following the vintage motorcycle rally

Following the Vintage Motor Cycle Club’s Banbury Run

Every year, there’s a Saturday when hundreds of motorcyclists from the Vintage Motor Cycle Club come biking past the farm. The Banbury Run for this year was a couple of weeks ago, and I decided that we should go out of the farm gate and watch them go past for a bit.

following the annual vintage motorcycle rally - Bubbablue and me

The Banbury Run is for bikes made before 1931, and most riders (and their passengers) dress up in old motorcyle gear as well so they look the part. Seeing the run out in the sticks as well, apart from the entry numbers on the front of the bikes, you could almost be transported back to the past.

N insisted on taking his balance bike, and decided he was going to ride up and down the verge while we watched them.

waiting to cycle off

It was so funny seeing what N did whenever there were bikes coming. He would yell out and warn me there was ‘another bike coming, Mummy’, stop still and then tentatively put up his hand to wave.

Banbury run annual vintage motorcycle  rally

It was so nice how many of the motor cyclists would wave back, or even wave first.

waving to the Banbury Run motorcycle rally

There were so many different styles and sizes of bikes. Some didn’t look that vintage, but it was lovely to see them out on the roads (and surprisingly few cars). The stink of petrol wasn’t the best though. Thank god that vehicles and emission roles have improved.

motorcycle rally entrants

I’d just planned that we’d stand at the farm entrance and watch the motorcycles go past, but N was determined to go for a walk and ride. He was off, and with me still in my flip flops following behind, he headed along the verge towards his aunt and uncle’s house. Along the way I was able to take a look at the hedges and flowers.

cow parsley and bee
buttercups near a farm gate

We walked and rode just over a mile, then stopped for a breather and hello with N’s cousins. They were a bit surprised he’d ‘cycled’ all the way. After a few minutes it was time to head back home. When we got back to our road, the cycles were still coming.

Annual vintage motorcycle rally Banbury run
countryside footpath view

On the return journey N had his 13 year old cousin come back with us. It meant he had someone else cycling alongside him to keep him on track. It’s lovely to see how his cousins are with him, and great he’s got so many of them to learn from (hopefully their good points only!)

watching the annual motorcycle rally

We didn’t stay for the end of the rally, but the sound of the bikes going past the farm certainly continued for a couple of hours later. I guess 500 bikes at intervals, takes some time.

dog rose in the hedges

It was a lovely gentle way to spend an hour or so on an afternoon, and not only did we see the motor cycles, but we also got to spend time outside, getting the chance to walk which we’ve not done for ages.

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  1. What a neat experience! N looked like he had a blast being out there with all of the big motorcycles. It is nice to have big cousins to look up to.

  2. Wow what a parade! The do look rather beautiful some of them but I know what you mean about the smell. It sounds like it was the perfect excuse to be outside though đŸ™‚

  3. What a lovely way to spend the afternoon, those bikes look amazing, and it’s nice that it turned into a proper outing for you! What a lovely walk along the lane, and I love that N’s cousin joined you for the walk back.

    1. It was something a little different and got me out walking. I rarely walk anywhere near us because it’s dull – just the same old fields to look at.

  4. I bet that was a great sight to see, all those old bikes driving passed with all the drivers and passengers dressed up in their vintage clothes. I love how N decided that he was going to go for a bike ride down to his cousins house too, so sweet and it’s great that his cousin came back with you guys on his bike too. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

    1. Now all we’ve got to do is get the 6 year old cousin riding his bike too – he’s the last one, and just not fussed, but the rest have so much fun riding round the farm

  5. N looks like he was fascinated by the bikes and I love the photos of him waving. What an interesting thing for him to watch and love how his cousin was cycling alongside him on the balance bike – so lovely to have a close bond with cousins đŸ™‚

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