Make the smoothest easy chocolate mousse

Make the smoothest chocolate mousse - Bubbablue and me

I love chocolate puddings. Ok I just love chocolate.  But chocolate puddings can be pretty good. I always used to think that making chocolate desserts was going to be complicated (and expensive).  Some are complex and take ages.  And some can be really expensive if you’re using a lot of chocolate. Especially if you opt for decent quality chocolate.  I’m not a chocolate snob (I used to work for Cadbury so I’ll happily scoff a lot of Dairy Milk), but… Continue Reading “Make the smoothest easy chocolate mousse”


N doesn’t really have chocolate much.  Pudding of some sort every day, cake a lot more frequently that I’d ever have had as a child, and lots of fruit, but chocolate less so. It’s amazing how quickly children decide they like something like chocolate and how they remember it. Sometimes he’ll get offered a square of chocolate from the larder at his Gran & Gramp’s house at coffee time.  Straightaway, purple pack = chocolate seems to be ingrained in his… Continue Reading “Chocolate”

Advent calendar

I think N’s getting into Christmas already even though he doesn’t know what it’s really about. I bought a fabric advent calendar in the sales last year (was going to make one, but this was easier and probably cheaper!), and despite having all year to plan, it got to yesterday and I was frantically trying to think of (and find online) ideas for Christmassy tasks to put in the dates.  Was going to get little stocking fillers but the pockets… Continue Reading “Advent calendar”