visiting the confetti flower fields at wick

Visiting Confetti flower fields Pershore

I’ve been meaning for years to visit the Confetti flower fields Pershore, but this year was the first I managed to get there. If you love flowers, photography, or just want a different few hours out with the family, then it’s worth a trip.

Wyke Manor Estate have opened the confetti field up to the public for the last 10 years. The field is open for around 10 days only in July, and is a ticketed event. Then they close again to harvest the flowers for their Real Flower Petal Confetti business.

visiting the confetti flower fields at wick

Visiting the Confetti flower fields Pershore

The Confetti flower fields is in Wick, a little village just outside Pershore in Worcestershire. The signage enroute is good, and there’s a one way system in and out through the village.

Tickets are booked for 45 minute entry slots, and they recommend allowing a couple of hours if you’re going to enjoy the flower fields as well as the cafe and photo opportunities. It’s obviously a field, so do prepare for the weather – they provide updates each morning on their Facebook page confirming the state of the field and pathways.  

When I visited 7 days into the 2024 open season, it had been quite dry weather for a while so the ground was very dry. But after that the rain arrived and they recommended wellies.  Bear in mind it’s an open field with no shelter, so if it’s hot think about parasols or hats if you need some shade.

Parking is on the field too, but is well marshalled for entrance and exit. Don’t forget your tickets which can be scanned from mobiles at the car park queue.  If you’re the first slot of the day like I was, prepare to queue as everyone arrives just before 10. But when I left there was no queue in.

There are limited facilities given it’s a field, but there are plenty of (very clean) portaloos, and there’s a marquee with the cafe for refreshments. You can bring a picnic or eat from the cafe on the picnic benches in front of the fields, and there’s plenty of picnic blanket space.

Around the outside of the flower field there’s plenty of photo opportunity spots. Whether on hay bales, the vintage bus or tractor.  

vintage bus at the confetti flower fields

The confetti flower field

The confetti field really is a beautiful sight.  There are plenty of walkways to find your way into the flowers, or you can walk around the outside which is surrounded on two sides by gorgeous wildflowers.  At the far end there’s a viewpoint you can climb up to see across the whole field.

I stuck with walking through the central walkways.  Being the early slot, while a lot of people arrived at once, everyone spread out and went their own way, so it never felt crowded. Unless you stopped and whole families found their way out the same paths as you, but then you ended up spread out again.

walkway through delphinium confetti fields
path through confetti fields

The delphinium flowers are so tall and pretty.  So many colours, from deep purple to lilac, bright pink to pastel pinks, pale blue and white.  If you’re after photos, you’ve got choices of backgrounds, with the pastels providing the best definition for photos.

There are specific colour areas in the field, but then also mixed colours. With wide main paths, and smaller gaps you could also follow to move further into the flowers.

pink delphiniums as far as the eye can see flower fields
pastel pink and lilac delphinums up close in the confetti flower fields
macro close up of delphiniums
selfie of woman with sunglassed on head in front of delphiniums

If you’re after a breather there’s an open space with bales for seating in the middle – a good picnic area maybe, or just chance to sit and enjoy the quiet.

The wildflower areas were also beautiful. Poppies, cornflowers and corn marigolds aplenty under the sun. There were plenty of large white butterflies around the wildflowers too.

I got out my Merlin app to see what birds were around. But only the skylarks were singing given the time of day.

wildflowers with delphiniums behind
wildflower meadow with confetti flowers behind
close up of wildflower mix
large white butterfly settled on purple flower

What else is there to do?

Once you’ve finished your field walk, you can buy your own bunches of delphiniums. They’re made up throughout the day filling up the buckets as they sell. I bought a lovely small bouquet for a fiver, taller ones were £10. 

confetti flower stems picked for selling in a trailer
delphinium flower bouquets for sale outside marquee

As well as the cafe tent, there was also a tent for the artist in residence where you could buy her prints. 

I didn’t hang around as I was feeling a bit hot, and I wanted to get on to my next stop of the day. But there were plenty of people enjoying sitting in the sun and buying the flowers.

You can find out more at the website and follow them on socials for information about next year’s season and tickets. If you’ve got weddings to go to, you can also order the real petal confetti online.

If you can’t get to Wick, there’s also similar confetti flower fields at Hatters Farm near Bishops Stortford which opens the last few days of July into August.

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