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Quad biking and a new hunt follower

I’m expecting to lose readers (‘please don’t go, don’t goooooo, don’t go away’….in the words of a dubious 90s song) on this post, but we live in the countryside and such activities take part around us every Autumn and Winter.

This weekend our local hunt were out in our neck of the woods.  Apart from them riding through our fields (and sometimes through our yard, much to the OH’s annoyance when he tells them not to once the cows are in the barns), we just see and hear them out and about.

I wasn’t expecting to see many out as it was early in their usual season, plus they were out much earlier than usual in the day, so I was surprised when I went to take the recycling to the bins to see the number of cars along the verges who were obviously following them.

hunt followers

The  OH was out on the quad bike at the time, so said he’d take N out to see the horses and dogs on the bike.  N loves being outside, and add the quad bike into the mix…well, that’s his ideal trip out.  He can’t go on the road yet as he’s too small, but out in the fields, he’s happy to sit there and watch everything that’s going on.

I spotted the hunt at the top of our hill where the OH, N and his Gran were waiting at the gate to make sure they all came down again, and to shut the gate behind them.  I love to see the hunt at the top of the hills in Autumn weather.  It’s a real sign of Autumn, and rural life.


They headed down through the yard and out along the road to the next farm along, and following behind was N on the bike.

He was being brought back to me, but he wanted to ‘see more horses and dogs’.  I’m not sure the hunt like their hounds being called dogs!  So off they went across the fields to follow them along a bit further.

N was out for almost 1 ½ hours and had a great time out on the bike with his dad.  Following the hunt isn’t something that I or the OH would do (the followers bug me most of the time by clogging up the narrow lanes with cars dumped in ridiculous places), so I doubt he’ll get much chance later in the season.  Maybe his Gran will take him out occasionally if she goes out to see the horses.  Although we could take him to our National Trust venue, which is where the Boxing Day hunt meet is held.

What signs of Autumn do you look forward to?

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  1. When I was a kid…I lived on a farm and ‘the hunt’ would come through the fields….I used to find it so exciting….It truly was a sign of Autumn beginning! No and they don’t like their hounds being called dogs…lol

    1. That’s it. It’s great to see all ages enjoying it as well. Although I have to admit I’d never be bothered to follow them. I prefer staying in the warmth and watching from my house!

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