The never-ending multiple roles of a parent

Role of a parent - Bubbablue and me

As our children grow up our relationships with them change.  From a nurturer and carer, to so much more.  If you watch nature documentaries you see how the animal world look after their young, and so often can relate to it. I suppose that’s why sometimes, the softer amongst us may get a little teary when watching and seeing that the young are in danger. There’s less risk for us humans than there are for wildlife, but that inbuilt want… Continue Reading “The never-ending multiple roles of a parent”

4 boys on a day out

parenting 4 boys vs 1 - Bubbablue and me

Sometimes as a parent you set up an event or party and think nothing of it. You assume it’ll be easy. And then afterwards you realise there’s a reason why you only have 1 child.  Kudos to all parents (especially single parents) with 4 kids of similar ages.  I don’t know how you do it. For N’s birthday this year he wanted to just go to the pub with all the family. Given that’s 17 people, it would probably have… Continue Reading “4 boys on a day out”

What makes a happy day for a working school mum

happy times for working school mums - Bubbablue and me

Making the move from mum to school mum (or dad to school dad if you’re the one doing the bulk of the school organisation/admin load) can be a big step. I find there’s big satisfaction when it goes to plan and N gets to school on time, with everything he needs, and nothing is missing by the time he’s home again. But add in being a working mum to the mix as well, and the logistics can get even more… Continue Reading “What makes a happy day for a working school mum”

What makes a good playdate according to a 6 year old boy

good playdates according to 6yo - Bubbablue and me

Like most children, N loves a playdate. He doesn’t get to have many because after school isn’t an option and during school holidays he’s either on the farm with his dad (who won’t take him to playdates) or at holiday club. But he has a lot of views on what makes a good playdate. It does seem that the friends he has are lovely boys with parents he gets on with (or the parents must be very easy going to… Continue Reading “What makes a good playdate according to a 6 year old boy”

A change in blog focus – no more photos

change in blog focus - Bubbablue and me

I thought this point would happen this time last year, but no.  It’s finally happened and it means all the forward planning I’ve done for the first time for the blog needs reassessing.  N has told me he doesn’t want photos of himself on the blog or social media.  This means a big change in blog focus. Well, I think it will.  I’m still thinking about how it’s going to work without me totally changing what I write about.  I… Continue Reading “A change in blog focus – no more photos”

Things he says – bad dreams and changing nicknames

*contains affiliate links Sometimes the things your children say make you tear up and feel for them. It doesn’t happen that often despite me now being a total softie who cries really easily at films (or reading David Walliams’ children’s books. Just me?).  Having a 6 year old has been the best thing ever (even better than age 5) and I’m making the most of it before N turns 7. But some of the things he says do make me… Continue Reading “Things he says – bad dreams and changing nicknames”

Children at weddings – should they be invited

kids at weddings - bubbablue and me

Children at weddings.  It’s a topic that often crops up on parenting forums and in the media.  But I don’t think I’ve ever read an article that’s riled me as much as this one ‘All weddings should be kid friendly’. Of course everyone has their own opinions.  But that doesn’t mean they should judge people who have the opposite view to them.  Children at weddings debates probably reach the extreme views in the same way that breastfeeding vs bottle fed… Continue Reading “Children at weddings – should they be invited”

6 easy ways to keep kids entertained while on holiday

6 ways to keep kids entertained on hols - Bubbablue andme

When you go on a family holiday you always end up taking so much paraphernalia with you, you don’t want to take tonnes of toys.  The hope is that you’ll have good weather and the children will just spend all day playing outside. But there’s the journey, early mornings, evenings and of course the rain, that means taking some toys with you is a sensible idea. 6 eays to keep kids entertained on holiday *includes affiliate links 1, Arts  and… Continue Reading “6 easy ways to keep kids entertained while on holiday”

Hugging children – should we force kids to hug?

Should we force kids to hug - Bubbablue and me

Reading an article recently on the damage that can be done when forcing children to hug people against their will, made me think about what we did as kids and now with N. Is encouraging hugging children really that bad? I pondered how things change with personal space and comfortableness in hugging as you get older. Various research suggests that it’s damaging to force children to ‘go and give Aunty so and so a hug and/or kiss’. The theory being… Continue Reading “Hugging children – should we force kids to hug?”

Working mums – how to cope at the school gate

coping at the school gates working mums - Bubbablue and me

When our kids start school, it’s not only daunting for the child.  It can be scary for the parents too.  How will they cope in the playground? What will the other mums be like? Will they end up standing on their own outside the cliques in the playground?  As a working mum where you may not even get to do normal drop offs or pick-ups, the feelings can be more extreme . It’s even harder to speak to the teacher… Continue Reading “Working mums – how to cope at the school gate”