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Christmas displays in Milton Keynes

Last year I took N to Milton Keynes to see the Christmas displays with my mum.  I wanted to take him again this year (predominantly for me as I love seeing the displays), but he did love the train so thought he’d like to go on it again.  We coincided our visit with meeting up with a couple of my friends as well.

N’s so funny with adult friends, especially those he rarely sees.  One had built sandcastles with him on the beach in Oxford back in August, so he vaguely remembered her, and we saw my other friend in the summer for a meal as well.  He tells me he remembers people, although I do wonder sometimes whether he really does or not!

We headed to the centre:MK a bit earlier than we needed to, although being a Sunday I’d checked opening times and had seen places weren’t opening til 11.  Arriving there, you’d never have believed that.  The place was packed at 10.30.  I’d planned to stop for a drink first, then mooch round the display before it got too busy but we had to turn that on its head before it got any busier.  It would be good if official online information websites, would have the correct information.  It was fairly obvious that people were expecting John Lewis to open for browsing at 10.30 and that the Christmas displays had been open for some time, despite what the MK website had said.

Overall, I wasn’t as impressed as last year.  The main lights and central display of what could have been a ‘tree with baubles’ was a bit odd, and some of the standalone items were the same as the previous year (the giant baubles you could stand in).

20131124_102728 compressed

The display of Snow White and the dwarfs which the train went round was quite nice.  Some great detail on the food, although the fairy tale prince and princesses were a little on the scary side!

sleeping beauty and prince charming

The carousel was there as usual. I wanted to take N on it, but he didn’t want to which I was surprised about.  It was situated amongst some Christmassy craft stalls although we didn’t find much present inspiration from them.


We did take a trip on the train.  It’s a bargain £1.50 per person, and I’d hope it won’t go up in price next year, as it did seem shorter than last year.

A quick elevenses at Costa for a Christmassy hot chocolate for me, and a smoothie for N – he was very excited to have his own bottle…with a knitted hat, and slurped it all up.

Then a mooch around with my friends followed by a lovely lunch.

Bella Italia

I love getting out and about with N – it’s great to be able to show him different things, and hopefully we’ll be able to continue this in future.

I definitely think seeing the Christmas displays makes you feel more ready for the Christmas season.  How do you get ready for Christmas?  Do you go and see displays?

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    1. Hope you made it over and it wasn’t too manic. The displays are great, and definitely worth travelling for. Makes a difference compared to what Banbury has.

  1. Wow that’s all so sparkly. It must have been awesome last year. We live in a teeny tiny town with one main road so we only have a few little Xmas tree lights. Think yours puts ours to shame 🙂

    1. It’s definitely bright and sparkly. I love the way they dim the lights so the christmas displays feel all evening like! We do travel an hour to see them though. Our town’s lights are definitely more modest

    1. I’m surprised you don’t get bigger and better in the US? They are lovely, although mostly quite frugal in market towns. Have to travel for the big displays.

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