Month of Firsts 14

Receiving his target certificate in assembly

October, while busy, has felt like a quiet month of firsts for us.  It’s included lots of bike rides, visits to the park and elsewhere, school and more, but very little in the way of big first achievements…or so I thought until I started listing them. As the supermarket says, every little helps to make a child feel like they’ve made an achievement, so I love to celebrate even the little things. In October, N Was Learner of the Week… Continue Reading “Month of Firsts 14”

Month of Firsts 13 – school and sheep

sheep on the farm

The year is whizzing by, and apart from the one huge first – starting school, I think we’ve been fairly short on first achievements. For N it’s all been about starting school. In September, N has Gone straight into full time school None of this part time malarky.  Although I have to say, the children who’ve been going in part time, seem to have launched straight in to phonics, writing and the like.  So far, N’s started writing his name… Continue Reading “Month of Firsts 13 – school and sheep”

Month of firsts 12

fastening zips

August’s month of firsts is going to be a short one.  We had lots of fun at weekends and the week off we had before the school term started, but in terms of milestones and achievements it’s been more of the same. N’s final year before school has been pretty momentous in terms of milestone achievements – learning to ride a bike being the biggest.  There’s still the writing his name to be managed…he gets half way through it, then… Continue Reading “Month of firsts 12”

Month of Firsts 11 – Flumes, school and camping

first pair of school shoes

It’s been a busy month, ending with the nightmare of no internet, hence the delay in writing up our Month of Firsts for this month. Lack of decent internet is the annoying thing about living In the sticks, and there never seems to be an improvement in site. Or there is, and then you’re let down and it doesn’t work. But onto this month’s firsts.  In July, N Went camping for the first time We had our first camping holiday… Continue Reading “Month of Firsts 11 – Flumes, school and camping”

Month of firsts 10 – June 2015: cycling, driving and new teacher

driving cars on the farm

June was a funny month of firsts. Nothing that was obvious, but some really random firsts for N. July will definitely be a big month as it’s when he’ll be going for visits to the school he starts in September. In June, N Met his new teacher Oddly, the school rang me to ask if the reception teacher could do a home visit, because they didn’t have us down as using the nursery. Bizarre, given that N goes to both… Continue Reading “Month of firsts 10 – June 2015: cycling, driving and new teacher”

Month of Firsts 9 – climbing and theme parks

climbing trees

N seems to be growing every time I look at him (it’s an illusion because he hasn’t grown much), and progressing in his language, focus and enjoyment of sitting down and concentrating on writing and drawing. But that means he developing skills he already has rather than picking up anything new. This month seems to mostly have been about climbing though. In May, N has Climbed A tree.  Yes, his first tree climb and all on his own.  Well, apart… Continue Reading “Month of Firsts 9 – climbing and theme parks”

Month of Firsts 8 – April – bikes, beads and swimming

making a Hama bead star

As per usual, I’m a day late with my Month of Firsts round up for April.  I was struggling for firsts this month, but managed to find some to share. In April, N Learnt to ride his bike I know I’ve been going on about this, but it’s a big deal.  I think I’m more excited than him though. Last Sunday, N went from his balance bike to pedal bike and took to it straight away.  The next day he… Continue Reading “Month of Firsts 8 – April – bikes, beads and swimming”

Month of Firsts 7 – buttoning up

Month of firsts linky badge - Bubbablueandme

Phew, I wasn’t sure if I’d get this month’s post up on time, but result, here it is!  We’re into month 7 of month of firsts, and I was worried I’d not have any firsts to talk about.  But fear not, I have. In March, N Went to the zoo I suppose technically he has been to wildlife parks which have zoo animals, but Paignton Zoo was the first that he’s been to that names itself a zoo. He enjoyed it loads,… Continue Reading “Month of Firsts 7 – buttoning up”

Month of Firsts linky – February

best friends

February’s seen a few big milestones hit by N.  Of course not the traditional ones, because he’s past much of the normal milestone stages, but plenty of big firsts.  And these ones have also meant big firsts for me as well. In February, N has Been out for the day without us He was invited out for his best friend’s birthday treat with his family.  He had no qualms about going off with them, and hasn’t stopped mentioning it since.… Continue Reading “Month of Firsts linky – February”

Month of Firsts – January

Month of firsts linky badge - Bubbablueandme

Although January’s been manic with work and homelife, lots of parties, as well as getting back into things post Christmas, on the firsts front it’s been pretty quiet.  I’ve been scanning my brain trying to remember, because I’ve forgotten to write them down. Here’s our firsts for January In January, N turned Four I suppose a birthday counts for a first.  I’ve not noticed much difference to him (compared with when he turned 3 and instantly became an obstinate threenager).… Continue Reading “Month of Firsts – January”