Kids get active with Leapfrog Leapband

Kids get active with Leapfrog Leapband - Bubbablue and me

I love my fitbit and I’ve always wanted to give it to N to see how much activity he does during the day compared to me. But instead of risking him losing my Fitbit, Leapfrog sent us a Leapband to try out. N was excited as soon as I opened the parcel up. He loves wearing a watch so the Leapband went down well immediately even before he knew it spoke to him. Yes, he’s a typical child and loves… Continue Reading “Kids get active with Leapfrog Leapband”

Living Arrows 2016 week 17 – play tent and forts

making a tent fort on a climbing frame

The weather’s been a mixed bag this week but N did come back from school in just his t shirt so it was plenty warm enough for playing outside.  He found the parachute I bought a few years ago for a party, and decided to take it outside to make it into a play tent. I’m not sure how he originally intended to make his den, but I suggested he hook up the parachute to the climbing frame to make… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2016 week 17 – play tent and forts”

Fun ways to teach kids about the night sky

Fun ways to teach kids the night sky Bubbablue and me

N’s always been interested in learning about the night sky, the moon and stars, and many a time we’ve stopped to look out of the window.  We talk about the different stages of the moon especially, he’s a bit obsessed when it’s a crescent moon. We’re lucky in that living in the middle of nowhere, we have a pitch black sky and the stars look amazing, but it’s really hard to see one constellation to point it out to N.  … Continue Reading “Fun ways to teach kids about the night sky”

Gadgets for children – real or kids versions?

electronic gadgets for kids - real or kiddy - Bubbablue and me

Post Christmas, and for us a birthday, means that lots of children were given electronic gadgets.  With children under five now being bought tablets and shops offering children’s versions of every electronic gadget possible, it’s often hard to know which to buy. Two Christmases ago I debated buying N a Vtech kids tablet.  In fact, not only debated but bought one (on a good pre-Christmas sale deal).  As Christmas approached, I just wasn’t sure.  Did I really want N having his own tablet? … Continue Reading “Gadgets for children – real or kids versions?”

5 non-boring party bag ideas for pre-schooler to 7 year olds

5 non-boring party bag ideas for kids - Bubbablue and me

It’ll be N’s birthday in the next month, so we’re in party planning mode.  Well, I say we.  N keeps changing his mind over the type of party he wants, or whether he wants on at all. The plan is that we’re having a joint party with his best friend because their birthdays are close together.  It’s  no brainer given they’re in the same class, and know similar people outside of school as well. So the mum and I have… Continue Reading “5 non-boring party bag ideas for pre-schooler to 7 year olds”

Take one cardboard tube and teach vibration

N is obsessed with boxes as you may have seen from various photos on this blog over time.   But he’s got quite partial to junk modelling as well.  I don’t get many drawings home from school, but I get a lot of junk models….mostly just boxes stuck on top of each other. But the other week we had a more interesting play session making the most of some cardboard tubes we had.  It turned into a session on science and… Continue Reading “Take one cardboard tube and teach vibration”

Old skool frisbee fun with family

family frisbee fun

Last weekend was one of the coldest of the autumn so far, but that didn’t stop N wanting to get outside and play. I’d been telling him to stay off the grass because it was just too wet to be driving his gator round, but he got so excited later in the day to see his uncle turn up, that playing outdoors was too much of a lure.  So much so, that he forgot he’d wanted to go out on… Continue Reading “Old skool frisbee fun with family”

Playing family games night with Megableu Games

megableu games

If you’re a fan of playing games (or who have children who are), hopefully you’ll have spotted my posts about Halloween games and other interactive games from Megableu.  If not , go and check them out now! As well as having some great fun playing the family games, I’m launching a competition for a lucky reader to win all 5 games.  Yes, that’s all 5 games.  With Christmas coming up, that means the winner could have gifts covered (we’ll make… Continue Reading “Playing family games night with Megableu Games”

More interactive fun with Megableu Games

megableu games

We enjoyed our Halloween games from Megableu games, so were anticipating similar types of games for our second games session. N was just as excited about their arrival.  They were certainly unlike any games we had as children.  Back in the day, interactive games were limited to Buckaroo, so it’s great to see games getting more adventurous than flat board games. We had 3 games to review, Alien Mission, Trickin’ Camel and Cobra Attack.    And damn, more sets of batteries… Continue Reading “More interactive fun with Megableu Games”

Fun playing Dobble Kids, plus a giveaway

Dobbie kids game

We were introduced to Dobble last Boxing Day.  We’d gone for tea to my sister-in-law’s house and one of her 16 year old niece had brought it along for everyone to play.  It went down really well with all ages of children, and the adults having a go, so I was debating getting it for us in future. But recently, I was lucky enough to receive the newly launched Dobble Kids* to review.  This is based on the same premise… Continue Reading “Fun playing Dobble Kids, plus a giveaway”