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Keto chocolate raspberry fat bomb recipe

I have a really sweet tooth, so if I’m eating healthily I try and avoid puddings and any other sweet things. If I have one then I tend to want more, so it’s easier to stay clear. But sometimes you just need a sweet hit.

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Given that most diets allow some unhealthy treats, the challenge is finding treats that are just a bite but still satisfying, to avoid overeating on them.

With keto diets, you can find all manner of treats, known as keto balls or fat bombs. So named because they’re high fat and can be used as a boost to get more fat in your diet if you’re short. Generally made with nut butters or coconut based butter/oil, and the addition of other flavours, once you’ve got a base you can add different flavours.

I’ve tried basic coconut bombs which are delicious, although my attempt at cheesecake bombs and peanut butter fat balls weren’t very nice. The latest ones I tried were a variation on the coconut fat balls. Chocolate and raspberry.

I kept the base the same – coconut butter, coconut oil, a little sweetener, cocoa and raspberries. Chocolate and raspberry go really well together, and you can’t taste the coconut too much.

The recipe is really simple. So simple your children could do it. You just let the coconut butter and oil to soften then mix. Add the cocoa and whatever sweetener you’re using. Crush the raspberries and stir into the mix, before putting into moulds and freezing until set.

mixing chocolate coconut butter and oil
chocolate coconut raspberry mix
mashed raspberries
mixing raspberry into coconut and cocoa
chocolate coconut mixture ready for moulds

Once you’ve mixed the ingredients you can use any type of moulds. Silicone are the best for removing them afterwards. I made these in ice cube moulds, but as an alternative I’d have done them in the base of cupcake cases which also work well.

My recipe made 12 but the size of the mould will mean they vary, and obviously you can reduce or double the ingredient amounts if you want more of less fat bombs.

chocolate raspberry coconut mix ready for freezing
coconut chocolate and raspberry frozen fat bombs

They taste really good – out of the freezer or the fridge. You need to keep them chilled otherwise they will get a bit messy.

For the sweetener, use whichever one you prefer. I tend to use Stevia (powdered rather than liquid for this recipe), but use as much needed to taste depending on the sweetener. Some are sweeter than others. Start with half a teaspoon and increase to taste.

Chocolate and raspberry coconut fat bomb recipe

chocolate and raspberry coconut fat balls

Chocolate and raspberry fat bombs (keto)

Keto snack of a chocolate and raspberry fat bomb, made from a coconut base.

Course Snack
Keyword fat bomb, keto, snacks
Prep Time 15 minutes
Freeze time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours 15 minutes
Servings 12 portions


  • 1 cup coconut butter (56g)
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp cocoa
  • 1 tsp sweetener (I used Stevia, you may need more if using other sweeteners)
  • 1 handful raspberries


  1. Let coconut oil and butter soften and mix together to get rid of lumps

  2. Add the cocoa and sweetener, and mix til combined

  3. Mash the raspberries, then mix into the coconut mix.

  4. Dollop the mixture into moulds, silicone is best, and freeze until set.

  5. Once frozen you can eat from the freezer, or move into the fridge.

Like with so many fat bomb recipes, you can vary the flavour as you want. Instead of adding the cocoa, try adding the raspberries alone, or chopped strawberries. Or chopped nuts could be an option. Or why not try some extract or sugar free syrups like peppermint or orange with the cocoa.

I’ve included some ideas for equipment you can use (Ad – affiliate links)

Do you make keto snacks? Which is your favourite fat bomb recipe?

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