Spring park walk - Bubbabue and me

Spring walk and running races in the park

Like most children, N loves the simple things in life. Just going to the park so he can ride his bike or scoot and he’s happy.  The other day he requested a park trip, so we headed there for a spring walk, with me hoping I’d get to photograph blossom.

Spring park walk - Bubbabue and me

I was disappointed there wasn’t more blossom in our local park.  Just the one lopsided bush amongst the boughs of a tree.  Other people walking past must have thought me very odd, standing ‘in’ a tree to take photos of flowers!

spring blosson

We had a few stop points on the walk for photos, questions and bridge walking (or sitting). Then we headed up to the playground.

logs under a tree
daffodils in front of the river

We were surprised to see a big Oxfordshire County race about to start. N had lots of questions about the runners and their gear while he was playing.

What are they queuing up for? Why do they all need the toilet?

Why are they wearing bags?

That mummy is running.

racers waiting for a pee

N loves the playground. He does his own ninja warrior course, and finally looks like he’s getting the hang of swings.  Although it was slow going which he moaned about. And from my point of view, his leaning was a little dicey. But hopefully after a few practises he’ll be able to swing alone.

ninja warrier style
climbing up the types
laughing at me having fallen
happy on the climbing frames

We then realised the race was going to start soon and needed to get out before they did.  A quick walk and scoot back up the main path along the river, and we heard the starter klaxon.   It was strange how as the race started all the walkers and cyclists seemed to have disappeared to get out the way because it had been fairly busy as usual.  We couldn’t work out which way they’d be running, so headed onto the bridge to avoid being swamped by them.

Oxfordshire running race

See the race go past was interesting – it certainly provoked a lot of questions from N about how fast they’d go, whether they’d be all in one race, who goes faster men or women at different levels and more.

Then as quickly as they’d arrived, the path was clear again and we could head off home.  There’s always something going on in the park to watch, whether it’s dog training, running or just other people around. I’m sure we’ll be back through the summer with N’s bike or scooter again.

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  1. Love the photo of the blossom – it’s a shame there wasn’t more of it though! I’m with you on standing in trees to try and get photos. N looks like he had fun in the playground and how interesting it must have been for him to see all the runners too. #countrykids

  2. Great photos. Looks like N is having a great time. My 3 children (even the nearly-teenager) love going to the park and we’re so lucky to have a great selection of parks nearby. I too had my head in a tree yesterday afternoon for some blossom shots! #countrykids

  3. Can’t beat a visit to the park! Shame you didn’t find blossom but hey you found a race instead and I love all the questions the were provoked from N, such an inquisitive child, yay for almost being a solo swinger! #countrykids

  4. The spring flowers are so beautiful in all their colour. It’s surprising what other things we do find from simply stepping outside. #CountryKids

  5. What a great park to have fun in. N obviously enjoyed learning all about the runners too #countrykidsfun

  6. At least there were a few signs of spring, I’m waiting (not so) patiently to see some here 🙂 Great that N got to see some of the race, and that he had so many questions. #countrykids

    1. It’s definitely taken a bit of time here compared with other places, but is now whizzing by. Do you still have snow or is it all gone now?

  7. It’s great that N wanted to get outside and enjoy a simple scoot through the park. It’s a shame there weren’t more blossom for you to photograph although I do think the spring flowers are taking their time in showing up this year. It’s great that you got to watch some of the Oxfordshire County Race and N got to learn about a new sport.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids

    1. Yes, blossom round here (and previously our daffodils) has certainly taken longer than some other areas in the UK. He does enjoy the simple things – this week’s been all about the garden.

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