Toddlerisms 6: Grapes

N loves fruit.

I imagine most children do (especially over veg, although he does love veg too), but I think N’s slightly obsessed with it.  So much so that it’s always the fruit he tried to make a grab for when I’m not looking and he wants something extra to eat.

Grapes are brilliant because if he wants a snack before a meal, I can get away with offering a couple of grapes.  When I say a couple, I mean 2 (possibly 3). He always seems happy with that.

If we’re out and about and there’re grapes on offer, he’ll definitely make a beeline for those.

But recently he’s been a bit of a grabber.  He has his evening milk at about 6pm, an hour before bed.  He’ll say ‘milk’ then drag me into the kitchen to get his cup.  As soon as I open the fridge door to get the milk out, he’s there, and before I have a chance to stop him, there’s a hand in hovering to grab some grapes if they’re on a shelf he can reach.

What’s a pain, is that a lot of the time he doesn’t want to eat the grapes.  He just wants to line them up in the living room, or roll them around, or feed them to me.  It’s like it’s a challenge to see if he can grab them, or how many he can grab before I can stop him.

I guess I’ll need to keep an eye on him when we’re out shopping otherwise I could see grapes being stolen and eaten in the supermarket before I’ve managed to stop him.

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