We love music, and having been brought up playing instruments and enjoying all kinds of music, I want to share that and encourage the love for music with N.

He started well, enjoying a year of Rhythm Time.  Now he is obsessed with AC/DC (don’t ask!), although is willing to listen to other music occasionally.  He loves to sing and is broadening his repertoire, but I want to introduce him to lots of different musical styles so he’ll be able to appreciate more than one genre of music as he gets older.

So I’ve set up a musical exploration linky.  Each month we’ll be rounding up all the musical activities we’ve got up to, including a favourite track.

Hopefully as other bloggers get involved we’ll all get ideas from others on what works and seeing different activities that we can try out.  I’m on a musical mission and hope you’ll join in.

Bubbablue and me music linky


Month 1
Month 2 – children’s choirs
Month 3 – cushion concerts, Pink
Month 4 – music festivals
Month 6 – Theatre, Wurzels
Month 7 – Disney
Month 8 – Country
Month 9 – Christmas
Month 10 – handbells and recorders
Month 11 – 60s and opera
Month 12 – Let’s rock
Month 13 – classical
Month 14 – Easy listening, folk
Month 15 – Last night of the proms
Month 16 – Festivals at home
Month 17 – golden oldies
Month 18 – drumming
Month 19 – Christmas carols and french songs
Month 20 – film music
Month 21 – west coast swing and National Anthem
Month 22 – tv music and Classic FM Hall of Fame
Month 23 – Young Musician of the year and tuning

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