The Rio Olympics according to a 5 year old

Rio Olympics according to a 5 year old - Bubbablue and me

N’s been interested in the Rio Olympics since it started.  When we’ve been at home, the Olympics is what has been on tv, mostly because I’m obsessed with the event. I’ve always loved big multi-sport events since childhood.  I think it’s a great opportunity for children to learn more about different sports you’d never hear about otherwise.  And hopefully inspire them to want to try and sport themselves. Compared with the Euros when the OH watched football non-stop, his choice… Continue Reading “The Rio Olympics according to a 5 year old”

Best friends together – ten pin bowling and cycling

first time bowling and cycling with friends Bubbablue and me

It’s such a shame when best friends end up at different schools but in a way does help them find their own way. N had 2 different best friends from his 2 nurseries (not counting his cousin as well).  One is at the same school as him, a lucky appeal, and the two of them are inseparable.  His other best friend S, from his day nursery, he’d not seen since the summer holidays.  I wondered if they’d forget each other,… Continue Reading “Best friends together – ten pin bowling and cycling”

Inspiring children via sporting events – Commonwealth Games 2014

inspiring children in sport - Bubbablue and me

While I no longer play sports anymore (aside from doing a bit of swimming), I do love to watch the big sporting events on tv.  Even sports I don’t follow or wouldn’t usually be interested in (judo, for example), I will happily watch and am doing during the Glasgow Commonwealth Games this year.  The OH isn’t a fan at all.  He’ll watch football and that’s about it. So I’m trying to encourage N to watch some of the Commonwealth Games… Continue Reading “Inspiring children via sporting events – Commonwealth Games 2014”

Swimming brings out the competitor in me

mr shark swimming game

I have to admit, if N’s efforts at his last 2 swimming lessons are anything to go by, he’s going to be hard work to encourage come school work.  It’s great when your child loves swimming and being in the water, as he seems to do.  But sometimes, there’s going to be something else they’d rather be doing.  Anything other than the tasks they’re being given. Our class has changed quite a lot this term.  2 of the old hands… Continue Reading “Swimming brings out the competitor in me”