Try these 10 delicious and easy Yorkshire Pudding wraps

yorkshire pudding wraps - Bubbablue and me

One of the favourite foods in our house is Yorkshire Pudding.  N would eat it with every roast given the chance but we usually stick with beef roast and Yorkshire pudding.  I hadn’t seen Yorkshire pudding as a street food until this autumn when we spotted a van at the Michaelmas fair in town.  It looks amazing all lit up, doesn’t it?  We were on a mission for fish and chips that day, but I wanted to try the Yorkshire… Continue Reading “Try these 10 delicious and easy Yorkshire Pudding wraps”

Red Tractor Recruits get inspired

produce world potato tractor

It seems like ages ago I wrote a post about what the Red Tractor meant to me (link), but the work of the Red Tractor has continued and last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to a launch event for the Red Tractor Recruits.  In keeping with the topic it was obviously held on a farm, that of Alex James who is the Red Tractor Ambassador.  As the OH was having some calving problems that day, I took along… Continue Reading “Red Tractor Recruits get inspired”