Chair play

N’s always been a bit of a fidgetter (aren’t all toddlers?), but he’s started playing with his (my old) wooden chair.

He tips it over, then stands in it, then tries to sit on the floor in it, on the bars.  Anywhere but the seat.

Today he was standing watching Total Wipeout (that programme must seem like wet softplay for adults – sounds so wrong typing it! – to toddlers) in the chair.

It’s all very strange, but I suppose it’s good for him practicing his balance.  He did trip over it this afternoon though…cue crying as he’d landed on some Duplo.

chair uses
Comfy (?) television viewing spot

Definitely the stage where he’s into climbing and being imaginative about ordinary items.  After the chair play today, he’s also been having a conversation with Grandma on the phone.  Well, the old tv remote rather than the actual phone.  Sitting on the hearth chatting away, then going over to his dad to tell him ‘I’m on the phone Grandma’.  All very cute.

phone call
I’m on the phone

What do your children use furniture for in their play?

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