Collectors cupboard jigsaw puzzle - Bubbablue and me

Ravensburger Collector’s Cupboard 1000 piece puzzle

Winter is on its way which means 1 thing. The jigsaw puzzles have come out.  I find doing a jigsaw very calming and a chance to have some time on my own to do it. N gets bored so just turns up for the final few pieces, hence leaving me alone to do them.  The latest one I’ve just completed was The Collector’s Cupboard 1000 piece puzzle, no.6 in the Curious Cupboard series, which I was sent to review.

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Collectors cupboard jigsaw puzzle - Bubbablue and me

I much prefer puzzles with lots going on in them.  Picture postcard scenes are lovely, but lots of sky or grass drives me a little bonkers. So I like that the Collector’s Cupboard puzzle is so full of lots of different colours and items to put together.

collectors cupboard puzzle

After doing the edges, with the squares as ‘frames’, I separated these out, and then by colours or similar items.  The jigsaw puzzle has so much going on you feel like it’s more doable.  I certainly progressed it a lot faster than I usually would a 1000 piece puzzle with it only taking a 2 weekends and a couple of short sessions over 2 weekday evenings. That’s the kind of jigsaw puzzle I like as I hate them dragging on for weeks.

puzzle close up

Every type of collectable is covered – from cars, cats, radios and music, Cornish ware, bottles, hats and shoes, toys and more. There’s always something to look at that you didn’t notice the previous time.

completing collectors cupboard puzzle

The detail from Colin Thompson’s design is really clear, and the colours pop without being too garish.  Being a Ravensburger puzzle it’s good quality, thick card. I only had one mishap with a small corner to a piece coming off as I was removing it from another piece.

completed jigsaw puzzle

You can buy the Collector’s Cupboard range puzzles from Amazon, Hobbycraft or other usual outlets. And check out my jigsaw puzzle accessories post to help make your puzzling easier.

One handy tip – if you struggle to get your box to stand up how you want, try one of these box stands. They’re a helpful puzzle aid.

Are you a jigsaw puzzle fan? What do you do to relax in the colder months?

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