Cherry and chocolate meringue wreath

Christmas cherry & chocolate meringue wreath - Bubbablue and me

Whenever we go to dinner or lunch at friends’ houses, the women usually bring along a dessert.  Yes, there’s always pressure not to have your pudding the one that’s hardly been touched.  Meringue is always one of the first to go. This cherry and chocolate meringue wreath is perfect for Christmas celebrations.  Or it can be made in a traditional circle like a pavlova, or in  log shape to make it a lighter alternative to a yule log. I love… Continue Reading “Cherry and chocolate meringue wreath”

Baking with children – Nectarine & almond sponge

I’d spotted this recipe in a free Sainsbury’s seasonal leaflet/magazine, and thought as it was so quick, I’d try it one evening after work.  At the moment, I don’t tend to do puddings during the week as there’s just not time to do a pudding and a main meal while trying to spend time with N in the hour or so after picking him up from nursery and doing bedtime. The recipe was down as a microwave cake which is… Continue Reading “Baking with children – Nectarine & almond sponge”