toddler feeding swans

Feeding the Ducks

Yesterday we decided we would go to Stratford to feed the swans and ducks.  The forecast was dry and looked quite good so I was optimistic we might get a bit of sun.  Of course we went too early so it was absolutely freezing to be stood around, while a couple of hours later it had warmed up a bit.  Still, it meant it was almost empty and we could choose our spot for watching the birds.

N called all of them ducks – they have a couple of ducks on the pond at nursery – but it was the swans who made a beeline for us even before we’d opened the packet of authorised duck food.  I was a bit concerned about his ‘throwing’ and slow speed of getting a few grains of the food out, so I ended up doing most of the ‘feeding’ but he had a lovely time.

toddler feeding swans

We didn’t stick around by the river long because it was so cold, but we had to wave bye to the ducks and swans, and then look at all the barges parked up.

We rarely have much luck with the weather at Stratford when we go, but going pre-tourist season is good as it’s so much quieter and there’s space to move and enjoy the riverside in peace.

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    1. There’s not many places to go round near us, although thinking we might try the reservoir tomorrow if the weather’s like today.

    1. ha ha. I had to get the feed out, and let him take it from my hand, then he’d just kind of drop it in front of him. I didn’t want to get him too close, although thank god for reins!

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