Family things to do in Oxfordshire

Family days out in Oxfordshire - Bubbablue and me.

So often people don’t get out and about in their own area. Not us, and we’re gradually working our way around Oxfordshire. We’re lucky because we’re so close to many other counties within an hour’s drive.  I’m reliving my childhood visiting around the UK, near home and further away, and love sharing it with N. So if you’re looking for things to do in Oxfordshire, keep reading. This series of days out posts are based on round ups of places… Continue Reading “Family things to do in Oxfordshire”

Eating out at The Falcon, Warmington – review

The falcon Warmington - Bubbablue and me

While we don’t eat out for dinner every month, we do have a usual crowd we go out with on occasion. It’s quite a large crowd so sometimes you can’t go out with everyone, and the other week we decided to go and try out a new pub for us. The Falcon in Warmington. The Falcon used to be a Harvester style restaurant with a hotel attached. But a few years ago there was a fire, and it returned having… Continue Reading “Eating out at The Falcon, Warmington – review”

Afternoon tea at The Delaunay and other London eateries


I’m terrible when I’m away for a weekend break or a holiday. So much of the structure of my day revolves around food, and when I went away for the weekend for my 40th, we certainly made the most of places to eat in London. The main place we’d booked in advance was afternoon tea at The Delaunay on the Sunday. I’d planned that we should book in advance to try out some fancy restaurants, but my friend was much… Continue Reading “Afternoon tea at The Delaunay and other London eateries”

Eating out at the delicious Brava Tapas restaurant Banbury

eating out at brava tapas restaurant- Bubbablue and me

While I love food, and will eat a fair variety, I can also be quite fussy. I’ve never really had tapas before because I’m not a seafood fan, can’t take too much spice, don’t like olives and always thought I’d be limited to only a couple of choices. But in the last year a tapas restaurant opened up in Banbury and its become a favourite for work leaving lunches. I decided I should bite the bullet and go out for… Continue Reading “Eating out at the delicious Brava Tapas restaurant Banbury”

Children’s trail fun at Ashmolean museum, Oxford

kids trail fun in the Ashmolean Museum Oxford - Bubbablue and me

While I’ve living in Oxfordshire most of my life, and in Oxford for 3.5 years, I’ve never been to the Ashmolean museum.  As children we always visited Pitt Rivers and the National History Museum, but this visit saw us needing to stay nearer St Giles.  And that meant a trip to the Ashmolean. Several people had mentioned it was good for kids, with children’s trails and activities, plus a café meant we could take the hunger pangs off while waiting… Continue Reading “Children’s trail fun at Ashmolean museum, Oxford”

Eating japanese food at Zushi Banbury

edamame - soy beans dish with salt

Considering I’m on a diet, I seem to have eaten out quite a lot recently.  Not quite on the diet plan, but it is teaching me to take things easy.  I am missing the treat myself to 3 courses on a night out though. Recently our team at work decided to have a bit of a belated lunch out, meaning working out where we could go, eat and leave within a lunch break with a bit of leeway.  We wanted… Continue Reading “Eating japanese food at Zushi Banbury”

Meeting the reception mums – eating out at The Castle Edgehill

Eating out at The Castle pub, Edgehill - Bubbablue and me

N’s now done 2 terms at school (or 1 term in old school language).  So far it all seems to be going well for him and he’s made the transition well. Being a reception mum is different to nursery though.  At nursery, although drop offs and pick ups were all at different times, you knew that every parent was working, and you’d see the same faces day in day out, knowing you’d always have a hi and maybe a quick chat.… Continue Reading “Meeting the reception mums – eating out at The Castle Edgehill”

Pub Club – eating out at The Three Pigeons Banbury

I’m a fussy person when it comes to eating out.  I begrudge the person who decided to make lots of pub food posh and get away from the traditional meals many of which I would eat.  Plus of course making pub food much more expensive at the same time.  But being married to a farmer and generally mixing with mutual friends for meals out, it does mean that we eat at a lot of village pubs…as long as there’s steak… Continue Reading “Pub Club – eating out at The Three Pigeons Banbury”

Baby shower games and afternoon tea at Mallory Court

afternoon tea at mallory court food - Bubbablueandme

When I was pregnant with N, baby showers weren’t really that prolific in the UK, although a pregnant colleague and I did have a ‘baby shower’ afternoon tea goodbye with our team.  I’ve never really been one to automatically think of going for afternoon tea either, but when my NCT friends started having 2nd and 3rd babies, we got into the habit of having a ‘baby shower’ afternoon tea with them. The latest was afternoon tea at Mallory Court. It’s… Continue Reading “Baby shower games and afternoon tea at Mallory Court”

A Cushion Concert introduction to the trombone

Cushion Concerts in Oxford - Introduction to music for kids Bubbablueandme

I’ve been meaning to take N back to another Cushion Concert for ages but it’s never happened.  But the I was determined to get there a second time. The Cushion Concerts are held in Oxford at the Jacqueline  Du Pre building on Sundays once a month, each one focuses on a different instrument.  Some well known, others are more obscure.  And they have sessions for under and over fives. The latest one was the trombone.  I thought that would be… Continue Reading “A Cushion Concert introduction to the trombone”