Turning 40 and friendships

40th birthday sign

Birthdays. Lots of people are scared of them. Children love them. And I’m on the fence. It’s scary how fast time flies, but I do get excited about having a birthday. It’s a chance to celebrate, to feel a bit special, and to get friends together. Friends I don’t often see due to location, children and life. The rest of my birthday is just a normal day, and it was this year. Despite it being a big birthday and falling… Continue Reading “Turning 40 and friendships”

Interview with a 4 year old

Looking at his map

I started doing this interview with N when he turned (almost) 2 ½ years old.  He wasn’t very vocal either then or when he hit 3 years old, but this year we’ve had a lovely chat about what he likes.  I’m thinking I need to talk more about what I do, given he seems to know nothing, but at least it’s good he didn’t say ‘nothing’. So here’s N’s answers to the interview as a 4 year old. What’s your… Continue Reading “Interview with a 4 year old”