Potty training at night – back to front and upside down

I’ve always said N’s pretty text book in his development.  Everytime they’re meant to hit a milestone, he seemed to do it at the right time if not just before, but with potty training we’re obviously going to be nearer three than two year old (and hopefully nearer three than four!).

Back in the summer he would quite happily sit on the potty before going in the bath, and having a wee.  But then the last couple of months he’s refused to sit on the potty.  Eventually he’s agreed to sit on the toilet on his seat; he’ll sit there a while, say ‘it’s gone’ but not do anything.  I’ve just thought he’s nowhere near ready, especially as he’s not that fussed about telling us after he’s filled his nappy, or doesn’t seem to recognise when his nappy is sodden.

Then the last three days, he’s actually done a wee on the toilet before his bath, and yesterday on the potty.  Not sure why on the potty when he’s been so averse before, but his dad was there at the time rather than me.  It seems he’s happier weeing in front of him than me?!

Other than that, he’s still asking for a nappy even though he will say he needs to wee in the toilet and seems to know what he should be learning although he’s not.

But last night I had a bit of a shock.

N has a cold (as have I), so he somehow ended up sleeping in bed with me – having been ostracised as lurgied!  Then at about midnight I woke hearing him say ‘I need a nappy on’.

Well of course that comment woke me up right away with a jolt wondering why he didn’t have one on.  He was sitting up having removed his pj bottoms and his nappy.  After a quick check the bed hadn’t been wet, I asked if he needed to wee.

‘No new nappy on’.  So into his room and grab a new nappy. But he’d not finished there, he took himself off to the bathroom, got his seat for the toilet and then proceeded to do a wee on it.  I couldn’t believe that he’d woken himself up recognising that he needed a wee, even when he seems to have no concept of it during the day.

Job done, nappy back on and back to his own bed for some more sleep.

sleepy toddler
Sleepy boy

Of course, I was up most of the night, then unable to get back to sleep.  I think I was still shocked in the morning by what he’s managed to do during the night.

Needless to say, the day didn’t continue in the same vein. He was still extremely attached to his nappies, not agreeing to sit on the toilet at all.

Did you have any surprises while your children were potty training?  How did you find it?

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  1. We started potty training my son at 2 and 4 months on Christmas eve. He took to it immediately and enjoyed showing my whole family his “deposits” on Christmas Day. Unfortunately, once Christmas was over and the family gone, he went right off the idea and instead weed every time we put him on the naughty step as a rebellion. Much against my will, we gave up completely and put him back in pull up nappies for another 6 months. Then a week before his third birthday and under some pressure to get him dry before he started preschool I tried again. I told him we were going to go shopping so he could choose some big boy pants he liked, and that he was going to learn so he could go to school. The first day was a disaster, but he was dry by day 2 and never looked back. So for us, it wasn’t about physical capability it was about his emotional readiness. He is 4 now and at big school and has only had a handful of slip ups.

    1. I think it’s definitely the emotional side with N too. Thankfully his nursery school can take them from 2 so can’t really expect that they’re all potty trained, although he’s one of the youngest, and one of the only ones that’s not in pants, so I was kind of hoping he’d take notes from the older ones. But although he knows what ‘big boys’ do, he’s too attached to his nappies. I debated pull ups, but his poos would never be held by those so would just be too messy. I’m hoping over Christmas when I’ve got time off work, he’ll be ready then.

  2. Brilliant progress. You generally know that when they get to that stage they are ready :). Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

    1. I know. I was so proud (and relieved!). I know he can probably do it physically, but he doesn’t seem to want to do it emotionally yet. Will just have to wait as would rather he did it in his own time.

  3. Well done to him for taking himself off to the bathroom…..He’ll get the hang of it eventually….

    1. We haven’t got started yet which is why I was surprised. It’s like he wants to show off once, but can’t be bothered to try on an ongoing basis.

  4. Oh bless him, it’s a real rollercoaster ride and they are all so different. We went straight to pants during the day at just over 2 and half, and had a few weeks of continual washing etc but then it all started to click into place. Monkey loved his Thomas potty and as long as that went with us he’d go on it pretty much anywhere.
    For the night he was in pull ups (he’d learnt how to take his nappies off some time before and one bedroom smeared with poop was enough). I had no intentions of worrying about getting him dry at night, but all of a sudden I realised that his pull ups were dry every morning – clever boy just sussed it all out for himself.

    We’ve had a few accidents along the way, but we’re now embarking on stand up wee’s – a whole new world!

    1. Sounds like quite a lot of them going through the poo smearing stage. That’s one reason why I was surprised N managed to get his nappy off. During the day he has no concept of the sticky bits, and just tries to tug it down, so god knows how he managed it in the dark, under the covers and half asleep.

      I think there’s going to be a long wait before he’s dry in the night – day time isn’t usually a problem as he’s quite often got dry nappies (then waits for a new one to pee lots in), but I think it all gets stored up for night as those are still pretty sopping come morning!
      Stand up wees though – scary thought. Bring on the ping pong balls.

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