Book lover style with Roald Dahl cushions from House of Fraser – giveaway

Roald Dahl House of Fraser cushions

I have to admit our house is a tad on the unfinished side (and has been since before I moved in 13 years ago). I love looking at stylish houses, but just never have the impetous to do it in our own home. I had vague plans for N’s room but it’s still a hotch potch, and generally full of books spread all over the floor. N takes after me in loving books, so when I was shown the Roald… Continue Reading “Book lover style with Roald Dahl cushions from House of Fraser – giveaway”

Books update for March

March books update

Ok, so I’m a bit late with my books update for March, but I’m pleased to say that I’m back reading regularly, and even (vaguely) managed to find some time alongside it for some crochet too.  I did think I’d not read much, but I finished 4 books in March so I’m still on track with my target of 52 books this year.  I’ve also been reading proper books as well as e-books.  I will reduce my paperback ‘to read’… Continue Reading “Books update for March”

Back to books – February update

books round up february 2015

It’s taken me a while to get round to publishing my February books round up.  I only read 4 books after a busy January, but am still on track for my 52 book challenge this year.  I’ve got a few days off next week so I’m sure I’ll be catching up on my reading then. Especially if I’m short on wifi access. Here’s last month’s books round up. Road to Rouen – Ben Hatch I loved Ben’s first book Are… Continue Reading “Back to books – February update”

Book review: A chilling novel – The Ice Twins by SK Tremayne

the ice twins

When I was chosen to review this book, I was really excited.  The blurb sounded haunting, and after feeling a bit meh over the last book I read, I wanted to get back to one I really got into.  The Ice Twins didn’t disappoint. The Moorcraft family move from London to a Scottish Island a year after the death of one of their identical twin daughters Lydia, and following money worries.  The father Angus is returning back to his Scottish roots,… Continue Reading “Book review: A chilling novel – The Ice Twins by SK Tremayne”

Learn to fasten with Zip It by Patricia Hegarty

Zip It book

I was looking forward to receiving this Zip It hardback book from Little Tiger Press, written by Patricia Hegarty and illustrated by Fhiona Galloway.  While it looks like a book for younger children, it’s aimed at 3-6 year olds, with the main purpose of letting them practise undoing and doing up fastenings.  N really needs some help with those, because he doesn’t really make the effort to try (apart from being able to pull a zip up and down). Zip… Continue Reading “Learn to fasten with Zip It by Patricia Hegarty”

The ideal book for a farmer’s son? Good little bad little pig

good little bad little Pig

Our latest Book Buddy read from Parragon Books is Good little bad little Pig by Margaret Wise Brown, and illustrated by Loretta Schauer.  I thought this book would appeal to N given the subject matter. The story is about a little boy who wants a piglet as a pet.  His parents bring up all the barriers to having one, but he writes to a farmer that he wants a good little bad little pig.  And a piglet duly arrives.  We… Continue Reading “The ideal book for a farmer’s son? Good little bad little pig”

Back to books – January 2015 round up

Book round up January 2015

After a really poor year in 2014, where I only read about 16 books all year – from March to September I didn’t read any at all – I signed up again for the Good Reads challenge.  My aim is to read 52 books so hopefully this year I’ll manage it. January started really well, helped by the impetus of post Christmas and having time off work.  Now my reading’s slowed down thanks to starting crochet back up, and trying… Continue Reading “Back to books – January 2015 round up”

Personalised books with Penwizard

Personalised books from Penwizard - Bubbablue and me

I remember being bought a personalised book when I was a child and loved reading how I and my friend helped Snow White and the 7 Dwarves save the day.  I always thought it was magical being in a book myself, and when Penwizard asked me to review one of their books, I thought of that magic and how N might feel. The Penwizard website is easy enough to use.  It filters by character books, by boys and girls (although… Continue Reading “Personalised books with Penwizard”

Little Snappers books – review and giveaway

little snappers books

Last year we did the 300 picture books challenge and managed to complete it in May or June, reading 300 different picture books.  I can’t say the same for my own personal challenge, it was a seriously poor showing and this month alone I’m not far off my 2014 books read total! This year, we’re taking it easy with picture books.  N’s book shelves are bursting (so much so that his downstairs fabric sling ones have broken), but we do… Continue Reading “Little Snappers books – review and giveaway”

Badger and the Great Storm – picture book review

badger and the great storm book review

As he’s grown a bit older, N’s been much more open to new books.  Anything with animals in seems to go down a treat, and when we received Badger and the Great Storm for review, it was immediately picked up for a bedtime story. This picture book by Suzanne Chiew is lovely, with the main message behind it about how friends help each other.  The illustrations by Caroline Pedler are lovely, and for us reading at bedtime in a relatively… Continue Reading “Badger and the Great Storm – picture book review”