Shaggy dreadlocked sheep

The Wool Fair

I always try and find different things to take N to when we’ve got some time off;  in the hope of the rain holding off on Bank Holiday Monday, I decided we’d check out the Wool Fair in Shipston-on-Stour.  A friend had mentioned it, and although it was only about 6 miles away I’d never heard about it before.

Being a Wool Fair, it involved sheep and the history of wool in the area.

Shipston’s is a really small town, with some lovely independent shops, and (bliss) free parking!  Having the fair meant shops would be open on the bank holiday which was good for a bit of a snoop round the delis there that I love.

sheep treats
Sheep goodies in my favourite deli

There were a few rows of stalls showing wool products, history stories, agricultural information as well as a few fun and games, tombolas, ‘guess the sheep name’ etc.   Throughout the day there were various different activities and displays of dancing, sheep shearing and music.  We arrived early, so only saw the brass band playing – it was great to hear some of the old classics, and lovely to hear a band playing again (pegs on the music was crucial in the windy weather).

brass band
And the brass band played…

There were also sheep, obviously.  I thought N would love seeing the different breeds of sheep, but I don’t think he was that fussed.  Maybe it was a bit dull when he can see sheep on the farm anyway.

toddler sitting in push chair
toddler looking at sheep

It was really chilly and didn’t want to hang around and wait for all the other events, so it was a fleeting visit.  But maybe when N’s old enough to do the children’s quiz/trail round the shop windows, we’ll go back again.

I have to say I was gutted that I didn’t win the raffle for a gorgeous hand knitted wool blanket, or the ‘name the sheep’.  How could it not be called Seamus!?

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