Walk and fossil hunting in the New Forest - Bubbablueandme.

Walking and fossil hunting in the New Forest

Once N gets something that interests him he keeps going on about it. Last term they were learning about dinosaurs and fossils at school. So he’s been wanting to go fossil hunting. So it was lucky we were holidaying in the New Forest and could check out some of the fossil hunting beaches.

Walk and fossil hunting in the New Forest - Bubbablueandme.

Fossil hunting at Barton on Sea

The only problem is that I know less about fossils than he does. I’ve never been fossil hunting, I’ve never seen one outside a museum.  But on arrival int he New Forest we had time before checking into the hotel, so we drove over to Barton on Sea.

There’s a lot of work going on there due to cliff falls but there’s still some nice walking on the cliff and down on the rocks.  N wanted to take his scooter (of course I was the one who ended up carrying it on the beach). He had a good dig around in the rocks trying to find fossils.

close up scooting on microscooters
carrying his microscooter at Barton on Sea
Barton on Sea beach huts

N’s version of fossil hunting is amusing,

‘this one’s a fossil, it’s got 2 colours’

‘this one is a sponge rock’. Eh? I’m thinking I probably need more research.

We didn’t find any but I think we needed a guide to take with us. N still ended up with 2 pocketful of stones and pebbles. I thought I’d stopped him but I discovered them when we were back at the hotel.

At Barton on Sea portrait
fossil hunting at barton on sea
pebble tower on Barton on sea
back up the hill at barton on sea

When we got back to the top of the cliffs, N wanted a proper scoot. So we walked and scooted some way along the paths. For a freezing cold February day, it was busy. So in summer it must be heaving there. The bonus of February was free on road parking because generally in the New Forest the parking is expensive.

scootng on grass

Chasing New Forest ponies

While we were away, I was determined to get some photos of New Forest ponies. We saw plenty alongside the roads, but never places I could park near, or I’d just missed the turn offs to car parks.  So the morning before going to Paultons Park we had some free time and headed for a quick morning walk on a National Trust owned common.

National Trust Half Moon Common
reflection in new forest water puddles
Ferns and bracken in New Forest

N wasn’t impressed and didn’t want to walk so it ended up being a short walk. It was a lovely slightly misty morning with the sun streaming through the trees, and it was just us out there and at one point there was a man and his dog.

sun through the trees
chilling out in the new forest
portrait close up
no photo face
Ambling in the New Forest
hiding behind trees
jumping out from trees

We just parked for a bit. I enjoyed taking photos before it was time to head back to the car.  Of course as soon as we were in the car and driving off, we saw the elusive ponies hiding away in the half of the common which is the other side of the road. Typical.  N was refusing to stop and was on a mission to get to Paultons Park before the crowds, so I decided we’d try again another day.

New Forest ponies crossing the road

We enjoyed the relaxed mooching time outdoors, but I’d love to know how others managed to persuade their children to go on walks without moaning

Do your children enjoy walks?

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  1. Oh we’ve done the same with those ponies!! Monkey has just done a fossil project at school and this would have been a great activity for him. He also would have ended up with pockets full of stones. Love the pictures. Stopping by from #CountryKids

  2. Half Moon Common looks like a beautiful place for a walk even if N didn’t quite appreciate it so much! I love the photos of him peeking out from behind the tree. Sounds like he had fun fossil hunting too even if he didn’t manage to find any. #countrykids

    1. He’s always enthusiastic about walking places as long as he’s got a purpose. He didn’t seem too disappointed that he didn’t find any.

  3. We’ve never been fossil hunting, but I like the idea of doing some research on it and having a go 🙂 Love the photos from the misty forest, beautiful x #countrykids

  4. Alice is learning about fossils at school at the moment and wants to go in search of some soon. Walks are tricky at this age, they love it when they get there. Its getting them there! Holly doesn’t mind so much, but Alice is well what will we do on a walk!! Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  5. Oh there is always some moaning, but usually they start playing chase, hide-and-seek, etc. as soon as we get going, and all is fine. Geocaching has proved to be a worthy motivation too – your little fossil hunter might enjoy it!
    Lovely photos by the way 🙂

  6. Great photos-looks like a fab day out. We apparently have lots of fossils on the North Norfolk coast but without a picture guide I wouldn’t have a clue what to look for! #countrykids

  7. I have one that loves walking and one that doesn’t. Ice cream bribes usually work for us though. Love your photos.

  8. We used to live in lee on the solent and you can get lots of fossil shells there, as well as the odd shark tooth 🙂 always a find to be had!! Looked like a lovely place and adventure though #countrykidsfun

  9. I wish there was an answer to owning kids. I find bribery works best but not always. Sometimes not even ice cream will do! We love the New Forest and used to live very close to it. It was lovely looking through your photographs. The ponies usually turn up when you are trying to get somewhere and then walk straight down the middle of the road 🙂 #countrykids

  10. Ah he looks so happy by these trees! My girls love to go on a walk, but usually only when they are there as the eldest likes to moan about pretty much anything we are doing until we are there and then she loves it, standard! #sharingthebloglove

  11. Love the New Forest – something really magical about it. TJ loves dinsoaurs and fossils and we’ve been lucky at Kimmeridge and found some fossils before. #countrykids

  12. Oh my kids are not impressed with going on a walk unless they are bribed with the prospect of a meal out at the end, or have some kind of mission from the walk. Fossil hunting has been an excuse for a few of our walks, farmer Nick is a Geographer and loved the chalk pits of the south downs dragging the kids along to explain fossils on many an occasion, however it is now met with huge groans! Lovely to see N in to fossil hunting, they are easy to spot in chalk if you have any areas like this near you? I’ve not been to the New Forest in years, such a pretty part of the country.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    1. I think it’s universal for kids. I know we were the same when we were children being dragged out for a Sunday walk. I have to promise N a National Trust lunchbox if we’re going there.

      Good to know about chalk. Not got much near us, so maybe will look out on holiday.

  13. I think you saw for yourself that Monkey loves going for a walk! Giving him a stick collection mission always works wonders. I do love the New Forest, and we keep saying we need to return to the area to explore more too #CountryKids

  14. I love how enthusiastic they get over things like fossils – very fun to go on a hunt though not sure I’d spot any on a beach myself. And my daughter is the same, will walk for miles or dig up half a beach without getting bored if she’s in the mood and moan about her tired legs after three steps if she’s not! #countrykids

    1. It seems fossils are the in thing. Until they learnt it in school, N was never interested in dinosaurs, but fossils have transformed his interest. Thanks for stopping by Cathy

  15. We are near Charmouth where there are apparently loads of fossils – I am not a natural Mary Anning though and never find anything very exciting! The New Forest is lovely, I will add it to my road trip itinerary! #CountryKids

    1. Yes, I’d really have no idea where to look unless someone was showing me. I’ve heard Charmouth is quite good. Thanks for stopping by

  16. I love the New Forest – the scenery is fantastic for long walks! I have the same issue as you though, it just wouldn’t be compatible with a child who doesn’t like to walk! Sorry you only got a glimpse of the ponies – I remember a camping trip where we woke up to find one eating my Frosties! No breakfast for me, but it was the highlight of our holiday! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

    1. Lol. The last time we got close to the ponies was when we were children and one of the children we were staying with got bitten by one!

  17. We’ve never been to the New Forest, it’s quite a distance from us. Perhaps we’ll go fossil hunting there one day 😉 x

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