Role play meals

One of N’s current favourite games to play is anything that involves dishing up and playing with his selection of plastic food.

He loves playing with kitchens – real or toy – although I decided (prompted by OH) that it probably wasn’t worth getting a kitchen for him as he’s perfectly happy helping me in the real one.  Plus he tends to get out his own plastic plates and bowls to use when he’s playing anyway.

He likes to go shopping with his little plastic shopping basket and eco friendly bag (makes a change from doing a real shop with me, when he takes the shopping bags and puts them back in the larder before we even get ready to go!).  And now he’s started setting the table with plates and plating up various food stuffs from his selection.

We have to sit and pretend to eat.  So I like to ‘eat’ and then hide the food from him so it looks like I’ve eaten it.  N’s found his own version of doing this, as seen on the video below.  When he started doing it, it made me chuckle so much.  It’s brilliant the way toddlers copy adults but make up their own version of doing what the grown ups do.

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