Water Babies swimming lesson

First Swimming refusal

Oh dear.  This week saw a major meltdown and swimming refusal.

Because we’ve been visiting my mum in the mornings, he has his lunch there, then we head to swimming with him having his nap in the car.

Before we left, he was all excited, telling everyone he was going to see Lynsey and going swimming.  No sign that there’d be anything different this week compared to previous weeks.

He napped as usual, and woke up himself with no problems.

But then N took a look round, and then started protesting.

‘No swimming, go home’.  We’ve never had that before and I wasn’t sure how to react.  Still, my theory was take him in and see whether he was fine when he was in and dressed.

Hmm, didn’t work.  I don’t think it was helped by seeing 3 of his usual classmates who’d moved up to a more advanced class who were just getting changed and leaving.  Then new people coming in.  It’s always a change at the beginning of the ‘new’ term, but I’m really hoping we’ve not got a full 10 again.  As older toddlers, it’s a real crush in the pool at times with 10 children plus adults, and a few weeks we had 11 when everyone turned up.  I know one of my friends hasn’t continued this term in a different class because it had just got too crowded.

So more crying in the changing room.  I couldn’t even get his coat off without more crying and protesting.

My choice – try and force him into swimming gear, and hope he calmed down once we got by the pool (not much chance of that.  Once he gets going he won’t stop protesting).  Or leave and go back next week hoping it was a one off.

So, back outside and by the car I did kick off a bit telling him that this wasn’t acceptable, that it wouldn’t be happening next week, and trying to work out why he didn’t want to go.  Of course, it winds me up more when he can’t tell me why!

Hopefully it was a one off and next week we’re back to normal, wanting to go and enjoying it.  Two weeks off is getting out of the habit, and I don’t want him to get his own way, for seemingly no reason on an ongoing basis.

Have you ever had similar?  How’ve you dealt with it?

Disclosure: I’m one of the Water Babies bloggers, all writing and opinions are my own.

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