined to find some bluebell woods.  Doing a bluebell wood search online wasn’t really bringing up much near home last year.  The wood near us had nothing , although the verges nearby had loads.  They’re just not very practical for taking photos. So this year, I checked out the National Trust website, in the hope of finding guaranteed bluebells and perfect photo spots.  There were a couple nearby to choose from and after overhearing a conversation… Continue Reading “Beautiful bluebell woods at Badbury Hill”

Bringing the piano home

inside a piano - dampers and strings

A couple of weeks ago saw the arrival of my piano.  After living in this house where it was big enough to have a piano for close to 13 years, I’ve finally managed to move it from my mum’s house to ours. The reason it wasn’t moved earlier was because the OH flat out refused to have it in the house, saying it would get used as a dumping ground, clutter the place up and that he’d chop it up… Continue Reading “Bringing the piano home”