How to make birthday party planning easier

How to make children's birthday party planning easier - Bubbablue and me

I’m not a party planner. I’ve not even organised that many birthday parties.  I’d probably rather have a smaller get together with friends, but when you have children you can’t get away from holding at least 1 birthday party.  I might moan about organising parties, but given I’m a project manager and love order and logistics, I can certainly share my tips on making party planning easy. I’m focusing on children’s birthday parties, but these tips are easily applicable to… Continue Reading “How to make birthday party planning easier”

The understatement that is…turning six

The birthday understatement of turning six years old - Bubbablue and me

A child’s birthday should be a big thing for them.  But I think this year, N turning six was more exciting for me than it was for him. Unless he’s just very good at hiding his excitement (unlikely, although he is fairly understated).  Unfortunately he had a bit of a snuffly nose before his birthday weekend, so that might have dampened his excitement. Birthday presents We may as well have not given N any presents. Just a number balloon did… Continue Reading “The understatement that is…turning six”

Children’s birthday party convert

From a birthday party hate to a party lover - Bubbablue and me

N doesn’t really do birthday parties. I love children’s parties because at the moment, most parents stay which gives me a great opportunity to catch up with mums I don’t get to see at school. But N isn’t usually a fan. So he normally refuses to go to any he’s invited to. It doesn’t even matter who the child is, it’s usually a no. The parties he has been to since starting school (other that his own) have all been… Continue Reading “Children’s birthday party convert”

How to create the perfect pirate party for kids


Unlike many children, N’s not really big on birthday party themes.  But even he requested a pirate party theme when we were in the early planning stages of his last party. He didn’t get one because he won’t do dressing up, doesn’t really take part in themed games or activities and the theme was going to conflict with the car theme his friend had asked for.  But he does enjoy watching Swashbuckle  and finds pirate books funny, so I think… Continue Reading “How to create the perfect pirate party for kids”

Is there decreasing etiquette of rsvps to children’s birthday party invitations

declining etiquette of rsvps to children's birthday party invitations

Are people really that rude that they think it’s fine to not reply to children’s birthday party invitations?  Or that they don’t respond but then turn up anyway….possibly with extra siblings in tow who weren’t invited? We’re in the planning stages for N’s joint birthday party.  But invitations (in general not just children’s birthday parties) and the lack of etiquette around them is a real bugbear of mine. My first experience of inconsiderate replying to invitations was my wedding. Admittedly… Continue Reading “Is there decreasing etiquette of rsvps to children’s birthday party invitations”

Children’s birthday party nightmare

So far, most of the parties that N has been invited to have mostly been via friends of mine – so NCT, friends from initial swimming classes, or neighbours.  I expect this will probably change next year once he starts school, but if any of his own parties end up like his cousin’s disco party, I will definitely despair.  I’m not sure I want to keep an eye on a whole lot of children I’m unlikely to have met before.… Continue Reading “Children’s birthday party nightmare”

Bugs and meerkats at All Things Wild

Today we went to the birthday party of one of N’s swimming friends at All Things Wild.  It’s a shame as they’re not much different in age, but the school year split means they’ll not be swimming together anymore. N can be a bit funny with friends, saying that ‘Only xyz is my friend’ and that he can only have one friend at a time.  Sometimes I wonder if he’ll ever come out with that kind of comment directly to… Continue Reading “Bugs and meerkats at All Things Wild”

A non-birthday party and 5 tips for preschool party activities

5 tips for preschool parties

Following my previous post about decorations for N’s upcoming ‘non-birthday’ party, I thought I’d share the preschool party activities I had planned for it (plus a couple of others). So much is dependent on the weather for parties in the UK.  Our party was held at N’s nursery tree house in their forest school, and with the children only being 3, I expected them to merely run around like pre-schoolers are wont to do, playing on the trampoline, climbing frame and… Continue Reading “A non-birthday party and 5 tips for preschool party activities”

When to let go (or not) at soft play

Softplay toddler

I think we’ve been to our last birthday party for a few weeks. The last one was interesting with N to say the least.  It was held at a soft play that we’ve not been to since he was probably under 1.   It was always more pricy than another larger soft play in our town, not as big, and until the children can go on the larger equipment, less for them to do.  But now they’re mostly fine for using… Continue Reading “When to let go (or not) at soft play”