Wasgij football fever

Wasgij Original 21 Football Fever solution

I’ve been working my way through a few of the Wasgij puzzles over the last year and a half, but being on lockdown means I’m now running out. You can’t buy them anywhere in the UK at the moment because they’re all out of stock, unless you want to pay extortionate inflated prices (Amazon), or fight in a bidding war on ebay for second hand ones which I’ve not been successful in so far.

Now i’m just writing up my previous Wasgij solutions, so there’ll be a couple more to come for those of you who have puzzles but are stuck for the solution.

Wasgij football fever

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This one is the Wasgij Original 21 Football Fever. It’s fun for football fans, as well as Wasgij lovers.

The box image, as expected, shows people watching football on a giant tv screen.  With the Original Wasgij range, you need to solve the puzzle to show what someone in the puzzle is seeing. This turns things upside down, with lots of comedic elements.

Full of larger than life characters, bright colours and patterns to help make the puzzle enjoyable (and more doable), I found this Football Fever Wasgij quite a straightforward one to complete.

For the solution, scroll down below.

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wasgij football fever jigsaw

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Which Wasgij puzzles are your favourite?

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