5 Ways to make the childbirth experience more comfortable

make childbirth more comfortable

Childbirth is usually a joyous occasion during which a new life arrives in the world for the first time. But make no mistake; it can be a challenging, and sometimes distressing experience for nervous mothers. Intense pain can be caused by contractions, and the passing of a baby through the pelvis can also lead to distress. However, there are ways to make the entire process far more comfortable – here are five of the most effective.   1. Devise a… Continue Reading “5 Ways to make the childbirth experience more comfortable”

Toddler conversations – from music talk to childbirth

contemplating his next discussion point

Whenever we’re in the car, we always end up talking about something that generally leads into a bizarre conversation.  I guess that’s toddler conversations for you. The other day, Black Eyed Peas ‘I Got a Feeling’ came on the radio.  I love the song as it’s one of my old favourites to dance to.  I said to N that when he was in my tummy before being born, he used to kick and dance like mad whenever that track was… Continue Reading “Toddler conversations – from music talk to childbirth”

10 tips for having a caesarean section

10 tips for having a caesarean section - Bubbablue and me

One of my friends recently had a planned caesarean section with her second baby, due to an awkward and unsafe baby position (totally unexpected compared with her birthplan and what she thought she’d be having throughout her pregnancy). As I’d had one (unplanned, but the least emergency-like one could possibly be) there were lots of questions coming my way.  I thought I’d give some tips that I’d like to have known beforehand, whether planned or unplanned. My 10 tips for having… Continue Reading “10 tips for having a caesarean section”