Easy peasy 3 ingredient mini muffins

Easy 3 ingredient mini muffins - Bubbablue and me

I’m all for easy cooking.  That’s probably why I’m a fan of Nigella’s cook books* (affiliate link), because her recipes don’t go wrong, even if you just throw a bit in of something and a different amount of something else. My kind of cooking.  So when I was looking for an easy and quick pudding I turned to my 3 and 4 ingredient cook books.  I have a lot of them, because they’re so handy for simple tasty food, and… Continue Reading “Easy peasy 3 ingredient mini muffins”

Baking with Bake to Black recipe book

Bake in Black recipe book

I love cake.  It’s one of my downfalls, with chocolate, pastries, biscuits…oh just food in general. But cake is something that the whole of our house like.  Unlike other foods which the OH will faff over and not eat if I buy them, cake will pretty much always get eaten (unless it’s ‘too dry’.  He’s fussy, just warm it up and eat it with cream, custard or ice cream to soften it!). As I’ve written many times before, we’re also… Continue Reading “Baking with Bake to Black recipe book”

Messy Play

Last week was a holiday week.  Well, Monday to Thursday was a holiday week. It’s nearing the end of the holiday year and again as the OH refuses to go away on holiday, I’ve got plenty of time still to take off, so last week was one of those random weeks used.  N also had the time off from nursery as he had more reduced cost ‘holiday’ time available to take, so I thought we’d have a nice week going… Continue Reading “Messy Play”