When a nice child becomes a nasty child

When nice children turn into nasty children - Bubbablue and me

After having nearly 6 years of a lovely little boy, N is going through a nasty phase. I don’t think he realises he’s doing it, and from talking to people it sounds like lots of children go through it. But it’s really sad to be on the receiving end of some of the things he says.  It’s strange having his personality transplant moving from nice child to nasty child. We’ve had it lucky so far with him. He’s generally been… Continue Reading “When a nice child becomes a nasty child”

Why you should tell off other people’s children

's kids - Bubbablue and me

People seem to feel very strongly one way or the other about telling off other people’s children.  From what I’ve seen, it’s often from parents who’re incensed that someone has told off their child in front of them, or that they’ve wanted to tell off another child, but haven’t felt they could. Overall, it appears there’s an unwritten rule (outside of childcare or school settings) that no-one is allowed to tell off another person’s child. I don’t agree with this.… Continue Reading “Why you should tell off other people’s children”

A challenge – name calling and VIP

teaching kids how to make friends - Bubbablue and me

So far, so good at school. At least I think so.  8 days in I’m still to work out whether he’s actually sat down at all apart from one picture.  He told me he’s done no numbers or counting and no letters. The reception age children are given a buddy from year 2.  He tells me he knows the name of his best friend’s buddy, and he knows a couple of the other buddies and who they’re paired with..  But… Continue Reading “A challenge – name calling and VIP”