Checking out the new Westgate Oxford shopping centre

Westgate Oxford shopping centre - Bubbablue and me

When you’ve got a child, shopping for leisure takes on a whole new meaning. i.e. it doesn’t really happen unless you have the time while the child is in school. I was invited to visit the newly opened Westgate Oxford shopping centre and was finally able to get there when N was out on a shoot day with his dad. Bliss, a day to shop with vouchers, and enjoy a relaxing time to myself. I lived in Oxford for over… Continue Reading “Checking out the new Westgate Oxford shopping centre”

Mums lunch and Bodleian library tour

Exploring books at Bodleian Library Oxford - Bubbablue and me

It’s not often as a mum we get to take time off to relax away from our children. Actually I don’t do too badly, mainly because I work, but also unless I organise for us to go out, N just wants to spend all day out on the farm. But to actually spend the day out with a friend doesn’t happen much.  But I had a flexi day recently and arranged to meet up with a friend and go to… Continue Reading “Mums lunch and Bodleian library tour”