A spring walk to enjoy blossom in the park

cycle and spring walk in the park - Bubbablue and me

It’s felt like April’s whizzed by, but on the other hand the weather’s been all over the place so it’s hard to believe we’re nearly in May.  Every weekend N asks to go on a bike ride or to go to the park so last weekend I agreed that we’d load the bike in the car and go to the park in town. Usually we’re at the park early mornings when it’s empty, but this time we were there after… Continue Reading “A spring walk to enjoy blossom in the park”

A first time target shooting – tin can fun

First time learning to target shoot on the farm. A way to show trust, and let him learn about discipline, safety and correct use of a gun.

I’m not a fan of guns, I don’t have an urge to shoot them, but I appreciate that in the countryside they can be invaluable for pest control. Having said that, I have tried shooting a couple of times.  Once when I was a girl guide, I went to a big jamboree when I was about 12, and part of the team games included either archery or shooting.  I didn’t get to try out archery, but I did get to… Continue Reading “A first time target shooting – tin can fun”

Following the Vintage Motor Cycle Club’s Banbury Run

following the vintage motorcycle rally

Every year, there’s a Saturday when hundreds of motorcyclists from the Vintage Motor Cycle Club come biking past the farm. The Banbury Run for this year was a couple of weeks ago, and I decided that we should go out of the farm gate and watch them go past for a bit. The Banbury Run is for bikes made before 1931, and most riders (and their passengers) dress up in old motorcyle gear as well so they look the part.… Continue Reading “Following the Vintage Motor Cycle Club’s Banbury Run”

Walking cool and comfy with Bridgedale socks

wearing bridgedale socks

Socks. They seem to take up a lot of our conversations in our house (sounds exciting doesn’t it?!). I think most families have issues – well, at least the person who does the washing does. Single socks galore, although I do solve that with the OH’s by him only having black sports socks style – all from the same shop. Apart from the single sock problems, we also have welly and boot problems with socks. The OH wears wellies or… Continue Reading “Walking cool and comfy with Bridgedale socks”

Living Arrows 2015 week 19 – climbing trees

living arrows tree climbing boy in a bluebell wood

This weekend we discovered some bluebell woods near us just outside Oxford.  It was definitely worth the hour’s journey, and was quite spectacular, literally a blue carpet. N found a tree that he could stand in, and do what could only be describes as aerobics inside, leaning, turning and pushing himself from one side to the other.  Needless to say he was about to talk here, hence the funny expression, where he looks like he’s frowning. It was the first… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 19 – climbing trees”

May day celebrations at Sulgrave Manor

may day a Sulgrave Manor - Bubbablueandme

It’s not often we ever really see May Day celebrations anymore, but I’d spotted the event at Sulgrave Manor in Northamptonshire, and decided it would probably a good place to take N for the day. I didn’t know anything about Sulgrave Manor before going apart from there being links to the US and George Washington.  It turned out to be a lovely Tudor and Georgian manor house, built and lived in by ancesters of the first US president George Washington.  It’s… Continue Reading “May day celebrations at Sulgrave Manor”

Exploring footpaths to enjoy the countryside

crop fields - rape seed and out for a walk

Considering we live in the countryside and have fields surrounding us, we don’t go for many walks. Actually we don’t go for any. It’s a long cry from the days when I was dating the OH, when each weekend he’d take a few hours off work and we’d take the dog out for a walk together.  Now the OH works all the time, it’s rare that he takes any time off especially in the day.  Our black Labrador mostly roams… Continue Reading “Exploring footpaths to enjoy the countryside”