Lego cafe fun in Stratford upon Avon - Bubbablue and me

Lego Cafe and a relaxed day out in Stratford-upon-Avon

Stratford-upon-Avon is usually my go to summer day out. It’s perfect for spending time down by the river, or with N in the playground. But during half term, N had requested a visit to Lego Café which he’d heard his school friends mention. So Lego Cafe it was, plus a mooch around in the morning.

Lego cafe fun in Stratford upon Avon - Bubbablue and me

Travel tip –> if you’re driving to Stratford, you really want to get a parking space early rather than sitting in traffic all day

There’s a few of the Shakespeare Birthplace trust places we haven’t been to yet, but N turned his nose up at my suggestions of Anne Hathaway’s cottage, New Place or Hall’s Croft. Instead he agreed to an open top bus tour. I was hopeful that we’d be able to hop off at one of the attractions, but nope, N was standing firm.

Shakespeare's birthplace
old buildings in Stratford
Nutcracker outside the Christmas shop in Stratford

The weather wasn’t the best for being on an open top bus so we sat downstairs. Not great for visibility and definitely not for photos. N loved having his own set of ear phones, and he’s just at the age where he’s interested in listening to all the history. With his love of Horrible Histories, he kept telling me he knew about Shakespeare and the King at that time. It’s lovely to see an interest growing.

With the tour taking an hour, there was plenty of time for a quick walk near the RSC and the river. I’m not sure the swans and geese knew exactly what hit them with N deciding to go Dr Doolittle on them. Thankfully none bit!

swans at STratford upon avon
Enjoying Stratford outdoors

For lunch we headed to the Ann Hathaway tea rooms. So few cafes in Stratford-upon-Avon do children’s menus, but a normal sandwich suited N fine (although the dressed salad wasn’t to his liking, much to his disappointment). I chose a really delicious warm quiche and salad. I don’t get to eat quiche much and certainly not a hot one, so it was a nice treat, and inspired the people sitting next to us to choose the same.

reading wimpy kid in a cafe

I could spend hours walking the streets and shops of Stratford although N gets bored. It was a short wait until Lego Cafe’s opening.

Slaughterhouse yard arts centre
arts centre cow sculpture

Lego Cafe enjoyment

I was expecting a lot more from Lego Cafe. Something like a community hall with lots of people turning up, and more like a ‘playgroup’ setting. But I was totally wrong. It’s in the Arts Centre which includes local history of railways and more. The cafe is small with just a few tables, but it worked perfectly well for Lego Café. Parents can sit and have drinks and cake, while children can get a bowl, choose their Lego pieces and start building.

choosing lego pieces
enjoying lego at lego cafe
making creations at lego cafe
flying Lego vehicle

N’s always happy to play on his own, and being the first ones there, he got to choose the pieces he wanted. Other children come with friends or siblings, so it got a bit noisy but not too chaotic given it’s tight around the tables.

The good thing about this Lego cafe is that it’s school holidays only, and because it’s Lego rather than a general play session, it’s mostly school age children there. Which means few younger siblings being annoying and pulling creations apart.

All in all, it was a lovely relaxing day in Stratford-upon-Avon. Perfect for a lazy-ish day when the weather wasn’t the best.

Have you ever been to a Lego cafe, or similar games café to this one?

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