wisteria all over front of a town house

Project 52 2024 week 18

This week hasn’t been the best. Lots of worry and pain healthwise, boredom, and hanging around. Although we’ve seen the sun come out for the weekend finally. So fingers crossed that hangs around for the bank holiday too. Here’s my Project 52 week 18.

Sunday – aftermath of the sleepover. N was awake at 6, his friend at 8. N made bacon butties for breakfast, and it was all very calm. Nice for him have his first sleepover at ours. My bruises from my fall spread around the outside of my knee. Quite a relaxing day other than doing all the washing.

Monday – I noticed my lower leg was now looking red and feeling a bit warm so decided to get it checked out to make sure there was no clot like I’d been advised when I had my previous DVTs. Arrived at A&E about 7.50, got referred to urgent care when it opened at 9, then off to the day unit to double check it out. It was so busy there, I got taken through after 12. They struggled getting my veins so that was fun. Had ultrasound on my leg, and my first CT scan to check chest. No clot in my leg, and around 5 my scan report was back and clear too. Phew. So they think a slight infection, redness had already gone, so I’ve got antibiotics, and back to the GP for bloods again in a fortnight just to check infection’s gone. And keep an eye for delayed blood clustering.

Work didn’t really happen, other than accessing Teams chat and email, so gave up and told them to mark me sick later in the morning when it was evident I was in for the long haul. It was a long day, but the doctors and nurses were excellent (including the egg salad sandwich I got from the ward trolley for lunch – free!).

Tuesday – had a terrible commute due to random extra closed roads and then having to detour via the worst roads into town at peak time. What should at 8am take 15 minutes, took nearly an hour.  I was in the office for a workshop which turned out to be quite good.  A few of us went for a meal afterwards which was nice as it wasn’t colleagues I know that well. 

Wednesday – normal work day. I had to go round the long way again to the village to pick up my prescription and book blood tests in a couple of weeks. Then back round again. Annoyingly the bus missed the end of our village again, so ended up having to pick the kids up from where I’m dropping N in the mornings. So frustrating when it’s already a detour – it’s wasting so much petrol as well as time. 40 minutes a day rather than 10 when it’s just into the village. I can’t wait until the village road is open again. Hopefully it won’t be long.

Thursday – local election day. I forgot to go before work, then at lunch nipped out to the postbox and decided to detour to vote. I forgot to take my polling card, but had my drivers licence. Of course our small polling station was empty, apart from new invigilator people. It was all very uneventful – it must be a different experience when you’re at a crowded place.

N managed to lose his 3rd school tie this year. He came home without it and hadn’t even realised. Otherwise I’m very proud that he’s organised his clay shooting lessons by himself. I wouldn’t have done that at his age. He’s found out how much they cost, and then today rang the instructor to book himself in. 

Friday – busy day at work. The bus dropped the kids in a really random place this afternoon along the normal route. Closer to home for me, but a bizarre choice given the bus would have to turn round. We had a chippy tea as tennis was cancelled due to the rain. I’m hoping the weather improves at least for Sunday when I’m due out to an open gardens event.

My blog traffic is still awful, not quite as bad as it did dip to, but it is worrying me for the summer which is usually my worst traffic period. It’ll be a seriously bad year compared to the last 3 which were all increasing well. So I feel a bit down about that now after all the work put in. Blooming Google penalising bloggers and making their search engine less useful.

Saturday – early hair appointment for N. Had to go to a different barber as his usual one was fully booked up. He prefers the top with this barber, but the usual one is better with the blending the sides and back in. I headed into town after to get some bits and pieces, food for the weekend. I bumped into one of my NCT mums so had a good long chat with her as we’ve not seen each other in a few years.

My picture of the week was a house full of wisteria near the barber’s.

wisteria all over front of a town house

New posts this week:

Things I’m grateful for this week:

  • No clots found, and fingers crossed the bumps go down and no redness after the antibiotics stop
  • Helpful workshop
  • Getting back to healthier eating – lowered the carbs, and have had no sugar withdrawal headaches which is brilliant.

Things I’ve enjoyed this week:

  • Nice meal out with different colleagues
  • Getting back to healthier eating. A day in hospital will do that to you!
  • Quite a bit of reading time. I’m back on the crime books now, although they do take longer to read

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  1. Sorry to hear that it wasn’t a great week. Glad that the redness in your leg wasn’t a DVT though and hope that the infection has now cleared up. Hope that the village roads open again soon – it sounds like a nightmare with all the road closures and detours. Well done to N on booking the clay shooting himself. Love the photo of the wisteria – it looks so pretty. #project365

  2. I’m loving the wisteria, can’t get enough of it and tempted to buy some for the new extension. Glad to hear no DVT, hope the infection is clearing up. Grrrrr to the buses around your way, it does my head in just reading about it.

  3. What a gorgeous looking house. I love wisteria, it’s so pretty.
    The bus schedule sounds so annoying. Hopefully they will finish the road works soon and it will go back to normal.

  4. Glad to hear that your didn’t have a blood clot and great that they saw you so quickly. That wisteria puts mine to shame LOL

  5. Oh no! Sorry you haven’t had a good week.
    Good on N for making the bacon butties after the sleepover.
    What a worry about your leg. I am glad it was all OK. The closed roads sound so annoying.
    When I went to vote I was the only person in there but it was late on.
    I hope your blog views pick up especially after you were doing so well before Christmas. x

    1. Thanks. I’m gutted about my traffic. I’m not sure what to actually do as I’m back where I was 4-5 years ago which is insane, for no reason other than google deciding to putting things like Reddit high up (although I’m not finding on my usual top posts that’s the case). Hopefully they’ll rethink and things will get readjusted again. If this is what it’s like before summer, I dread to think what it’ll be like in the quieter months. And it’s frustrating that it’s not everyone across the board. I’ve only heard of a few others with similar blogs in the UK having the same issues. The others seem to be really niche SEO blogs rather than lifestyle ones.