How to make birthday party planning easier

How to make children's birthday party planning easier - Bubbablue and me

I’m not a party planner. I’ve not even organised that many birthday parties.  I’d probably rather have a smaller get together with friends, but when you have children you can’t get away from holding at least 1 birthday party.  I might moan about organising parties, but given I’m a project manager and love order and logistics, I can certainly share my tips on making party planning easy. I’m focusing on children’s birthday parties, but these tips are easily applicable to… Continue Reading “How to make birthday party planning easier”

Why you shouldn’t involve your 4 year old in party invitations

prepping the garden for his party

Children’s parties are a nightmare.  I’m not sure that anyone would say they’re without hassle. I am being fairly relaxed about N’s ‘non-birthday’ party (apart from potentially having to do a few sun dances to pray that it’ll be dry weather for at least a couple of days before and on the day) and am treating it a bit like a mass play date.  Which really is what it is because his birthday’s earlier in the year and parties don’t… Continue Reading “Why you shouldn’t involve your 4 year old in party invitations”