41+ no-brainer Lego storage ideas

Lego storage drawers on wheels

Lego is a brilliant toy.  But it’s a pain to store. It’s lovely being able to store sets in their boxes, but it’s rare in our house that anything stays complete or near its original box.  We’ve recently had a declutter and reviewed our Lego storage, so I wanted to share some of our storage solutions. N has a huge Lego collection.  From sets he’s been bought through to Lego from my childhood (some of which was my dad’s). I’m… Continue Reading “41+ no-brainer Lego storage ideas”

How clean is your house? The 4 standards of cleaning

how clean is your house - 4 standards of cleaning

Like many other people, I hate cleaning. I do a quick wipe round (wipes may not be sustainable, but they do make it easier to do a minute here and there) after cooking and in the bathroom as and when, but a regular proper clean I’ll put off until I can see things need doing. Our house isn’t really conducive to having an immaculate house.  Of course there’s N (who’s a law unto himself unless I’m up with him at… Continue Reading “How clean is your house? The 4 standards of cleaning”

Book lover style with Roald Dahl cushions from House of Fraser – giveaway

Roald Dahl House of Fraser cushions

I have to admit our house is a tad on the unfinished side (and has been since before I moved in 13 years ago). I love looking at stylish houses, but just never have the impetous to do it in our own home. I had vague plans for N’s room but it’s still a hotch potch, and generally full of books spread all over the floor. N takes after me in loving books, so when I was shown the Roald… Continue Reading “Book lover style with Roald Dahl cushions from House of Fraser – giveaway”

Bringing the piano home

inside a piano - dampers and strings

A couple of weeks ago saw the arrival of my piano.  After living in this house where it was big enough to have a piano for close to 13 years, I’ve finally managed to move it from my mum’s house to ours. The reason it wasn’t moved earlier was because the OH flat out refused to have it in the house, saying it would get used as a dumping ground, clutter the place up and that he’d chop it up… Continue Reading “Bringing the piano home”

Spring cleaning tips for those who hate cleaning

spring cleaning tips for those who hate it - Bubbablueandme

I hate cleaning. There, I’ve admitted it.  Although most people who know me would know that anyway, given the amount of time I like to spend out and about at weekends.  Anything to avoid having to spend time cleaning. When I first moved in with the OH, we had an agreement that he would do bathrooms and bins (mostly because we had a lodger and I’m not clearing up after someone else), and I’d do floors, hovering, clothes washing and… Continue Reading “Spring cleaning tips for those who hate cleaning”

How to make personalised photo tile coasters

personalised photo tiles

Last Christmas I was debating what to get my best friend for a present…I’ve exhausted a lot of my brilliant ideas, and the pressure’s on because she’s been really pleased and chuffed with the really thoughtful presents that she’s loved and been totally surprised at.  I had some nice photos of her son and some of the places we’d met up over the year, so thought I’d use those to create a handmade present. Of course time moves on so… Continue Reading “How to make personalised photo tile coasters”

Garden planning – giving butterflies a home

attracting wilfelife with a butterfly habitat

I’ve been saying for years we need to do something with the garden.  The wall needs a bit more compost or soil in so the flowers will be higher up and seen rather than sunken in the bottom of the wall.  We need storage for the outdoor toys and BBQ, last year’s tomato grobags need removing and tidying up, and we could really do with a border or something along the fence.  And then we still need to build the… Continue Reading “Garden planning – giving butterflies a home”