School Days – half term run up

after school brushing and sweeping up outside

It feels like we’ve only just had the Easter holidays, but we’re already broken up for half term. Only another 6 ish weeks and it’ll be the summer holidays, and we’ll be off camping again.  Only another few weeks for N to be in year 1! Supply teachers This week N’s class 2 teacher was on a course for a couple of days, so they had a supply teacher in. According to N, Mrs W was very strict but nice… Continue Reading “School Days – half term run up”

School Days – bouncing and a fire engine

pulling faces

It was the first week back at school for us after Easter.  It whizzed by as life tends to do, and was pretty quiet.  N’s talking less about school now – there’s lots of don’t remembers and a few random things then get mentioned.  Hopefully he’ll get a bit more forthcoming again as the term goes on. New topic – jumping and bouncing N had mixed feelings about their new topic for the term.  It seems there was a vote… Continue Reading “School Days – bouncing and a fire engine”

School days – after school clubs

creating his own little book

This week’s school days has been uneventful.  It’s strange because it’s been calmer but N has been much more tired than normal. Add to that a horrible dry cough that comes and goes in the evenings and night, and it’s probably all impacting him and making him tired.  The one thing he’s really excited about is the his school trip in a few weeks.  We’re on countdown. After School clubs Luckily N’s school do lots of lunch time clubs, so… Continue Reading “School days – after school clubs”

School Days – VIPs and junk modelling

working out his maths

This week’s School Days post is a little low on insight this week. Damn that N was ill on Sunday and therefore couldn’t be back at school until Tuesday. VIP x2 N was awarded VIP 2 days on the trot this week.  We think for focusing and working hard, but I’m not convinced N was quite sure.  He was very pleased with himself and was quite gutted that he didn’t get it again on Friday.  Although more annoyed that on… Continue Reading “School Days – VIPs and junk modelling”

School Days – football conversion and PDSA

working out maths and money - Bubbablue and me

It’s been a bit of a ‘nothing’ week for School Days. Just another week and N hasn’t been forthcoming with his commentary on his days.  The biggest thing was going as a 6 year old. He didn’t want to be 6 and go to school.  Thankfully Monday came and went with no problems. VIP N came home with his first VIP sticker in ages. His house team are lagging behind the other 3 teams, so I think they need a… Continue Reading “School Days – football conversion and PDSA”

School Days – hockey and playground friends

drinking hot chocolate after school

It was N’s birthday run up this week and at the end of the week he came down with the start of a cold. It didn’t seem to impact his school efforts, but he was quite tired. More so than usual (never helped by his early morning exploits, and when he’s not 100%, his midnight wanderings into bed with me). Here’s this week’s school days. Hockey N’s school might be small, but they make the most of bringing in outside… Continue Reading “School Days – hockey and playground friends”

School Days – post Christmas lull and school disco

paper aeroplane flying

We’re back after the Christmas holidays, and the first ‘week’ of school is over.  I know some aren’t even back yet, so if you’re still enjoying the holidays, I hope the first week back goes well. N seemed happy enough going back to school. When he was asked if he enjoyed school, he even answered yes (before then remembering that maybe he shouldn’t give that away, and saying no!).  I’m really glad he enjoys school, even though he sometimes moans… Continue Reading “School Days – post Christmas lull and school disco”

School Days – the start of year 1


The new school year has started for most people, and N’s done his first week back going into Year 1. He had a really good reception year, the main achievement being that he enjoyed it. When asked N does say he doesn’t like school, but then he tells me he has a good day each day. Thankfully the new school year has started brilliantly. We’re back in the routine quickly, and N’s settled back into school.  I’m still working on… Continue Reading “School Days – the start of year 1”

School days – last week of Foundation stage

Last day of school door pose

N’s school year finished a week ago, but due to our camping trip, I’m behind in writing up that final week’s school days post.  The most important one of the year…although I’m planning to do an overview of the year for him to be able to look back on. It’s been a great year for N at school.  He might not have had the glowing reports that everyone else is sharing all over social media, but apart from his writing,… Continue Reading “School days – last week of Foundation stage”

School Days – parents evening and fun day

getting his gold target award

I’m going to be sad from this time next week, because it’ll be a temporary half to my School Days posts over the summer holidays.  But it’ll be back from September, ready for all those writing about their new school starters. Parents evening This week was the last parents evening of the year.  We’d had his report back the week before, so it was really a run through, a chance to ask questions, and to talk about next year. Year… Continue Reading “School Days – parents evening and fun day”