The big transition from baby and toddler swimming

What's the big transition from baby swimming to child swimming lessons - Bubbablue and me

I couldn’t imagine not having swum with N from a young age. My own journey with learning to swim was very up and down from age 5 to 7, and the OH isn’t keen on swimming, so I wanted to make sure N was capable of swimming as a child.  We started his lessons at 3 months old along with most of my NCT group in a Water Babies class together. In the 5 1/2 years he’s been to swimming lessons,… Continue Reading “The big transition from baby and toddler swimming”

Baby swimming vs toddler swimming – what’s the difference?

baby swimming vs toddler swimming - Bubbbalue and me

We’ve (well, I’ve) been going to Water Babies swimming lessons with N since he was almost 3 months old.  I think that means we’re pretty qualified in sharing thoughts on the differences between baby swimming and toddler swimming (and I’m talking toddler through to preschool age here).  Is there really that much of a difference or is it that much of a transition? Obviously it very much depends on the child, how frequently you go swimming outside of lessons, and… Continue Reading “Baby swimming vs toddler swimming – what’s the difference?”

How to avoid swimming pool accidents

swimming boy

We’re not been having particularly successful swimming lessons the last couple of weeks.  N’s happy enough to go swimming (once I’ve told him that he has to go swimming or he’ll not get to go out on the farm!), and will sit on the side nicely waiting for our lesson.  But then once in the pool, he’ll not want to do any of the things he’s been able to do and been happy to do for the past year or… Continue Reading “How to avoid swimming pool accidents”

Penultimate swimming lesson magic

swimming boy

I have a theory about swimming lessons and children.  Whatever they do or don’t do previously, it will all come together in the penultimate swimming lesson as if by magic. It’s happened for us several times previously.  The main one was after a lot of water wobbles just after I’d decided we were going to give swimming a break til he was a bit older. Miraculously, week 9 of the 10 week term, and all of a sudden N turned… Continue Reading “Penultimate swimming lesson magic”

Backstroke swimming…or improving a flipover technique

practising swimming on his back and kicking

As well as hating swimming underwater, N has also never been keen on swimming on his back.  Our instructors always said from the start that babies can sometimes dislike it, so of course N has taken this to extremes.  All I can say is that he’s a pro at flipping himself back onto his front! It’s brilliant to see him swimming (pretty speedily for such a little boy) from way down the pool all on his own on his front… Continue Reading “Backstroke swimming…or improving a flipover technique”

Mum or Dad, who should take the baby swimming?

When N started at Water Babies, there wasn’t really any question of who would take him swimming.  Largely because I was the one who had time off work and did everything with him, but also because the OH didn’t really feel that strongly about swimming lessons for babies and isn’t keen on swimming himself.  Even on holidays, he’ll paddle but won’t really swim. In our first swimming class, it mostly comprised our NCT class plus a couple of other mums… Continue Reading “Mum or Dad, who should take the baby swimming?”

Swimming floats and woggles

swimming boy

This week was back and submersion week at swimming.  N’s not really that fussed about either one, especially when neither involved his favourite swimming float/mat activities. It must be strange for the toddlers being on their back.  It takes a lot of trust and confidence to flip on your back due to the lack of visibility – let’s face it, who really wants to spend time looking at a swimming pool ceiling. As soon as N’s on his back, about… Continue Reading “Swimming floats and woggles”

Swimming woggle success

swimming boy

Whoop whoop.  For the first time N swam a whole width on his own with the woggle. Usually he kicks when you’re holding on to him, but as soon as you let go, he stops kicking.  But this time (and the toddlers were having a race – maybe he’s got my competitive nature), he kept kicking all the way across the pool and even did some arm stuff.  He does more breast stroke with his arms than the doggy paddle… Continue Reading “Swimming woggle success”

Baths versus swimming

When you’re a first time parent, it seems to be obvious (at least from all the information that’s out there) that babies love water…it reminds them of being in the womb, it’s warm and comforting etc.  But not all babies do. I thought that N started off enjoying the bath – I’d won a Fisher Price acquarium baby bath which had a little ‘hammock’ so the baby would be supported in that without you needing to support him leaving both… Continue Reading “Baths versus swimming”

Wipe out!

Finally Nathaniel’s started to enjoy his waterbabies swimming lessons.  I decided when it came to rebooking for the toddler classes, that he was hating it the worst he’d ever done, so it was time to cancel and hope that we’d start again in September.  But of course, it then meant that he decided to start enjoying it with 3 sessions to go. I’m hoping it was a case of him having got over his wobbles he’s had since October-ish, which… Continue Reading “Wipe out!”